Heroes Charge Crusade 15/15 Guide

Heroes Charge Crusade 15/15 Guide by irony

Well why did I write this? I guess sharing is caring. Besides, a growing number of newbies in forum who are dispensing incorrect/wrong information. So yea I am a VIP3 player. But have done crusade 15/15 for the longest time i remembered with only 4 heroes and 1 that I hire. So the requirements and steps are below.

Requirements :
1) Death Knight (hire from guild if you dont have one. Need decent skill level on ulti)
2) Chaplain ( need to max heal to your current team level )
3) 2 dps heroes ( aoe if possible ie succubus, lightning master, wind master. non-aoe shadow leaves)
4) 1 commando (helps alot but if you dont have it, use a dps hero)

Steps are below :

1st round : Keep energy for Death Knight and Chaplain. You can use the rest.
2nd round : At the start of the round, use Death Knight Ulti. If for some reason it runs out and Death Knight hp is 3/4 full, use Chaplain to heal.
Try to time your aoe damage hero to ulti and kill enemies so the energy bar will remain full/close to full for next round.
3rd round : If you survive, your Death Knight should have full/close to full energy, Cast ulti again whenever possible.

Repeat step 2-3 until level 15.
If chaplain dies, you are dead meat. If death knight dies, you are dead meat. So time your chaplain heal properly.

It is that easy.

But a reminder, this tip does not last forever, as Death Knight’s ulti does not scale up that well into above lvl 45 where the damage from heroes gets higher. I find myself having trouble at lvl 50 though. I have been clearing crusade 15/15 since lvl 32. At lvl 50, I am doing 13/15 14/15 consistently and if luck is on my side 15/15.

In case anyone wonders what team i use,

I use below [level 40-45]
Front Line : Death Knight ( I hire from guild as I dont have him )
Mid Line : Vengeance Spirit/Old Curse
Back Line : Commando, Leaves/WindMaster,Chaplain

Another alternate team that I use during sub 40
Front Line : Death Knight ( I hire from guild as I dont have him )
Mid Line : Succubus, Lightning Master, Emberstar/Old Curse
Back Line : Leaves, Chaplain

Current Lvl53
Front Line : Death Knight ( I have 1 and 1 Hire one), Lightning Elemental
Mid Line : Vengeance/Old Curse
Back Line : Commando, Windmaster/Leaves, Chaplain

ADVANCED –For those above LEVEL 50

Requirement :
1) Own a death Knight and hire a death knight
2) At least 5 dps heroes (It really helps to have a Lightning Elemental or Death Mage. Death Mage guide below by eNdLeSs)
3) Best if you can have another 3-4 good tanks.

Round 1: Charge up Death Knight 1 and Chaplain.
Round 2: Charge up Death Knight 2.
Round 3: continue as above until you see a team which you think you will lose.
At that round, use 2 tanks. Death Knight 2 and another tank. and 3 dps.
If they pass, good. Change back to Death Knight 1 team and Chaplain.

If they die, use Death Knight 1 Team and Chaplain to finish them off.

But you will probably survive for another round or so unless you have alot more heroes.

ADVANCE FOR THOSE WITH ACCESS TO DEATH MAGE (VERIFIED by my guildies and me as well besides the provider below)
Provided By eNdLeSs

Death Mage is a mid-line hero.
1)Green skill is wave(deals HUGE damage to all lines).
2)Blue skill is silence(all lines silenced).
3)Purple skill increases magic power.
4)The ultimate makes some ghosts that deal damage for a period of time and then they return to Death Mage healing her for the damage done. THIS DAMAGE IS SO BIG IT RECHARGES HER LIFE FULLY AND SHE USUALLY GETS LAST HIT. SHE ALSO HAS VERY HIGH ENERGY REGEN => ULTIMATE EVERY WAVE OF ENEMIES.
I use these strategies depending what enemies I am facing/how fast I want to finish:
1) Balanced
A) Front: Brute/LElemental/Warchief. The tank doesn’t even matter because the enemies die too fast. They don’t damage you at all or very little. Use whatever tank you have for first wave to charge your heroes energy.
B) Mid: Death Mage, Old Curse.
C) Back: Commando, Chaplain.
Old Curse will be the first cc at the beginning of the battle with Ice path. After that Death Mage silences the opponents with Blueskill.
Commando is a must to speed up your Death Mage and Chaplain is for enemy aoe dmg(in case they get to dmg you).
2) Agressive
A) Front: Nobody
B) Mid: Death Mage, Old Curse, Vengeance Spirit.
C) Back :Commando, Windmaster/Chaplain/Leaves Shadows.
The ideea behind this is to control the battle from start to end and kill the enemy before he can react. I start with Vengeance’s stone form ultimate right at the beginning, continue with ice path so that ice cube comes right after. Silence or powershot or both right after ensuring the end of battle. That is all the time you need for Death Mage to deal TONS of damage.
-Old Curse 3*: 10k dmg.
-Death Mage 2*:35-45k dmg.

I wrote here what heroes I use and it works perfectly everyday 15/15. Before trying her out as a lucky guess I used Dk strategy presented in this thread and the action stopping-trick and retry trick, but that took longer at PURPLE(1-2 hours for 15/15). Now I get it done in 5 minutes. At BLUE Dk-Chaplain might be better than Death Mage.
Feel free to try out with other heroes as well, but take notice to try and stick to the main heroes: Chaplain, Commando, Death Mage. The other two can be AOE Damage/CC+ Tank. I do not recommend the agressive strategy unless you have the exact same heroes or already found a chain-control strategy. Good luck!

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