RotMG Maxing Characters from Nothing Guide

RotMG Maxing Characters from Nothing Guide by Fluxifi

So either you are first starting off trying to get a maxed character, or you just lost everything somehow and are trying to rebuild your wealth. So how exactly do i do this?

I know what most people think when it comes to this. They have to grind for hours and stock up on pots to get somewhere. But to many this feels too tedious to accomplish. So players usually buy gear to make themselves look maxed and like a pro, or people are so pushed away from the thought of rebuilding that they just strafe around.

Unfortunately, the only way to rebuild is to grind but in this guide i will try to explain a way that is as painless as possible and that works, because it is the same way i rebuild just about every time.

First of all, if you haven’t already, learn the attack patterns of gods and common dangerous enemies. Learn the damage values, the bullet speed, the bullet spread, and how to deal with them. the easiest way to do this is to go into godlands at level 1, not necessarily to level up, but to learn how to dodge bullets and how vital it is to dodge bullets while moving at different speeds. Watching videos may also help on learning attack patterns of enemies you might not see as often such as dungeon bosses and events. Once you learn how to handle all of these grueling creatures, it will make it easier when you come face to face with them in the future.

Now i highly recommend having either multiple character slots, or account due to how very different every in-game class is. 3 Slots is more than enough for needed, but if you don’t want to buy realm gold i would highly recommend making alternate accounts for back-ups, but ill get into that later. Also, if you don’t have the vault space i also recommend moving, or storing pots on alternate accounts, until you have enough to max your def all at once at the least. it is much safer to do this then to drink potions one at a time due to the huge risk when squishy and farming if you are not confident and experienced enough. Even many “pro” players due this just incase a small accident happens, which they usually do.

Now off to the beginning, base pot farming. At this point simple classes with high damage output with some sustain is recommended. Wizard, and necro are the best two for this and bow users and priest can also be useful here. Use this time to just spend a few relaxing hours in godlands , listen to some nice music and just kill them until you see a pot drop. Store your dropped pots and keep farming until you die. Don’t worry about gear, T7-T9 work fine here, whatever your get when you level should be plenty. Use this time to master god attack pattern dodging and get good at the classes you play in this period. For any pots other than def, you can either store them or you can sell them for Def pots.

Once you have acquired 25 def plus whatever else you farmed in that time, you should get to rolling your character you’re maxing. For rebuilding purposes or if its your first i would highly recommend a priest or a necro due to their fantastic sustain. Priests have instant heals to keep you alive when you need it. Necro’s have heals,but they require an enemy to heal off of providing more risk for a generally weaker heal. Necro’s do have higher damage, but priests are safer. Once you made your choice on which character you want to max, roll it until you reach desirable base stats. Then comes one of the great milestones in this process. Drink up all 25 of hose def pots and max your new hero’s defense stat. Drink up any remaining pots you have and if you have a surplus of any pot when drinking them, store them away for your next character. Now the real fun begins.

Now we farm sprite world for dex and fast income. While hunting down sprite gods you will pass up gods that drop the other 3 base pots so just pick them up and store them as needed or drink them to max speed and att. When you come across a sprite god kill the sprite children in hopes of a white portal appearing. Enter here to start you dex farming. With 25 def rushing through the colorful maze is easy. Rush until you get to the large boss room and agro him onto you. Let him chase you around until he makes his box of pain. Stand between the 2 white bolts in the outer edge of the box and your range should hit him. Try to find a white tile to stand on so you can stand still at a safe distance. Priests wands do hit him from this range as well as staves, set your screen to off-set view to make this easier. Repeat as necessary until Limon is dead and enjoy your loot. Drink dex, and repeat. Slowly they will become faster and maybe you will get a nice item from from Limon if you’re lucky. Store those and save them for later. Keep farming until you max dex, and sell enough dex afterwards to max att and speed. Congratulations, you now have a solid 4/8 character with lots of possibilities.

Now we move on to our fifth stat and second char, our farmer. I’ll get into running UDLs late, but feel free to run them if you have confidence. They are not terribly difficult as a 4/8 and they provide wis pots. Once you are ⅝ don’t worry about maxing anything else for purposes of building wealth. I would in the meantime continue to farm godlands and sprite worlds to max a second character, more geared at high-damage and utility to use as a better farmer and dungeon runner. Wizards are huge damage glass cannons and are probably the best secondary class to max. Necro’s are also very good and make a great farmer if you want more safety and you made a priest first. Archers and huntresses are also great due to piercing and multiple bullets making great god land farmers. Continue farming godlands with our first character until you can 4/8 or ⅝ one of these.

Now that you have a safe fallback character and a strong farmer. Now its about time you start building an eventing character. The two i would recommend for this are rogue and knight. Rogues can easily stealth in and melt away at cubes and skulls. Knights can just run in and eat all their bullets, stun, and completely obliterate them. You can also use an assassin for hit and run tactics of lobbing in poisons, but i’d say they are less effective than the previous two. There are many other classes then can event well, but i would say nothing is as successful as a decent rogue or knight. Both Knight and rogue have their advantages, but you should pick the one that you feel you’d play better with. grab your pot farmer and farm up some pots for your eventer and get them to 4/8 then the fun begins. Run events, get money, store them away, then profit.

Congratulations. If you made it this far then you have truly put dedication in this game. All there is to do now i play with your maxed characters and experiment with new characters as they die. There is no way to 100% avoid death o don’t fear it. Embrace it and have fun playing because you are at that fun stage in the game. If you ever lose everything just come back to this guide and repeat it. Perhaps you can even follow your own route to success at this point.

For those of you who want to take it one step further, i might write a follow up guide on how to get to the “pro” stage where you have 8/8s, tops and such. Have fun playing ;)

P.S. With the conclusion of this guide i will be taking a long break from this game. I feel that a lot of the things i worked hard for are now gone and also many of the friends i made have left as well. I need to take a break to escape all this craziness going on with the game and community, however i plan to still visit the sub-reddit to help out new players and talk to the old. Thank you all and have a nice day

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4 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    Your guide is a good one

  2. bOBBY says:

    Tip: Hold on to whatever weapons and armor you get when farming that are t10+. These can easily sell for any rainbow pot or even a def. I have made most of my riches on realm by buying items for cheap and selling for more. I have acquired about 30-50 life, which can max several charachters 4-6/8

  3. Mike says:

    nice guide

  4. Quadracep says:

    Hey fluxifi ive been wondering how long it takes to get a 4/4 character and I am just starting out and I would really enjoy some gear.


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