RotMG Fame Farming Guide

RotMG Fame Farming Guide by thantomaniac

To be perfectly honest, I dislike the current fame system. But until something changes there, this is how to efficiently farm fame without being a leech:

You will need:

A gbow (or other 3-shot bow)
A ring of exalted dexterity (or paramount if you don’t have 2 def to spare)
The best leather armor you can get (with regards to dex bonuses)
The best quiver you can get (also with regards to dex bonuses)
90-120 minutes (estimate, feel free to post better figures in the comments)
A large godlands exp train (this is critical!)
A little bit of skill

Fame achievements to shoot for:

Thirsty (don’t drink any pots)
Sniper (turn autofire off)
Enemy of the gods
Slayer of the gods
Friend of the cubes (STAY THE *&^$ AWAY FROM CUBES)
First born (if you’re new)
Explorer+Cartographer (not included here, see

Total fame(assuming a base of 240):
With first born+para ring+gbow+msteel+dhide = 780
With first born+para ring = 749
With para ring+gbow,msteel,dhide = 708
With para ring = 681
With nothing = 661

Step 1:
Bind your ability to a key you can’t hit accidentally ( I use = ).

Step 2:
Bank the equipment described in the “you will need section”, you won’t be using it now.

Step 3:
Make a new archer, and join the most populous server (usually USWest). Drop your health potion.

Step 4:
Teleport to a godlands exp train. DO shoot at gods (and only at gods). Try to pick up some decent gear, but stay away from 3-shot bows. Heavy crossbows work best.

Step 5:
Once you get to level 20, keep an eye on your base fame. Keep farming with godlands exp trains until you reach ~240.

Step 6:
Once you reach ~240 fame, put on the equips described in step 1. Then go to the tutorial (type /tutorial and hit enter).

Step 7:
Head up to the turrets, and stand on the spot depicted in the attached image.

Step 8:
Turn on autofire, and aim at the farthest turret in the row (to maximize hits/shots). Wait for about 5 minutes.

Step 9:
Equip a junk paramount ring, and maybe some drakehide, a magesteel and/or a gbow if you have spares. Bank everything else.

Step 10:
take a lava bath!

I chose the archer primarily for the weapon. bows are the best for accuracy farming [ step 8] period. Why an archer and not a huntress? Because quivers give dex bonuses!

Removed the team player award to save time and increase efficiency.

Happy fame farming! And remember, don’t leech !

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  1. Guru says:

    The first born achievement is when you get a higher amount of fame than before.

  2. necromancer says:

    were’s the image like really you didn’t post it other wise this would be great

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