Restaurant Story Beginner’s Tips

Restaurant Story Beginner’s Tips by Good Eats

Disclaimer: Because there are so few instructions and so many questions, I just wanted to share with you some tips I’ve learned by playing BS and RS and reading the forum. I’m not an expert and I don’t work for Team Lava. I’m just a player, so please be kind if I got anything wrong! This is just meant to help new players. Feel free to add additions or corrections and I will add them when I revise this.


You make coins and sometimes gems by cooking and serving food. Also,
each day you get bonus coins. If you didn’t get your coins for the day, you may have to close the game, turn off your device for a minute, turn it back on and open it again.

You use coins and gems to buy food to cook, also to buy counters to serve your food, appliances to cook your food, tables and chairs for your guests and decorations for your place. You earn coins faster in BS than RS but things cost more in BS than RS so mostly it evens out.

You can buy coins with gems but you can not buy gems with coins. Be careful where you tap. Once you spend gems or coins, you can not get them back! There is no Undo button and no refunds are given.

There are several ways to get gems. You get some when you start the game. You earn some when you complete food levels as explained below. You can buy them. They sometimes go on sale and cost less. If you never want to buy gems, make sure that you have “In-app purchares” turned off, so you don’t buy them by tapping the wrong place.

Sometimes they will offer gems for downloading another game to your device. You have to go to the app store, download the game, open the game and play for a minute to get the gems. You will get gems or the currency in all the other Team Lava games that you already have.


You cook food by tapping on your appliances. Your list of choices will pop up. You can scroll to the left to see all your choices. You tap on the item you want to make and tap again on the appliance to prepare it. When you select food to cook, it costs you coins and points. If you cancel a dish, you loose the coins and points. When food is done a picture in a circle will appear over the appliance. You need to tap it to serve it. There is more about different choices under the Appliance section below.

Food lasts for the same amount of time that it takes to cook it. Then it will go bad. You will have the choice of throwing it away or recovering it by paying gems. So you should cook foods that will be done and still good around the time that you can come back and serve them.You can also spend gems to instantly complete a dish.

Generally speaking, you can make the most money per hour by making food that cooks quickly, as long as you keep coming back to cook and serve it. Longer cooking and lasting foods are better when you can’t get back in time to serve. While a food is cooking you can tap on it to see how much longer it will take to be finished. You can tap on food that has been served to see how many plates are left.

In RS, at higher levels, you can buy a sonic oven that cooks faster and a forever oven that makes food that doesn’t go bad.

Having enough food available and places to sit will increase your happiness levels – smiley faces in RS and hearts in BS. The higher your happiness level is, the faster guests will come it and the faster you will make money. Guests will come in when you visit your own place. They will also come in when other people visit you so you can make money while you are away. Some people block their door when they are out of food so no guests will come in, be disappointed and cause their happiness rating to drop. However, once you have food available again, it doesn’t take long for your rating to go back up to 100.


You have to reach certain levels to buy more appliances. You can buy ovens, stoves and grills in RS and you can buy ovens and drink makers in BS. Different appliances give you different options of what you can make.

You can get a different type of appliance by putting one you have in storage and buying a different appliance, even if you’re not at the required level to buy more. But you can’t take them both out until you reach the required level. For example, in RS you can store an oven and buy a grill. You can keep the oven in storage until you reach a high enough level to get another appliance and then take it out and use it. Some people keep the max number of each appliance, so they can bring them out and cook what they want. The maximum number of appliances you can have is 11.


You need tables and chairs for your guests to sit and eat so you can make money. Each guest needs their own table. Two will not sit at one table even if there are two chairs. If the way is blocked to your tables, guests will not come in and sit down. Only so many guests will come in no matter how many tables you have. The optimum number of tables that can be used by guests is about 20-24. Some people like to have a lot more tables for collecting tips but it doesn’t increase the number of guests that will be served at one time.

You haveto have storage units to put your food on. If have more different types of food than storage units, you will either have to buy more or wait to put out your food until some is gone. If you have more of the same type of food than storage units, the chef will combine same types of food and put them on one unit. You will still have the same number of dishes but they will all be together.


You need to earn coins and extra points to get to the next game level. As you reach higher levels, you can buy more appliances and more food options are uncovered. You need to reach certain levels to expand with coins. The highest level is 75.

You can earn extra coins and extra points by completing the first level of cooking a particular food and becoming an apprentice. You can earn a GEM by completing the second level and becoming a line cook or junior baker. After you complete level four, you get some extra coins and points. Then your cooking level, not to be confused with your game level, doesn’t go any higher but you can still make that item.


You can expand your place by meeting the criteria. You have to pay for the expansion in coins or gems. There is no required level to expand with gems. To expand with coins, you have to be at a high enough level that allows expansion and you have to have the required number of neighbors. Even if you have the required number of neighbors and you are at the required level, you still have to pay for the expansion. The number of coins you need to expand for to the larger sizes does not show up until you reach that level but it is a large number of coins, in the millions.

You can not skip sizes of expansion. For example, if your size is 12×15, you have to expand to 13×16, before you expand to 14×17. The largest expansion is 14×17.


Some items can only be bought with coins and some can only be bought with gems. Colored appliances, other than the sonic or forever ovens are just for decoration. If you buy a second cash register, you do not get another cashier. They are just for decoration.

You can purchase magic boxes and holiday boxes with gems. They are found under the floor expansion tab. These contain special items that are not available elsewhere. But you do not know what you are getting until after you buy them and you can get duplicates if you buy more than on. So be aware before you buy that you are taking a chance. You can find out more about what is in these and your chances of getting what you want by searching the forum.

If you don’t want to use something that you bought, you can sell it. You only get 10% of its value and if you paid gems, you get coins back. Better to put it in storage in case you want to use it later after you expand. You can tell what you have in storage in the Design section by the number in the yellow triangle over the picture of the item.

if you want to change your floor and wall color you have to buy new wall panels or floor tiles and tap them in place. The old wall or floor panels will go into storage where you can use them later. You will know how many are in storage by the number in the little triangle over the picture of the item.

To move things you bought and put on your on your wall, you have to put them in storage and then bring them out and place them again where you want them.


If someone writes on your wall and you want to write back, it’s best to go to their place and write on their wall. If you answer on your own wall, they won’t see it unless they come back to visit you again and click on your wall, so they probably won’t get your answer.

If you want to ask people to be your neighbors, you have to leave them a message with your Storm8. They can’t add you by using your restaurant or bakery name. There is no way for them to find out your Storm8 ID unless you give it to them. Your Storm8 ID is the same in all the Storm8 games you play. If you forgot your Storm8 ID, you can find it under Social, under Invite Friends in the brown strip that says Storm8 ID.

You can visit other people and see their places by tapping on Social, then Community, then Visit. While you’re there you can tip them or leave a message on their wall.

You can find people who want new neighbors in several ways. They might leave a message on your wall with their Storm8 ID. You can also read other people’s walls and look for posts from people who write “add me” and have posted their Storm8 ID. They are usually looking for other neighbors too. Or you can look on the forum in the Add Me threads.

To invite someone to be your neighbor, go to Social, then Invite Friends and type their Storm8 ID in the box. Then they will show up under Pending Invites until they accept or decline. When you receive invites to be someone’s neighbor, it will show up under Social, under Neighbors. You need to tap on Accept or Decline.

You can see a list of your neighbors under Social, underNeighbors. You can visit of gift your neighbors from there. Under Social, uNder Community, you can see names of other player’s restaurant or bakery name and their star rating for tipping. You can visit them from there.


If you want to add or keep your neighbors, you have to tip them. Some people will delete you as their neighbor if you don’t tip them. You tip them by going to their place and tapping on the tip icon and then tapping on their tables. It doesn’t cost you any money to tip. You can tip your neighbors 6 coins a day and others 3 coins a day. The tips leave coins on their tables.

To collect tips you receive, you tap on the coins on your tables and the coins will disappear. You make 20 coins for each tip you receive. You can see who tipped you by going to your News Feed. However, only the last 10 tips will show up.

You get your star rating by how much you tip. You have to tip every day or your rating will drop. To see your rating, go to someone else’s place. At the bottom center you will see your star rating. As you tip, you can see it going up.


You can only give and receive gifts from people who are your neighbors. Your gifts will show up under News Feed. When you receive a gift, you can accept it or decline it. The sender does not know if you kept it. You can use it right away or keep it in your gifts section and use it later. If you receive more than one of the same gift and you accept them at the same time, they will show up in your Gifts section as one picture but the number of plates will multiply. You can only receive 20 gifts a day.

If you want more neighbors to gift you, you have to gift them. Giving doesn’t cost you any money. You can scroll the gift bar to the left to see additional gifts to give. Most people like to get stew in RS and cappachino in BS because they make them the most money. The amount of plates of food for a gift are less than when you make the same food so they don’t last as long. You can send gifts once a day to as many neighbors as you want but your neighbors can only receive a total of 20 gifts a day.

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