Destiny Max Grimoire Guide

Destiny Max Grimoire Guide by Clunce

Last night I finally hit maximum grimoire – 2950. I couldn’t be any more happier. I decided to go after all the grimoire cards, seeing as I had nothing really to do on Destiny. Having a level 32 of each class and having every exotic got pretty boring after some time, so I decided to challenge myself. Not many people have maxed their grimoire, feel free to check the leaderboards for both consoles HERE!


I’ve added some answers here to some of the questions I have received while in the process of maxing my grimoire and questions I’ve received after completing it. If you have any questions post them below, and I’ll answer them and add them up here!

What is grimoire?:

A series of cards obtained by playing the different game modes available in Destiny. These collectible cards give you Glimmer and new details about the story. They are separated into 6 categories and many subcategories. The main purpose of the Grimoire is to give player a little bit of background lore relating to the destiny universe.

You can read more about the categories HERE!

How/where do I find Public Events? – “Public Events Introduction”:

This SITE helped me so much in finding and completing the tedious 250 you need to max your Public Events Introduction grimoire card. Earth is the best place that you will end up finding them at also – as they are more common. You don’t need to get a gold completion in them either, you can just the participation medal if you wish.

Best place to get VIP kills – “Patrols Introduction”?:

This grimoire is also quite tedious, very time consuming as it requires 250 VIP kills. This is the SYMBOL you need to keep an eye out for. I found the best place to do these were on Earth. Having a group of 3 and going into a Patrol on the Cosmodrome is your best option, as you all can be in different areas and if someone else completes one it also gets added to your grimoire! At the moment you can’t find any, pick up the other patrol missions and do them if you want, or dismantle them and wait for new ones to show up. You can also spawn into the Cosmodrome, check the Steppes, Mothyards and the Divide for one of these symbols and if they aren’t there, just going back to orbit and repeat.

Strike playlists aren’t adding onto my Strikes Introduction?:

That’s right, strike playlists don’t go towards your 250 strikes needed to complete the Strikes Introduction grimoire, however if you go to Earth for an example and pick the Devil Walker strike, if you complete it with 3 in a fireteam you will get +3 completions towards your 250 that is needed.

How can I find all the ghosts?:

Destiny Ghost Hunter will be your best friend here. There’s 5 ghosts that are in the next DLC areas which you can glitch into. 2 in Kings Watch and 3 in The Terminus.

I need to get X amount of Enemy kills?:




  • Ogres: Shrine of Oryx mission right before you go into the shrine. Kill the ogre then run back and jump off. Just keep repeating this.
  • Hydras: Mars Patrol – Outside the Black Garden gate. Stay back on the rocks, and just snipe everything. A Hydra spawns every 20-30 seconds I believe. You can also get Hydra kills on the Black Garden mission & Eye of the Gate Lord.
  • Colossi/Centurions: Valley of the Kings, before you head into Valus Ta’Aurc’s Land Tank.
  • Psions: Go between the Trenchworks, The Iron Line, and Rubicon Wastes on Mars Patrol.
  • Minotaurs: The Citadel – Venus patrol & A Stranger’s Call mission at the end.
  • Harpies: The Buried City & The Tharsis Junction.
  • Witches: Chamber of the Night mission at the end with the 3 Siphon Witches and the one at the start of Respawn.
  • Servitors: The Anchor of Light – Moon Patrol, or the Rocketyard – Earth Patrol.

How do I get the “House of Wolves” grimoire card?:

Load up the Ishtar Collective mission on Venus.

How do I get the “Siege Dancers” grimoire card?: (Sony users.)

Complete the Dust Palace strike without dying. You need to go onto Mars and pick the strike itself, it can’t be done via strike playlists.

Where can I find “Heart, Hand & Eyes of Crota”?:

This SITE will give you the best description on where to find them.

Where can I find Urzok the Hated?:

This VIDEO will help you out, he spawns up in the Skywatch during a Public Event. Bring all the Arc weapons you can, he has a Arc Shield that regens quite quickly. I found the best way to kill him was with people.

Out of my experience of maxing my grimoire I found the Rumble wins to be the most challenging and most time consuming. But hey, if you want to max your grimoire – you gotta do what you gotta do!

I hope this helps some people that may be going after max grimoire and challenging themselves.

If you have anything that you need answered, please just post it down below, and I’ll be happy to help the best I can!!

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  1. Leo says:

    Combined arms only

  2. Voidwalker says:

    @Nate , they can be found on the the “Combined arms” play list. They are all large maps and thus not included in the other playlists.

  3. Nate says:

    Hey, I’m playing on PS and have done quite a bit of crucible but never had bastion, first light or skyshock maps come up. Any idea what playlist(s) they come up in? Cheers!

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