Aura Kingdom Ravager/Gunslinger Lifesteal Build

Aura Kingdom Ravager/Gunslinger Lifesteal Build by TopHeals

Introduction: I made this character as a joke, and to play around because Ravager looked fun. I am currently playing casually and am in the <Riot> Guild. My character name is Dwagon, bard’ name is TopHeals.

I am now level 53! And I enjoy this character a lot more than my previous, especially that crit damage and aoe. Gunslinger is the only subclass you should play for this class, the amount of DoT from traps + the debuffs and lifesteal is just amazing, not to mention it makes PvP so much easier.

High Damage
High Def
Best AOE
Ability to rush and put high damage traps
Great skill range
Fast @ Questing/Mob Kills
FUN class, all that matters!

May gain aggro
Low survivability (with lifesteal you can heal 20k+ HP with one Round&Round geared enough, the higher you hit the more heals.)
Not much people like Ravagers, this guide is what a REAL ravager looks like, however.
Low damage on non crits but you will be critting quite a lot with Aria + Comet Set.
Hardest class to PvP with, you WILL need ACC for EVA opponents, and need to be geared/skilled more than a spammy sorc/bard/guardian, etc.


As you can see here, I put 10 points into HP and the rest is getting dumped to defense. For the offensive side, just go full crit. Do not go evasion, evasion is a stat for noobs that rely on it in PvP and drop so fast they get kicked in PvE. Still need a Cloak of Comets to finish my set, also Bel Chandra and one more secret stone for 2% extra crit damage, so a total of 242% crit damage after Bel Chandra.

Envoys Path:

You want to start out grabbing the bottom part where the crit is at, don’t grab the 1% crit though, then go for the damage and crit damage, and last for survivability grab the HP (Muscle Up 1, 2, 2, Armor of Thorns, and Muscle Up 3. LET ME EXPLAIN THE EDIT: I forgot to get the 6% extra damage so when I get my 18th Envoy Point I will be going for it. My 19th envoy point, sadly, will have to be the MAX HP +4% boost which is around level 57 or so. After that, I might grab the 2% def and 4% def at the bottom near middle of Muscle Up passives and 2% damage, etc but that would take a while.

Subclass Weapon:

Remember, gunslinger was picked because of lifesteal for more survivability while at the same time being able to DPS well, also very useful subclass for PvP. This weapon is gained for 100 tokens from the master gunslinger in Navea. You use this weapon for a while so make sure you fortify it well. You can buy the Ramgram’s Crystalline Heart and the green weapon from market if you want all for under 10gold required to craft it and it is very worth it.

The last part is found by killing 10-50 porters depending on luck (just get the recipe and it will tell you where to find this last recipe piece). At the moment my armor (repentance 45 gearset), weapon, and Round and Round lifesteal seems like I have 3 stacks of ballad on. You will rely on Round and Round and your Gunslinger weapon showed above to survive and the amount of HP steal will be great.

Ultimates/Masteries and Playstyle

Precision Bombardment + Whirlwind Slash both add up to -16% defense then 10% from Break Defense adds up to -26% defense at low rank! Iron wall for more defense since you’ll need it, also the best defense for even more defense. Defense is important. Use murderous intent for 5% crit.

How you play: Bombardment for -8% if it triggers, FROST TRAP first, then dark trap, then Round and Round for the other 8% that triggers while you hit it, You can use souring slash, flame slash, and raging slash after that as your strongest skills. You want to spam round and round and debuffs before strong moves. This subclass is amazing for this class, duelist imo is very risky and bard or guardian is utterly pointless.

Use sigrun in the meantime, mine is evolved. You want to go for Bel Chandra or Uzuriel for the crit rate and 20% crit damage.

You want to go for the Giant Jordan’s cleaver of the Seas and make sure the ATK Bonus is as close to 140% as possible, the more ATK bonus, usually the more expensive it is. For armors, use greens for now then try grabbing Aria set. Accessories, when you have the gold to do so, go for comets set. For trophies you want to go for crit damage.

Secret Stones:
Go for crit damage 6% ones, the name is “Destroying” put that as your keyword, saves you time. YOU ONLY NEED TO GET FLAME SLASH + RAGING SLASH STONES TO SAVE GOLD, the rest can be cheap ones. Why? Because you will almost never use horizontal slash or mirrored axe (I have mirrored axe anyway) or ultraviolet catastrophe. Just use random ones with the required crit +6% dmg.

You can even go for more CRIT DMG for the base stat but it will be more expensive.

You want to go for the lunar cores, you usually want to go for crit and crit dmg. Pictures above show some cores too. I’ll post one more as an example. Cheap cores, make sure you read which name the core is for most of you skills. You could go dmg/def or crit/def for now.


Some low level screenshots in green 50 gear, it’s not done. Mostly previewing your life steal weapons. Also still only not using 15% crit trophy or any secret stones here at all. Keep in mind, turin’s precision is the life steal along with round and round giving you HP. Enjoy!

Lifesteal in Action:

Beginning Lure and HP

Mid Combat

Mid Combat 2

End Result

Just imagine if you’re super geared! More damage you do more heals you get. This is all from one round and round.

Let’s see how I’m doing now that my damage is better.

My round and round is nearly 60% in cast time and my HP is regained fully from 7k -> 28k, each boss including the last boss should only take you 10 seconds or so to kill as a Ravager. Make sure you use my playstyle combo. Flameslash (first optional), Bombardment, Ice Trap, Dark Trap, Round and Round, Sauring slash, Flame slash again, raging slash, etc. No boss should still be alive in solo mode after this combo, use your ultimate with Sigrun and it should easily do 400k+ crit damage as well.

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