RotMG Gods Guide

RotMG Gods Guide by Radphor

Hello everyone. First of all, I’d like to get something straight: I’M NOT PRO. This is an amateur guide, but I find these tips useful all the same. You might too.


Medusa: If you can single out a Medusa, lucky you. It’ll be pretty easy to kill like that, just circle it and it will be dead quickly, it cannot predict your movement with its shotgun. But, watch out when it throws its bomb. It has high AoE and will kill you fast if you let it hit you a few times. Back away when you see it go up and come back after it explodes. However, Medusas are difficult when backed by other gods, because you cannot circle them and have no way of getting out of the way.

Ent God: Ent Gods take a bit of maneuvering to defeat. It predicts your movements rendering circling a useless tactic. Meaning, if you choose to circle, it will shoot where you are going, not where you are now, and if you fall into its trap you’ll run right into its shotgun. To beat it at its own game, start out circling but then make a quick darting movement out of the way when it shoots. If this is performed correctly, it may not hit you at all. Ent Gods have no secondary attack.

Flying Brain: By far the weakest god ever. It is slow to react to movement and will not dodge fast enough to escape your shots. It fires shots in a star shape that basically says, “Fuck accuracy.” If you are actually hit, it does not do much damage. It doesn’t even kill a Level 1 at full health. I have defeated these at Level 1 and they should be the least of your worries.

Dijin: Slightly more difficult than Flying Brains. They are invincible when moving and can only be damaged when they stop to attack. Their attack is firing projectiles in random directions. Ranged classes are invaluable when fighting Dijins. When they are about to die, they flash red and self-destruct, spewing bullets in a circle pattern.

Constructs: Constructs circle around each other and fire things similar to what the Dijin shoots. They say they are impervious to non-mystic attacks and that they heal each other, and these things are true, making it almost pointless to fight them. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE to kill them without a Mystic, but it rarely happens. It’s best to leave Constructs alone, but if you’re itching for a fight, go ahead. It’s not suicide, but you won’t make any progress unless you’re a Mystic, and eventually some other gods will find you and you’ll find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Literally.

Beholder: Beholders used to be weaker than Flying Brains, but not anymore. Their shotgun does a decent amount of damage and circling them isn’t always effective. They fire negative effect projectiles that make you blind. Here’s an equation to help you get this: Blind+Godlands= Death. Simple, right? The blind bullets are purple. Pay special attention to dodging them; it might save your life.

Ghost God: These gods have a decently powered shotgun but no other attacks. The high damage output at close range with the many shots it fires makes melee classes a poor choice when fighting this god. If you deal enough damage at long range, you should be fine.

White Demon: Honestly not that tough to battle. They fire 3 white projectiles at a time that deal -45 damage regardless of how high your defense is. Since they have no other attacks and have nothing special about them other than the armor piercing shots, they can be killed quickly, whether you choose to circle them or not.

Sprite God: A very difficult god to contend with. They fire grey boomerangs which Quiet you, and their long-range spray of attacks does high damage. Fighting this god with a melee class is usually suicide. Deal damage from a distance and it will die after a bit.

Slime God: A slow god that is sort of medium in difficulty. It shoots fire and has a way of predicting similar to the Ent God. It also fires green projectiles that Slow you. If you are Slowed, you will be unable to escape the gods chasing you. Make sure to pay special attention to dodging these so you can stay agile.

Leviathan: The Leviathan is a tricky foe to conquer. It sprays its high damage shotgun in a circle around it, making it a risky move for melee classes. Ranged classes are recommended to deal damage until it starts running away and the melee people can give chase.

Godlands Gods Guide by iblob

So you heard godlands is where all the good loot it? Well you heard correctly but remember those gods can be tricky little buggers so this guide is to help you survive.

A few ground rules first
-Don’t give in to greed where that shiny purple bag or even potion bag may be tempting you are likely to lose more if you die so clear the gods or max def before collecting.
-Limit groups to 3-4 any more and it becomes very difficult to get you soulbound damage in keep it small but don’t solo as remember you only need to get soulbound damage in not kill the god so the faster you kill it the more loot you get!
-Melees and players with bad gear should stay out unless you know exeactly what your doing (guide helps on that part) run some low level quests until you get at least a T6 (depends if you know what your doing) and leave farming to ranged characters.
-Priests are people too! Sometime in the godlands you will get hit quite badly and need some health i usually bring health pots with me i got in lowlands but if you run out sit out so you can regenerate or if your a winner go to a Priest.
Priests are people though so you will be /ignored if you beg for heals just wait until they use their tome and move on.
-Nexus hotkey! Oh my god i cannot stress how useful this is this has saved me countless times from a god hug/god wall personally i recommend moving it to space to make it much easier to hit but any key near WASD is fine to (i use Q)

So enough of this! On with the god guide!

Medusas – these are common in the godlands and they HURT especially their bomb attack thankfully they can be killed easily by exploiting its slow rate of fire and projectile speed by circuling it while shooting. This can be risky if there are other gods but remember gods have a small delay before they shoot which can be long enough to go back again.

Flying brains – these guys fire 4 projectiles in an X the trick is to stay inbetween the lines of the X this again can make you back into a god but they have low health so finish them of and escape.
Beholders-same strategy as the brains just dodge the blind projectile as well. I reccomend turning up the brightness on your screen so you can see when blinded or moving your laptop so you can see brighter.

Ghost gods – decent health decent damage and fire about 6(?) projectile in an arc in front of it stand inbetween the bullets and when you pot speed circle it.

Sprite gods – these things are a magical pain they hit for high damage in the same way as the ghost god with less projectiles and no gaps large enough to exploit. They also fire a quiet attack this is big but doesnt do much damage watch out for this!
Dont fear the sprite children they do no damage use hit and run at first then when you pot speed circle it.

Lethavians – spam a lot of bullets that do decent damage in 2 phases
1st phase-It sprays light blue bullets out in a “nuclear symbol” formation stand in the gaps during this one
2nd phase-it shoots a simaler attack to the wizard a dark blue aimed attack with 2 parralel bullets circle it during this but beware of phase changes.

Ent gods – These do fairly big damage in a 5 shot shotgun aimed at you deadly in groups but alone exploit the gaps in the bullets or circle if you have high speed.

Constructs – These 3 spam low damage bullets everywhere that somebody with decent gear can ignore the most notable feature is that they heal each other with a very powerful spell with a short delay so stay away if you dont have devent dps/appropriate ability for this the wizards ability is most useful as if all shots hit a construct (dsphere and above) you can destroy it then just destroy which ever construct isnt getting healed.

Hope this guide was useful! (Even if it is a wall :/)

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  1. trolledforatroll says:

    Good jobu

  2. Rumpleboy says:

    Definitely a good guide. A few things worth noting:
    To me, leviathans are the hardest to kill of all the gods. They pack tons of firepower, and they won’t stop shooting even if you cloak as a rogue.
    Sprite gods are difficult because it’s impossible to aggro them and quiet is a nasty condition, but they can be faked out similarly to ent gods, which is how I take them out in melee.
    For ghost gods as a knight, I aggro them, and when they follow me, I hide behind a rock or tree. Their bullets don’t hit me, and when they’re close enough I stun them with my shield and pop out to finish them off. This trick works for most of the gods, but is especially necessary for ghost gods.

  3. Chippysix says:

    Flying brain shoots 5 , ghost god shoots 7, sprite gods are easy, blind does nothing, u need to note how much health gods have for example djinn has extremely low health, medusa and sprite god have much higher health

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