Heroes Charge Newbie Tips

Heroes Charge Newbie Tips by Agamerjes

Are you new to the game? Just started a few days ago and not sure what to do? Lost in a sea of spam and threads dedicated to mid-late game play? Well, this thread might help!

Only recently started the game myself, but I have a habit of reading and researching. So, I am making a short guide for other new folks on what to do in your first few days of Heroes Charge.

(Disclaimer: The following is opinions only. Agree or disagree at your own risk.)

1. Always finish daily quests. This game is about leveling. The best way to level yourself is to finish quests, both “daily” and regular. Daily quests are easy to knock out for even the most casual player. No excuse.

2. Your starter heroes are: Admiral, Emberstar, Lightning Master, Shadowleaves, and Chaplain. The popular opinion is Chaplain and Shadowleaves are your “to focus on” heroes. Don’t know where to spend skill points or which soul stone to farm in your first few levels? The answer is always Chaplain or Shadowleaves. (As far as skills are concerned, always ensure Chaplain’s heal is maxed out.)

3. Try/start new features as soon as you open them. Yes, you won’t be the best out there… you’re new after all. But, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be banking whatever that feature gives, be it crusader points, arena points, stuff you sell to merchant, or gear.

4. Enchanting is useless to low level groups outside of the daily quest. Do the daily and leave it at that. There is no green or blue gear worth wasting the resources on.

5. Get 3 stars on elite missions as soon as possible. It simply makes farming easier overall.

6. Before running any elite missions, check your quests. Early quests will have you run specific missions, several missions multiple times. If you don’t run them in order, and turn the quests in, you may find yourself with quests for missions you have already run 3/3 for the day and have to wait until tomorrow. Waiting can be annoying.

7. Short on stamina, not sure which elite to run, best to pick missions that give soul stones for “priority” heroes. For newbies, that tends to be Shadowleaves, Chaplain, and a replacement tank (because Admiral is undesirable at high levels). Current tank suggestion is Warchief, which is easy to start farming early on. But really, any 3 star tank will do fine “for now.” I have seen good things from the Lightning Elemental on fresh accounts, for example.

8. Crusade points should always be spent on hero stones, not gear. Specifically, your first goal is the Commando, a buffing hero that folks praise. Second is a tie between Mystic and Frost Mage. Once you have all 3 heroes, keep buying the stones to raise the star levels of these three heroes.

9. Arena points are also best spent on heroes early on. Folks tend to suggest Old Curse and then the Panda. As with crusade, you want to keep buying stones to 5 star both of these heroes as well.

10. Done farming Chaplain, Shadowleaves, and <insert tank> stones for the day and not sure what else to farm? Keep an eye out for these popular choices: Succubus, Vengeance Spirit, Savage One, Machinist, Depths Voice. But seriously, only after stones for Chap, Shadow, and tank!

11. Arena team to work towards seem to vary but most recommend: Old Curse, Commando, Warchief, Shadowleaves, and Succubus.

12. Crusade team popularity looks like: Chaplain, Old Curse, Mystic, Frost Mage, and Death Knight.

13. If you leveled enough to get into a guild, you can always check the mercenary camp of the guild to fill in missing heroes for #11 and #12. Be sure to toss a hero in the mercy camp yourself. Nothing else, it is a click-and-forget gold generator and a daily quest.

14. First guild coin purchase seems to be Lunar Guardian.

15. Booty Cave rewards are based upon your group’s overall power. Higher power = more coins, more exp pots per hour. Be social, click the invite button, if you are in a guild. More heroes in a cave cannot hurt, after all.

16. As far as trails and time rifts are concerned, experiment with difficulty levels as much as you can. You only lose time when you fail these two features and the sooner you can start pulling in higher level rewards, the better off you’ll be. Swing for the fences!

Add your own “new player” tips if you want. Try to keep the numbers straight, if you do

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3 Responses

  1. Acid Reign says:

    you do get stones randomly from bronze chests but it is rare and not a Set specific hero. Bronze Chests are not a good place to hope for soul stones. You’ll be waiting a very long time for them. I can verify Admiral is almost useless at higher levels. She is a tank but not really cause she dies fast.

  2. Russ says:

    I’m new to the game but experienced in other ‘Freemium’ type games.

    In terms of Sales, I took advantage of all the ‘one-time only’ gem sales. Has HC ever refreshed their gem sales or does the ‘Mass of Gems’ at 10k top it out?


  3. Nick says:

    In the end game hero analysis guide it said admiral is one of the best tanks. Here it says admiral is useless. The end game analysis also says not to farm soul stones for shadow leafs or chaplain because you 5 star them from bronze chests. This guide says to farm them from elite campaign.

    Now I have no clue what I should be doing.

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