Aura Kingdom Sorcerer/Gunslinger Build

Aura Kingdom Sorcerer/Gunslinger Build by andasdlol7

Defensive stats: Why not try to up eva?For pve you will not have that high problem with red Aoe , you are a ranged class after all. Eva can be also a good way to avoid a big amount of attacks in pvp ( some less if your opponent has acc , but not all will have more than 50% ACC)
Evasion will not need a lot of point to reach the cap with the right gears , but this will another point of this topic.After we reach the cap of eva we can use all others points to HP (or someone in def if needed).

-Envoy Path and Set Masteries

As Envoy Path i tryed to eliminate the lack of defense and boost the crit/crit DMG output

About Masteries:
1)I chose Entangling Seal over dps over time so i can reduce enemy DMG output Because this build is all about kite as more as possible while DoTs do all.

2)Callousness: is another boost for crit/crit DMG

3)Breath Of Ashura: this should be a must after i have discarded the DoT of Arrow Of Binding.

4)Iron wall will help covering the lack of defense because we will get it only with Equipments (or maybe only some points to def)

5)Organized Sabotage: like for Entangling Seal , this will help to reduce enemy Dmg output

6) The best defense: even with a really low DMG , with this skill upgraded at green/orange quality we can get a really good boost for our def.


As i said at start this is only a suggestion on a possbile build with lv 60 gears, let`s check why 60 is needed:

At level 60 we can get Crit/Hp/Eva/Eva +1% gears;

With this equipment we can have a crit boost and we will not have DMG stats wasted because we have evasion instead of them.
It would be good use core With Crit+1% and Def+1%.

The lv60 crafted will be a must to get 30% ACC that will be sufficient to kill eva users because we can also use Demon Seal to decrease their eva and Dark Flame Trap to do a big part of DMG.
Lv60 grimoire has also a boost of 5% Eva so we need less point to use in it to reach cap.



As trophies i chose one for defensive stats and one for crit boost:

For the crit boosts i think Shard Of Toto Water blade is the best we can get

It has good crit stats and also a 15% Crit Dmg but it is not only offensive, it has hp stat too.

To improve defense i chose as second trophy Talamnd`s Soul:

As you can see it has really good Def Stats (more than 1500) and also a good amount of Hp.


As accesories i prefered these:

As you can see, they have all kind of defensive stats and crit too , so these are surely the best accessories we can take.

All that we need now is only a lot of cirt DMG to take down our enemies faster, so take all sigils with crit DMG 6% and if u can get someone that has also ACC 2%/HP 2%/Dmg Taken -2%(these are a little rare to find with crit DMG but if you have money you will not have too many problems)


About Costumes i will suggest you to take all costumes With Hp 2% and Dmg taken -2% with respective cards
or maybe pvp defensive cards.

This is a pvp build , maybe this can be good for party dungeons , but not sure about solo.
With this class/sub we have really poor Aoe but we could use Garrin`s Will ( instead of toto shard to do massive aoe dmg while running solo dungeon because with an eva build we will not have problem to dodge attacks.
About Soustain if Devour Soul and Mantra will not be enough we can make another guns even without upgrade it with life leech to improve it.

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