Destiny Bubble Titan Guide

Destiny Bubble Titan Guide by SifuSeafood

I was inspired by echolog to start a guide for the way I play my bubble Titan. It’s definitely a work in progress and I would like to expand the scope to far beyond what I’ve started. Absolutely any contribution is welcome! Let’s spread the wealth


Support your team with your abilities and loadout by eliminating adds, providing appropriate buffs and responsibility for taking aggression.

Ability tree skillset AKA build:

  • Grenade: Magnetic. Good single target damage. Fair AOE

Philosophy I chose this grenade mainly because it does wonders versus majors and ultras in any given situation. But particularly useful in the raid versus Praetorians and a plan B to a lot of situations during the raid when I’ve ran out of ammo and need a quick kill. Also worth noting, if they are stuck with the grenade they will stand still so it doubles as a single target crowd control (CC). I try to use the grenade sparingly to accomodate to the situation.

  • Lift: Increased control. Versatile in-air agility and height.

Philosophy: Great control and good height. I realized if spammed while sprinting you gain a considerable amount of momentum. Can also be used as a burst strafe or burst back pedal AFTER you’ve already starting walking in the direction you want to move in (IMPORTANT). I’ve been able to dodge bladedancer supers when they dash at me while burst dashing backwards! Very useful.

  • Ward of Dawn: Blessing/Weapons of Light Our turf.

Philosophy: The situation dictates which buff to choose. For uncertain and volatile settings I default to Blessing of Light (I just call it Overshield). You and your fireteam can’t shoot if you’re dead! You can strafe in and out while taking shield damage and then stepping back in to replenish them. It’s worth noting you might be a little over confident with the overshield. Just make sure to blow the bubble in a good space with cover in the environment.

Once I’m familiar with the game mode I’ll just use Weapons of Light because I’ll understand the nuances of the adds and bosses and I’ll place the bubble on my flank and stay in the environment’s cover. It’s all about situational awareness!

  • Disintegrate: War Machine- Burst damage by quick reloads Unbreakable- Stahp, You’re tickling me.

Philosophy: War Machine: I main an exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon and this coupled with near instant reloads I can burst a ton of damage. Hawkmoons or hand cannons are in no way required, but my preference is geared towards hand cannons. With this buff it also enables us to switch and ready our special and heavy weapons very quickly too. Great for PvP while under fire and challening a gun fight. Unbreakable: I use this mostly while taking aggro from adds. I’ll get one mob’s health low enough for a melee and it enables me to be a litte more haphazordous to take out the remaining adds. Great for survivability.

  • Titan Codexes I & IV/ V

I always keep codex I but I’ve been switching IV and V very often. I still need to play with each and understand the nuances of them more before I can give a good break down. But anyway, I prefer toughness and recovery over agility. I have a slow and steady play style as it is, so, I like to take cover if I’m playing the high level missions.

  • Bastion/Relentless

Bastion: For group play, I’ll use bastion for longer buff period times. Pretty straight forward.

Relentless: I use this for solo or strike matchmaking. Coupled with Disintegrate- War Machine, you can burst more damage. Also, with a high discipline and cooldown reduction (CDR) melee abilities in your armor loadout you can chain them! With this skill active Force Barrier is active for 25 seconds. So you have some wiggle room for discipline stats and CDR for your melee ability.

With Unbreakable, obviously it’ll be a great buff to your survivability.

  • Untouchable/ Illuminated

I’m kind of torn between the two skills. I’ve yet to really dig deep into the mechanics of each and for the time being when I’m in a mission type where I’m unfamiliar I’ll have Untouchable because I might need the bubble more often.

In a fireteam I’ll have Illuminated to support them!

I’ll be adding and editing to this as I have more time and hash out my ideas. Towards the end of my write-up my brain started getting sluggish haha. I want to describe my armor and weapon loadout synergies with the skill tree once I’m able to get a few more pieces to put my stats where I want them and it might even change along the way!

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