RotMG Getting an Overpowered Pet Guide

RotMG Getting an Overpowered Pet Guide by jambola2

This guide has been created to help you find the perfect pet and evaluate how much fame and pots it will take to get there. However , this guide will only cover upto legendary pets , as divine pets do not need a guide ( just a credit card ).

Each part of this guide has some text in bold which is a summary of the part , at the beginning. It contains the essentials and the rest is additional information , and how the information was found.

All of this information has been taken from the wiki , or can be derived from information from there.

Here is the link

1 : Which skills are essential for a pet ?

Heal , Mheal and Electric are the most important skills.

Heal and Mheal are significantly more important than electric , but are around equally important as compared to each other.

Your order should be Heal/Mheal/Electric or Mheal/Heal/Electric

Analyse your position in the game too. Quickly glance towards the end of the guide at the amount of fame and items you will need to max a legendary pet. If you think that you will never get a legendary pet (55 k fame and 90 life pots) , your goal should only be for the first two skills , to be Heal/Mheal or Mheal/Heal

Before we compare these skills , lets divide them into two :-

Skills centered around damage and skills with other uses.

Attack close , attack mid , attack far , savage , rising fury are centered around damage and only do damage.

Mheal , heal and decoy do no damage and electric is more focused towards paralysing over damage.

Savage and Rising fury have no well defined stats. Of Attack close , near and far , attack close has the highest DPS.

At maxed legendary level (90), it does 325 damage per second , in shots of 130 damage. This means that against an enemy with 20 def you deal 275 DPS only.

At maxed rare level (70), it does 133 DPS and against an enemy of 20 def , it deals a meager 100 DPS.

Attack mid and attack far do reducing damage , with attack far doing only 33 DPS against a 20 def target at level 70 and only 140 DPS at level 90.

Attack close has significant damage , but it does not contribute to SB and it requires ranged classes , which need the range to most to get within 3.5 tiles of the enemy.

Now , considering the non-offensive skills ,

Heal and Mheal are the most overpowered skills.

At level 70 , you get 20 hp/s or 8.9 mp/s. This is equivalent to a 167 Vit or 150 Wis boost.

At level 90 , you get 46 hp/s or 23.5 mp/s. This is equivalent to a 383 Vit or 393 Wis boost.

Electric has escalating damage , range , paralyse chance and duration and reducing cooldown between attacks.

Electric is a low range ability , that only is to be used for safer bosses but is great for rushing as melees.

Electric is dangerous for doing Limon as an unmaxed class , as you may cause Limon to shotgun you

At level 70 , you have a 70% chance of paralysing , every 1 second , which lasts for 2 seconds. This leads to a highly reliable paralyse , which also does 117 DPS ( 97 against 20 def ). This does around the same DPS as attack close , but has a lower range of 1.5.

At level 90, you have a 90% chance of paralysing , every 0.5 seconds , which lasts for 3 seconds. This does 242 damage , leading to 484 DPS ( 444 DPS against 20 def ). This DPS is better than that of attack close , albeit closer , needing your pet to be within 2 tiles of the enemy.

Electric does similar or higher DPS than attack close and also does paralyse , permanently with a rather high chance. The only downside is the smaller range

With huge DPS and a paralyse , electric is very likely to mess up tombs. Attack far is more preferable for frequent tombers as it does low damage, especially against tomb bosses with the armored status

2- How to obtain a pet with these skills ?

Open all eggs , except Automaton , Insect and Spooky eggs. Humanoid eggs are the most preferred.

Certain pets never have these skills.

Automaton pets always start with Electric.

Insect eggs always start with Attack close , Decoy or Rising fury.

Spooky eggs always start with Rising fury , Attack mid or Attack close.

Humanoid eggs on the other hand always start off with Heal.

After getting a pet with the perfect combo , as explained in the first section , you must hatch and keep all eggs of the same family , regardless of skills.

Release all pets of other families , as they are not necessary.

3- Feeding and upgrading your pet yard and related costs

A – Feeding and maxing the commons

While feeding your first common pet , you may feed almost any items. But once you need to feed them in a larger amount , you would prefer to feed items with 150-200 Feed power.

Assuming you feed items with 150 Feed power , it will take 14 feeds to get a common pet to the maximum level which is 30. This will cost 140 fame and the items shall be cheap and easy to get.

B- Feeding and maxing the uncommons

To get your first Uncommon pet , you will need to spend 280 fame to max two common pets , 500 fame to upgrade your pet yard and 300 fame to fuse the pets to get an Uncommon .

This pet will have two skills with a max of 50 to each.

The cost for the first uncommon pet is 1080 fame. Each subsequent pet will cost only 580 fame , because a pet yard is not needed. An uncommon pet egg will hence save you 580 fame each time.

It is suggested you feed items with around 250-300 feed power to your uncommon.

Assuming you feed items with 300 feed power , it will take 29 feeds to get an uncommon’s first skill to level 50. This will cost 870 fame. Assuming you buy items to feed your pet , such as exa rings , for 1 def each , this will also cost around 5-6 life

When previous costs are included , it costs a total of 1450 fame and 5-6 life to build a maxed uncommon pet from scratch from commons

Any items or fame spent maxing the second skill will be wasted in the long run , it is strongly suggested to stop feeding after the first skill is maxed

C- Feeding and maxing the rare

To get your first rare pet , you need to spend 2900 fame and 10-12 life to build two uncommons from scratch , to max. You then need to spend 2k more for the pet yard and 1k more for the fusion.

At this point , you get a max of 70 for each of your two skills !

*It costs a total of 5900 fame + 11L for your first rare and 3900 fame + 11L for each subsequent rare. Hence , each rare egg saves 3900 fame and 11 Life. *

While feeding a rare pet , the best items to feed are treasures of 450 feed power. You can also feed Ring Pops and UTs that you don’t want , with above 450 Feed power.

Assuming treasures with 450 feed power , it will take 89 feeds to max your first skill. This will cost 8900 fame. Assuming you buy each treasure for 2 def each , this will also cost 30-36 life

Any items fed to max the second skill after the first skill is maxed is wasted

When previous costs are considered , the maxed rare pet costs 3900 fame + 11L for the base + 8900 fame + 33 life for the maxing , leading to a grand total of 12800 fame + 44 life. Having this much wealth can allow you to insta-max a rare. The one time cost of 2500 fame for all the yard is not included , but if included raises it to 15300 fame + 44 life

D- Reaching the legendary status

To get your first legendary , you need to spend 25600 fame + 88 life to build two rare pets from scratch , 25000 fame to get a pet yard and 4000 fame to fuse two pets.

It costs 54600 fame + 88 life to obtain a legendary pet from scratch

This is raised to 57100 fame , if you consider the first two pet yard upgrades.

E- Maxing a legendary pet

This has been put in a separate section for the reason that it is not so straightforward.

Most players choose to feed their pets only UTs or gold-bought pet food at this point , as it is the only thing worth it. You can buy regular treasures and feed them as pet food , but it is not worth the fame

Assuming you feed treasures with 550 feed power , costing 3 def each. It will take 337 feeds. This will cost 117,950 fame to max the first skill and the treasures will cost around 185 life pots

Assuming you feed treasures with 700 feed power , costing 1.5 life each. It will take 265 feeds. This will cost 92,750 fame to max the first skill and the treasures will cost around 400 life pots

Maxing a legendary pet hastily costs enormous amounts of pots and fame , it is best to feed excess UTs with 800+ feed power , as and when they are found.

4- Usage of Gold to accelerate your progress

If you have spare gold to spend , and need to accelerate your progress , here are your primary options :-

1:- Use 1200 gold to upgrade to a legendary pet yard. This saves 25,000 fame for a pretty low amount of gold.

2:- Buy Ambrosia.

Buying any other pet food is a bad idea. It is also a bad idea to buy Ambrosia individually , for 1200 gold each. (10$ each)

If you want to spend only 10$ ( 1200 gold ) on pet food , buy 5 Sandwich cookies , giving 5555 Feed power instead of 5000.

Buy Ambrosia in packs of 10 , where you get them at 700 gold each (50$ for 10)

Ambrosia should be fed preferably to legendary pets , and if necessary , to rare pets.

On a legendary pet , you can save a few thousand fame ( upto 4k ) per Ambrosia. To max a legendary pet , you need 37 Ambrosias ( and a bit of items )

You will need 4 of the packs of 10 Ambrosias , costing 28000 gold. This will cost around 250$ , to max a legendary from 2 Rares and shall also cover the cost of upgrading your pet yard to Legendary.


Q : I have a maxed uncommon pet of type X , but I got a rare egg of type Y. What do I do ?

A : A rare egg has a great amount of feed power , 700. A humanoid pet has a 1/8 chance of having the perfect first two skills and may be worth it. Most other classes have lower rates , as low as 1/24 chances.

Do not open rare eggs , use them for feed , unless they are of the same family. You may open humanoid eggs , but it has only a 1/8 chance and evaluate carefully before opening

Q : I have a pet with a lower max than the maximum possible , what do I do now ?

A : Start from scratch.

Q : At what tiers do pets unlock more abilities or a higher max ?

A : At common , you have one skill of 30 maximum.

At uncommon , you have two skills of 50 maximum.

At rare , you have two skills of 70 maximum.

At legendary , you have three skills of 90 maximum.

At divine , you have three skills of 100 maximum.

Q : I have a question , but it is not listed here.

A : Ask in the comments and me , or the helpful redditors will help you :D

Good luck , on your quest for the ultimate pet

And please excuse any typos or errors , it took a long long time to write this.

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12 Responses

  1. Snippey says:

    So I got a legendary egg, and i hatched, miraculously turned out Mheal/heal as two first abilities.
    The mheal is level 70 but the heal is level 0.
    And it costs 350 fame per feed, and the stuff with feed power over 1000 are kinda rare and mostly soulbound, any tips?

  2. N/A says:

    You no longer have to max both abilities to get the max stats for the next pet tier (at least from uncommon to rare). I only maxed the first ability to level 50 and fused at MAXED strength.

  3. you says:

    How about buying st wands 900 fp for 1 life each

  4. firaro says:

    but maxing the second skill isnt necessarily a waste of time, if you max the second skill on all pets at uncommon before making them rare and use the same feed power items it will cost
    240*(how many applications it takes to get 2080 feed power in)
    however if you wait till divine to max the second skill then it will cost
    1000*(how many applications it takes to get 2080 feed power in)
    that means if you wait until you have almost finished your pet to make the second skill equal to the first then you are spending 4 times as much! that being said maxing it at uncommon will require 8 times as many food items. so it really depends on which is more valuable to you, the food or the fame

    as for maxing the third skill, if you do it at legendary before going to divine it costs 700 per item needed, if you do it at divine it costs 1000 pet item needed. but if you do it at legendary it requires twice as it would if you do it at divine. also the third ability is probably electric so you probably dont care as much about maxing it.

    also i didnt think savage did any damage? the wiki doesnt say anything about savage doing damage? however savage+electric is a very nice combo, i have used it to powerful effect. once savage is maxed it gives effectively a range of 8 to electric, which is almost as much as the range on attack far. it gets that range and more damage than attack mid and attack far combined, and it paralyzes. i personally prefer an electric+savage pet on my priest over a heal+mp heal
    rising fury and decoy also seem to have potential. rising fury for killing minions and the sort. according to the wiki at maxed it does 1500 (not sure if just at the middle of the blast or at the edge as well. the edge will be doing at least 1000) in an AoE of 8 tiles and we can extrapolate it can do this every <1 second. for comparison electric (the most powerful attack otherwise) does 3000 dps to one enemy when maxed. rising fury seems awkward and annoying, but potentially powerful. im just not sure what to make of it myself so just sharing my thoughts.
    and decoy+savage might make things a lot easier or get you killed, i havent tried it. decoy by itself just seems like it would make shots lag behind you more than normal, which can be very useful i guess.

    i wish you would explain more how we are supposed to turn life pots into food, which items can we buy with those life pots which have enough feed power? im sure i can look it up myself though. also wish you would explain where to get the items for food in general.

    still nice guide, has some useful information, thanks for making it

  5. Slayrbeast says:

    DO jungles they leave great feed power

  6. Yaycom says:

    Do we have to FULLY max the ability (common level 30, uncommon level 50, etc.) to fuse to get the highest potential of pet abilities max level or just when it says MAX?

  7. ttt says:

    i got a divine battle god but the max is lvl 61 what now??

  8. Question says:

    You say working up the 2nd skill is a waste in the long run but I’m curious as to why? Doesn’t the 2nd skill’s level on the new fused pet derive from the average of the first two? As it costs more fame to feed pets the higher the rarity level wouldn’t it be more beneficial to get the 2nd skill raised as high as possible earlier in the process?

  9. brejas says:

    i dissagree with that u need around 80 lifes for a maxed rare i have a maxed rare and i only had 2 life pots ever

  10. vilius says:

    Thank you very much! One question tho, how to get 90 lifes? -.- Seriuosly, any advice? :c

  11. mrDNA says:

    Hey, first, thanks for taking the time to write this guide. It was a good read and more clear than most of the youtube vids. lol. Just one question. You say maxing the second skill of an uncommon is a waste? Does this mean as long as I max the first skill at 50 on an uncommon then fuse to a rare, that rare pet will still have 100% chance to reach max level of 70 for BOTH it’s skills? That would be great, but I hope that’s what you meant?

  12. tadus says:

    Really great tutorial soud if reed this last year when i maxed my rare

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