MH4U Light Bow Gun Hame Guide

MH4U Light Bow Gun Hame Guide by AustinBing

Hi, I picked up hame LBG a few weeks ago and felt that it was a very steep learning curve due to the lack of newbie-friendly hame guides for LBG. So I’ll make a post to help hunters interested in or new to hame LBG and hopefully we’ll see more status gunners in-game. I am basing this guide on the God’s Archipelago LBG, limiter removed.

For the newbies: You can hame too! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, the more you make, the more you and your team learns! FYI, the below is NOT the only way to lockdown the monster, so feel free to tweak what suits you and your team best.

For the elitists: I know this is NOT the only way to hame. I am posting what works best for my team and you may feel another sequence of trapping is more effective, share it with us in the comments if you’d like.

I will not go into detail for HBG hame users, there are plenty of great guides like this one.

But I do have notes for hame HBG players:

  • Always wait for the LBG (To reload/combine stuff) before entering the monster’s room, you don’t want to draw aggro early and reduce the LBG’s time to do his stuff.
  • Try not to run ahead of the LBG as their sleep shots may hit you instead and they’ll have to reload, screwing up the initial sleep opportunity and possibly leading to a quest failure.
  • Eat for Pyro (Meat + Drink) OR Temper (Meat + Milk). Bottom line would be to eat for temper and bring scatterfish to make LBB+ for max DPS. Otherwise, eat for pyro if you only have LBB (Thanks Jeeeeeeeeeeeeem).
  • Check for ammo every round, it only takes like 5s to open up your item pouch and tap left on your d-pad. This prevents unnecessary quest abandoning.
  • By doing the above, your LBG may feel less pressured. If you feel that your LBG hunter has enough experience or is good enough, feel free to ignore the above notes.


LBG (God’s Archipelago) skills (Recommended build)

Recoil Down +2

Status Atk +2

Load Up

Reload Spd +1

Trap Master/Explosive Trapper

Key Items


  • Sleep Lv2 x8
  • Para Lv2 x8
  • Tranq S x8
  • Combo Books 1 to 4
  • SBB x3
  • LBB/LBB+ x3/2
  • Scatterfish x3
  • Flash Bomb x5
  • Smoke Bomb x10
  • Pitfall Trap x1
  • Shock Trap x1
  • Trap Tool x2
  • Net x1


  • Genprey Fang x99
  • Bone Husk x99
  • Sleepyfish x10

Wystone (Element, Drive)

Recommended to eat for weakener to stabilize your hame runs.

Technical Instructions

1) Perform a full reload (X+A) before entering any monster’s room. Once you’re in, drop a smoke bomb if you need to.

2) Shoot Sleep Lv2 at the monsters (Usually takes 3 bullets to sleep. If you miss a shot, reload immediately).

3) HBG may want to drop a pitfall trap between you and the monster for insurance, in case the LBG makes a mistake and the monster comes for you.

4) Plant yer bombs, ready a shock trap and drop a SBB near the pack of bombs (Not too close to the monster, bout half to one roll away) when the HBG is in crouching fire. Make sure the SBB is far enough to not hit the monster!

5) When the monster wakes, there’ll be a wake-up animation, run to its leg and drop the shock trap, then stand back and ready Para Lv2.

6) It’ll take 4-5 shots depending on the monster (3 for Stygian Zin). I have a list for how many bullets to trigger initial status below, feel free to refer to it. When you know how many, shoot just enough such that you can go for the para after the shock trap breaks.

7) Sheathe your weapon and plant your pitfall under the monster while it’s paralyzed.

8) Shoot 2 Tranq S and pray for a capture. Just kidding, sheathe your weapon and ready your flash bomb in the right direction in case the monster hops out of the pitfall. OR you can fire Clust S to aid the capture! (Thanks 23edsa)

9) If you’re going to fight the second monster, remember to combine your LBB+ and traps before going in!

Below is a visual positioning guide, feel free to adjust yourselves.

Brachydios, Rajang, Stygian Zinogre

*Regarding Rajang: It is fairly hard to land a pitfall after the paralysis on a non-furious rajang for beginners and I believe the next best solution would be for it to hop back into a pitfall trap although the HBG would have to re-position themselves forward.

*Feel free to make your own visual guide and post it up haha.

Initial Status

Brachydios: 3 Sleep Lv2, 4-5 Para Lv2

Rajang: 3 Sleep Lv2, 4 Para Lv2

Stygian Zinogre: 3 Sleep Lv2, 3 Para Lv2

For more details on status application, read this.

Sorry that I don’t have a video guide, but you can find plenty of hame videos on YouTube. I hope you’ll get to see more hame LBG in-game! And if you do take up LBG status gunning, maybe one day you’ll become the status gunner in the fastest double rajang runs.

Practice makes perfect, happy hunting!

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