Monster Hunter World Wildspire Waste Guide

Monster Hunter World Wildspire Waste Guide by Lolrog

Alright Monster Mashers, Professor Lolrog is back and class is in session. Today we have the Wildspire Waste, which is the one map I am capable of navigating after sinking 60 solid hours into this time sucking vampire of a game.

Barroth Samedi:

  • I found this guy to be visually very impressive but in the end he was extremely forgettable and had no impact. So in that regard you could consider him to be the monster equivalent of a gun lance user. This guy can be taken down a lot of logic, with his beady eyes and giant head you’d be right in assuming this Vince Vaughn lookalikes got a tough skull, so aim for those other parts and you’ll be fine. Now this next part is going to be a real foreign concept to the dual blade users in the comments; if you use puddle pods on Mr. Samedi it will give him what us other folk call a ‘bath’. When he’s muddy he takes extra water damage, and when he’s clean he will take extra damage from fire, so act accordingly.

Bubble Bass:

  • Now heres a fight that will have you wading through so much shit, you’re going to think you just stumbled upon the ‘New’ section of this subreddit. Now depending on your weapon type you’re going to decide what to do with this fecal flinger, washing the mud off with puddle pods will make him weak to thunder, but if you have a scat fetish or a water weapon leave that grime on there and get to whacking. His head, tail and fins are weak points which just about sums up the entire anatomy of a fish. Thats good news for you long sword users, no need to learn about targeting just yet, just keep on swinging fast and loose XxSephirothxX.


  • After a disappointing third installment, the Lord of Darkness hitched his wagon on to a different franchise but that doesn’t mean hes escaped a bunch of one button pressing, health potion chugging scrubs from coming into his domain to dig away at his body like some sort of fleshy pinata. Now this big guy is going to lure you into his basement and lay into you like a 12 year old at Roman Polanski’s Oscars after-party. Use flashpods to end his burrow animation, but once you surely botch that proceed to run around aimlessly. As you sit there hopelessly pressing triangle hoping your palico can bail you out for the 23rd time this hunt, try pressing triangle in front of one of the rock pillars in his lair. If he headbutts one of them you’ll get a zesty little knockdown which you can use to whiff your entire combo as the targeting camera spins and wobbles like Michael J Fox on his latest Alaskan expedition. Unfortunately for you hes weak to ice, and I know you guys can’t find your way up the Lasagna mountain without an army of sherpas.

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