Heroes Charge Maximizing Guild Contributions Guide

Heroes Charge Maximizing Guild Contributions Guide by wildheart25c

My guild is top 5 in our sever. Still, we have some issues with members that don’t contribute enough. It hurts everyone (level up, gear, resetting, rank, etc). I wrote this guide for them and now I’m sharing it with the rest of you. It’s fairly simple and straight forward. There’s nothing new here. No discoveries but it should clear things out to those that have an issue with activity points

Things to know:

Your stamina = 60 + your level. So if your level is 65, your stamina is full at 125
You generate 1 stamina every 6 minutes
I stop playing this game at 1130 pm
We get free stamina 3 times a day where we have 2 hours to pick it up every time. My periods are 12-2, 6-8, and 9-11
Suppose your current level is 65

The guide:

1130 pm – 12 pm (next day) = 125 stamina
Login at 12
Pick up free stamina because your own stamina stopped generating because it’s full
125 + 60 = 185
Raid campaign (tickets)

12:03 – 6 pm = 59 stamina
Don’t pick up your free stamina because 59 + 60 < 125
12:03 – 754 pm = 77 stamina
Pick it up and raid again
77 + 60 = 137

757 pm – 9 pm is not important. You know you’ll get less than 125 stamina so u wait until 10:57 pm
757 pm – 1057 pm = 30 stamina
30 + 60 = 90

Finally, stamina from guild. Depending on your VIP level, you get at least one admiration attempt. This means you find a guild member whose level is higher than yours and you get stamina from him by pressing the admire button next to him. You can get 15 for free, 30 for 30k, and 100 for 150 gems. I always spend gold to get stamina so that’s 90 stamina (3 admiration)
Go get stamina from guild.
30k gold gives 30 stamina.
So 90 + 90 = 180 -> raid
Total points contributed are 185 + 180 + 137 = 502!

Let’s do another example. Suppose your level is 71. Your stamina is full 131

1130 pm – 12 pm (next day) = 125 stamina
Login at 12
Stamina isn’t full yet. It’ll be full at 12:36
Login at 1236 pm and pick up your free stamina then raid
131 + 60 = 191

1242 – 6 pm = 53 stamina
Don’t login at 6 pm because 53 + 60 < 131
Even if you wait 2 hours for your stamina to generate, it’ll be 73 without the free stamina.
Pick up your free stamina at 754 pm and raid
53 + 19 + 60 = 132

8 pm – 9 pm = 10 stamina
If you wait 2 hours, you’ll have 30 total stamina
8 pm – 1055 pm = 29 stamina
Pick up your free stamina
Go to guild and get 90 stamina from admiration
29 + 60 + 90 = 179

Total contribution = 502
Same thing.

Just remember to time this properly. Just like when you only execute sh’s ultimate once that annoying bug has 50% left. You time it. Do the same here. You need to generate as much stamina as possible before picking up your free stamina.

Also, please remember that when you level up, you get 60 + your level value. If I level up to 66, I’ll get 60 + 66 staminas = 126. So make sure that while you pick up your xp rewards, you’re careful you don’t level up in the middle of waiting for stamina to generate. You have to level up at the best time possible; preferably at the end of any of the 2 hour period for free stamina.

By the way, apply the same logic to booty cave fights. You get 30 and it’s regenerated every 10 hours (1 bread = 20 minutes). So I can play twice (30 bread each). Add to that the 21 bread I get from attacks on my cave. So I time this. I only pick up the bread from logs AT THE END of my 2nd cave party. So i finish 30 bread. Wait 10 hours. Finish 30 bread. Pick up 21. Play. Done. That’s a total of 81 bread which is 40 fights which is 80 xp salve pots AT LEAST.

Good luck.

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  1. Banana says:

    This guy is a moron. Just use stamina ignore this nonsense.

  2. bobbieray says:

    this guy is over thinking things… dont let the stamina fill up its that simple

  3. jaz says:

    What time you pick up stamina doesn’t matter really. I get 600/600 every day just by playing when I can.

  4. Purdon says:

    It actually seems counter productive to ever over fill ur stamina bar as it stops the timer from generating more whenever ur stamina is overfilled u should be trying to keep stamina from ever being completely full so it is always building up more

  5. jo says:

    I dont understand why it matters when you pickup your free stamina if its les than your maximum, so what??

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