RotMG Candy Gnome Hunting Guide

RotMG Candy Gnome Hunting Guide by Thekungf00bunny

I made a guide for hunting down candy gnomes because it wasn’t as straight forward as the few tutorials for it made it seem. I also made this only a guide to finding candy gnomes because there are waaay to many run throughs and tutorials on the dungeon.

General info Candy gnomes are rare and have a low candyland drop rate, so as an alternative, keys can be bought for 240 gold in the nexus or for 1 life shown by some offers on realmeye (BEWARE OF SCAMMERS). You MUST have fast character with maxed defenses because it is such a dangerous dungeon. I’ve been using my 6/8 sorcerer and a candy ring to search for and solo them, but any dagger class would be better for speed. That being said, it is easier to find and do with more people.

Where to find them Midlands plains region is the only place they spawn. There are 3 different versions of the region, one being, gray green grass with few green deciduous trees and no flowers (if there are flowers, you’re still in the lowlands). Another has yellow grass with green deciduous trees. Finally, yellow grass with yellow deciduous trees. I, personally, have had the most luck in the last area, but seen them in all midland plains. The other identifiers are the enemies: Green orc with the hard hat thing, wasp queen, the brown and white bears with the orbiting balls, fire, ice, and magic sprites, vomit green sludge, green blob, annoying pink or black kamikaze things, and swarms.

How to find them When you spawn into a real, you want to travel inland until you reach the 2nd road. If you are unsure that you’re on the right road, look at enemies around you and see if they match the ones I listed earlier. Now that you’ve found the road, you need to follow it, making a large loop around the map. This is where more people and speed rings come in handy, because it becomes faster to find the gnomes. The amount of time it takes to find one varies significantly, because it is almost entirely luck. I’ve looked 5 realms in a row and have not found any and other times I’ve seen two within 30 seconds. If you do get off the road to search through the plains or whatever, be mindful when coniferous trees start to pop up. That is the highlands and gnomes won’t spawn there.

When you have found the gnome Chase it down and kill it. Do not waste time telling other players because gnomes try to run away, and they do it really well. If the gnome escapes, it will disappear. If it does, keep going in the direction it was running because when it vanishes, it can still drop the portal at the same rate as if you kill it. Only when the portal has dropped do you call people over. This is so you don’t waste your and others’ time in case the gnome doesn’t drop a portal. Be mindful that it only stays open for 30 seconds and you don’t want to have all that work be for nothing, so try to remember to count as soon as you kill it and enter at 25 seconds or another number you feel comfortable with, just to be on the safe side.

If you have any questions, comments or fixes on the info, post them in the comments and I’ll see if I can address them.

Tips from Kirikomori

  1. Gnomes tend to get ‘stuck’ near walls. I’ve run into a few gnomes hanging around the walls of he great temple snake terrain more than a few times.
  2. Farming a life and buying a cland off realmeye for 1 life is usually much faster than trying to find a gnome.

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