Aura Kingdom Ravager/Sorcerer Guide

Aura Kingdom Ravager/Sorcerer Guide by EternalNyte

Let’s talk briefly about Rav/Sorc and why it may or may not work for you.

Ravager on its own is a heavy hitting class that needs 0 extra points in SPD to fully utilize its skill set. This means that no matter which subclass you choose, your own skill set will always be available and is usually the most effective in all PVE situations.

Which leads to the question, “Which subclass should I choose?”

In my opinion, a Ravager should choose a more utility based subclass that:
1) Has useful applications
2) Has low cooldowns on the majority of skills
3) Has a weapon with a good and useful proc. (as Ravager is more an AoE class proc)

This brought me to Sorcerer Sub because of it’s decent sustain and high amount of CC and overall party synergy.


  • High Crit/Crit Dmg
  • High overall Dmg (Reliable Dmg and Dmg stat)
  • Moderate AoE Damage
  • Reliable CC for PvP situations (Sleep totem and ranged Immobilize)
  • Decent Sustain from R&R, Devour Soul, Blood Seal, and Rejuv Mantra


  • Sorc Skills become useless if there is a sorc in your party that is your level -2 (aka 60 rav/sorc < 58 Sorc/?)
  • DoTs won’t tick as fast because of low SPD stat
  • High Aggro gain from DoTs and natural high dmg and crits
    (I’m sure there are more but I’m tired and can’t think)

Stat Build:
Offensive: Full Crit…fornow..

Defensive: Full def or Mix HP/Def.
Full Defense will keep the incoming damage much lower but your effective HP pool may not hold up against later content.
HP/Def will give you a much larger HP pool to work with but you will also take more damage from enemies.

My Nab Stats:

Proc stats are COMING EVENTUALLY! when I’m not lazy… >_>

Axe: As far as axe choice goes Zaahir, Giant Jordan, and the one shown below all work. With preference being Zaahir (if you have it) or the 60 green.


Book: Proc says it all, Crit/Crit damage for you and your allies. If you aren’t 60 the 50 Yellow book is <3. However, if you find yourself running with another sorc or sorc sub, I’d recommend having a book with a different proc because it makes you just that much more useful.

Armor: Aria Set.. solazytoputimages jk igotthis… fear my nab armor .. kinda >_> only 2 pieces but I don’t want too much space taken up. My set is all +9ed except the Coat which is +11.

Accessories: Comet Set. Naturally builds into a crit based class and has a hidden 10% Crit DMG bonus attached to it.


Envoy: Prickliness to afk farm, yes it’s stupid but I end up having to afk a lot. Otherwise, Determination (the circled one >_>) since -15% crit damage taken is always good.


Tactical might change if you coordinate with your party and don’t stack them.
General Skill might switch depending on your preference, I prefer DoT damage but some might choose the stun or even augment the Immobilize or lifesteal skill

Eidolon: Bel-Chandra or Uzuriel because of their Crit/Crit Dmg buff

Food: Any with Double/Triple Damage, the Crit/Crit DMG food or the Crit/+Dmg to flame
targets. (My personal pick is the double/triple damage food)

Drink: Personally I like any with +HP for a bit more survivability

Secret Stones: Golden w/ Destroyer Prefix (+6% Crit DMG) or Godly Prefix (+3% ACC)

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