RotMG Amulet in 21 Hours Guide

RotMG Amulet in 21 Hours Guide by smembie

I’ve been reading, posting, and replying to a lot of forum posts about how the amulet fits into the game and whether or not it has a place in the game. It gets defended a lot and pretty passionately. So, I figure everybody should have one. Here’s the Smembie guide to the 21 hour amulet.

21 hours of gameplay

Optional helpful stuff:
muledump (if you don’t know what it is, look it up)

The Process:

Start naked with whatever class is handy. I prefer trickster because of their naturally good stat attributes. Go into a busy realm and find a god train. If USWest is available, bonus. There are always good god trains in there. You can easily get to level 20 in 10 minutes. If you suck at dodging, it’s great practice.

Now grab a decent weapon and go kill a djinn. They count toward god kills and are pretty easy to track down and know that you killed. Just 1. And don’t kill anything else. Hopefully you can pull that off in 5 minutes.

Now head back to the nexus. This is where muledump comes in handy. Check your dump and make sure that you A) killed the god and B) that your accuracy is at least 75% still. If it’s under 75%, type /tutorial and find the turrets that shoot the green balls. They count as shots that damage. Aim at them and set your autofire. Go take a whiz, grab a coffee/soda, and make your way back. Go back to the nexus and check your dump again for accuracy. If you’re above 75%, put your weapon back in your vault.

Two important factors here. 1) You never used your ability. 2) you never drank a potion. So, when you die, you will be Thirsty, Mundane, Enemy of the Gods, Slayer of the Gods, Accurate, Sharpshooter, Sniper, and Friend of the Cubes. To this point, you should have spent about 20-25 minutes.

Your fame sits around 20-22. For the remainder of the hour, run around naked following god trains. Again, USWest is the ideal place if it’s not full. The first 225 fame comes very fast. After that, it slows WAY down. In a couple good trains, you should be able to hit that 225 mark in your remaining 35-40 minutes.

Now after an hour, you should have somewhere around 225 base fame and a boatload of bonuses. Do one last muledump to see your bonuses look right. The next step is the easiest. Die. After bonuses, 225 fame tallies up to 540. This does not include equipment bonuses. If you have spare crap that has fame bonus potential, you can up it by a few percent.

Just repeat this process in hour increments and you will see your fame go up in roughly 500 chunks. This isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but if you want an ammy and have the heart, there you go.

As an added bonus, you can actually do this with all the classes and receive an orange star in the process. Be warned though… when you’re doing priest and paladin, you will be sworn at a lot. Honestly, nobody likes a mundane priest or paladin. It signifies false hope.

If you’re really ambitious, hold of dying until you hit roughly 335 fame. That will put you over 800. This at least doubles your time, but does get you a yellow star as well when done with each of the classes. I do think you have to be more mundane than all your dead characters to pull this one off though.

Question: Has Smembie done this? Answer: I’ve never done a whole continuous amulet this way, but when I’ve gotten within a couple thousand fame, I’ve done the rest in an evening this way.

This PSA was brought to you by the concepts “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

I’d love to hear any success stories. Let me know.

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  1. egg degert says:

    thanks for this guide! i now have amulets on all my 15 classes!

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    Ummm im so confused lol like the price guide tho

  3. hinn says:

    u da best famehunter eva!

  4. jager says:

    lol this guide was done before cursed ammies, this is just a fame farm guide now

  5. nigger hunter says:

    yo mang we done done it ova haer it werks but no ammies now fack you bech

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