Heroes Charge Soul Stone Farming Guide

Heroes Charge Soul Stone Farming Guide by Aba286


Have you ever wonder why the soul stone (soul) drop rate is so low? Have you ever been pissed that you got only 1 soul from 6 attempts? Follow this guide and you will never experience low drop rate again. 50% rate guaranteed!


I’m not a top player, probably more an average one. I started playing HC on server 34 at the beginning of November. I messed around on this account and found a very interesting game mechanic relating to soul stone drop from elites. After a bit of testing with great results, I started over on server 44, VIP 5. Currently level 74 with WC 5 stars, LS 4 stars (85/150), VS 4 stars (35/150)… all farming from 0, never got a single chest drop. I opened the 10x gold chest twice and only got two remotely useful 3 stars heroes- the Lunar Guardian and succy. The others were all like sniper, LE, machinist… I’ve gotten rank 1 a few times on my server, fighting against very high VIP and a ton of CW, all thanks to the quick 5 stars WC. I got him 5 stars when I was 65. As far as I can tell, I was one of the first on my server to get WC to 5 stars. The other guy who got there first was a very high VIP from my guild.

I wrote this to share with you how I farmed for my heroes to achieve a 50% drop rate.


Before we start, here are the few basics you need to know

1) There are 3 WC maps on stages 1, 4 and 7. I’ll just call them WC1, WC2, WC3. Similar naming for other maps (i.e. VS1, VS2, LS1, LS2)
2) Souls will never drop twice in a row
3) All maps with the same souls are linked. For example, the three elite maps that drop WC souls are all linked. Say you got a drop on WC map 1 (WC1) first attempt, it will NEVER drop again the next attempt doesn’t matter which map you try to do.
4) Souls will always drop off the boss on that map. For example, WC soul will always drop from the WC. VS soul will always drop from the VS on that map.
5) You can do a normal attack on a map, kill the boss, see if soul is dropped. If not, exit and retry! That way you won’t lose an attempt on the elite map and can keep trying until you get a drop. From this point on we can call this method “attack” for short. However, things are not that straight forward because you will need additional actions to trigger the “loot reset”. Otherwise if you keep trying to attack, you will always get the same loot.


Here is an example of sequence for WC farming

Raid WC3 – no soul (assuming because… yeah let’s face it, 90% of the time you won’t get a drop) 2/3 attempts left
Attack WC2 – no soul (ouch unlucky, we are expecting 50% drop rate so if we didn’t get a soul from WC3, we must get 1 from WC2 or WC1. But be patient, exit and switch to WC1 to try again) 3/3 left
Attack WC1 – no soul (ouch unlucky again, but let’s keep trying. Switch back to WC2) 3/3 left
Attack WC2 – soul dropped (yay!) 2/3
Raid WC3 – no soul (expected that coz it will never drop twice) 1/3
Attack WC1 – no soul (yes we are attacking WC1 first just to keep things balance, coz WC2 just gave us a soul) 3/3
Attack WC2 – no soul (unlucky? No problem, keep trying) 2/3
Attack WC1 – soul dropped (yay!) 2/3
Raid WC3 – no soul 0/3
Attack WC2 – soul dropped (yay!) 1/3 (yes i’m skipping the back and fort since from the steps above, you know what i mean)
Raid WC1 – no soul 1/3
Attack WC2 – soul dropped (yay!) 0/3
Skip WC1 last attempt since we know that it won’t give us a soul anyway.

As a result, we’ve got 4 WC souls from total of 8 WC attempts – 50% drop rate! If you reset these 3 stages once for a total of 60 gems, you will get 18 attempts and 9 souls dropped! That’s what I did on my account. Not counting the stamina spent, we got an efficiency of ~6 gem/soul. Pretty darn cheap eh?

The decision making process

decision process

So what’s the catch?

1) You kinda “wasted” a bit of stamina. Every time you didn’t get a soul and retry, that’s 2 stamina lost. Even though it’s still counted toward your team xp, you could have used those stamina for farming gear and such. But look, everything has a cost
2) It will cost you a bit of time in real life. It took me 1-2 hours a day just farming VS, LS, and DV, 1 reset for each – total of 36 attempts
3) It will cost you a bit of stamina in real life. Yes I feel freaking tired after farming these. Even though it felt really good having 5 stars heroes.

Finally, I hope this will improve your gameplay. Farming is a part of the game and will feel like an achievement when you get 5 stars. Please try and let me know how you go.

Oh one last tip, when farming LS, use an sniper or pilot. Level 35, blue is enough.

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8 Responses

  1. Grog says:

    What does WC, LS, LE, and VS mean?

  2. jj says:

    Any new method to farm soul stones?

  3. blurman2000 says:

    No it doesn’t anymore.

    UCOOL patched it where it just has a chance to drop.

    Though from observation, once you get 1 SS, you most probably won’t get another on the next try in the same instance.

    However, if you get a SS on the 1st try, you may have a chance to get another on the 3rd try. This is of course at the risk of using stamina.

  4. HC says:

    Does this still work?

  5. So Toxic says:

    You can still get slightly more SS on avg. using a variation of this method if you’re okay with losing out on 4-12ish stamina (for WC) using a slight variation of this method.

    What you do is “scout” nodes. So when you know that for example WC3 3/3 is a no-stone. You can scout WC1 and WC2 for a stone. Then you use your guaranteed no drop on the no-stone scouted at WC3. You can still get 5 stones in 9 attempts with perfect RNG this way. You’re more likely to get 3-4 though. Even less with horrible RNG.

    But if you’re really hurting for stones it’s worth testing. I still haven’t gotten around to doing this farming much in practice yet. Just a theory I thought up after finding this guide yesterday and realizing it was nerfed.

  6. Nick says:

    Confirmed this does not work. In the example sequence you raid 3, then attack 2, then attack 1, then attack 2 again and get soul stone. This is impossible. If you didn’t get one from attacking 2 the first time then you will not get one from attacking 2 the second time.

    Best you can do is abandon it if the stones don’t drop to save 10 stamina but you can’t get extra stones.

  7. G says:

    Farming has been nerfed since 2/11/15. You can no longer reset nodes.

  8. enoy says:

    What should i do to change loot reset

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