Destiny Ether Chest Locations

Destiny Ether Chest Locations by AceTaichou

Locations we’ve found so far. Feel free to add your own finds in the comments, I’ll try to add them all!

  • What are Ether chests? Ether chests were added in patch 1.2.0 today (5/15/2015). After defeating one of the Wanted Fallens from the Queen’s Wrath bounties you will be given a buff that lasts a little above 1min, during this buffs duration you need to find the newly spawned chest in the area you are in.
  • What do these Ether chests contain? So far people have found ammo synthesis, rare and legendary engrams, planetary materials, and Prison of Elder’s Treasure Chest Keys!
  • What do the keys look like?
    Video Proof:
  • Do I need the bounty to be able to get the key buff to open the chests? No. You can take part in the event with the bounty, without the bounty, and even after you’ve completed the bounty and still get the buff to open the chest.
  • – WARNING – Do not die just before the world event is over or after you’ve received the buff. If you die right before the event finishes you won’t receive the buff and if you die after you’ve received the buff you’ll lose the buff.

(The Forgotten Shores) Drevis, Wolf Baroness:

(Skywatch) Kalik-12:

(The Citadel) Peekis, The Disavowed:

(Ember Caves) Beltrik, The Veiled:

(Anchor of Light) Saviks, Queenbreaker:

(Archer’s Line) Weksis, the Meek:

(Ishtar Cliffs) MERCHER ORBIKS-11

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