RotMG Paladin Maxing from Nothing Guide

RotMG Paladin Maxing from Nothing Guide by Ketsuma


First of all, I would like to say that paladin is one of the best classes for me in the game because it can’t only tank and heal but the seal also gives a damage boost. And it can easily solo event gods such as skull shrines and cube gods.

As you might know, a paladin wears heavy armor but take note: it has the lowest defense of all melee classes so don’t go and tank gods like an idiot, always remember to dodge and heal when necessary. Melee classes suck if they aren’t maxed yet so i made this guide to help you with maxing a pally from nothing.


Second, you need a good roll i prefer a minimum roll of +20 hp.
When you’re done you’ll need to make a farming account and i prefer a necro because of its healing ability and the fact that it’s a staff user then feed all your farmed pots to your pally until it is 4/8 or 5/8. After that you’ll need to farm for items for your pally, and the most important of all is an OREO if you don’t have this seal then you’re pally is as good as dead(well, not really but i’m a big oreo fan and i have been used to its invulnerability time and i like to abuse it so if you want to use the t5/t6 seal you can) you will also need old tops and an exa hp/def ring and a csword/a.s.s/acclaim/sky, but if you have enough money to buy wc tops and a better sword then go for it.


When you are maxed, you will be doing events and oryx runs doing events is easy if you have the right items especially oreo(with this, you can have 1.4 seconds of invulnerability which is enough time to have sb damage on the boss) or you can use use the t5/t6 seal for more healing time. And after a while, you can gain more pots and buy better gear and be fully maxed. And always remember to know the monster’s attack,damage,drop and status effects when you are farming events/gods.


We all know that like every other player in the game we will reach the point that we become idiots and take on risks and die of plain stupidity, but this is what the game is so live with it.

If you want to switch seals from time to time you can use this script made bye woza:

I hope this helped you a lot.^^

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  1. Dude says:

    How is this a Guide? You didnt Max your Pally from nothing you used a Farmer to Max him. SMH

  2. LittleDanny says:

    Ok i dont think this is a good guide maybe name it event guide or something but i dont think someone search a guide to read roll him than make a farm acc and max him

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