Destiny Skeleton Key Chest Loot Chart

Destiny Skeleton Key Chest Loot Chart by Kaphis

Going to keep this short and sweet. With the new update going live at 2:00PM, this appears to be the latest way to get to max LL of 400

It is clear that the following methods are the only way to get pass 385.

Up to 390 LL, it appears that Bungie introduced another LL cap for packages

  • Faction / Vanguard / Crucible Packages (Up to 390 LL)
  • [Unconfirmed if capped] Petra / Variks Packages (CoE drops and Sigil rewards have been brought up to 385)
  • [Unconfirmed if capped] Eris Package (Only Class item and Artifact in the loot table)

Up to 400 LL

  • Archon Forge (Class Item, Ghost and Artifacts will drop above 385 and you don’t have to be one to start it)
  • Exotic Engrams (or blue and purple turning into exotics)
  • Nightfall / Weekly Crucible Bounty (Shaxx)
  • Crucible (Weapons and Class Item Only)
  • Skeleton Keys (Hoard Chest)
  • Raid
  • Iron Banner / Trials

As we know, the best way to increase light is to boost your lowest piece of gear which means playing a specific activity that drop your lowest piece of gear will optimize your progression.

This is a chart I made so I know where to use my keys and what activities I should do if I have a piece of gear lagging behind.


  • 320 LL Strikes from the director will have chest at the end even if they don’t drop keys
  • Reports of more than one item dropping for the use of one key (One Strike specific loot, one of purple class item or blue artifact up to 400LL)
  • Each Skeleton Key chest may drop a blue artifact that can be 365+
  • Each Skeleton Key chest may drop a 365+ RoI Legendary Class Item

Amazing Visual loot guide made by MetalCard

My good old formatted table :D

EarthSepiks PerfectedxWarlock
EarthThe Wretched EyexHunterTitan
EarthFallen SaberxWarlock
EarthWill of CrotaxWarlock
MoonThe Abomination HeistxHunter
MoonBlighted ChaliceHunter
MoonThe Shadow ThiefxHunter
VenusWinter’s Runx
VenusEcho ChamberxWarlock
MarsThe Undying MindxTitan
MarsThe Dust PalacexHunter
MarsCereberus VAE IIIx
DreadnaughtThe Sunless CellxTitan
DreadnaughtShield BrothersxTitan
CrucibleCrucible (No Key needed)xxxAll

Some Observations:

  • There are no Ghost, Chest or Legs from Skeleton Key Chests which means I should almost always choose “Armor or Chroma Package” for the chest and leg chance from the factions if I have a choice. Someone pointed out that Weapon package has ghost as well but I would probably maximize my chances for chest, leg and ghost.
  • Some strikes you can get double class items without a chance of increasing your light in between drops. (Sepiks for example where you can get a RoI class item and the strike specific one)
  • If a primary is holding you back, run Cereberus VAE III
  • If a special is holding you back, run Winter’s Run
  • If a helmet is holding you back, run Blighted Chalice

Hope this helps someone.

Please feel free to leave any corrections to the table and the notes. This was made for my own reference so it would help to correct it for myself. Thanks!

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