Restaurant Story Maintaining 4 Stars Guide

Restaurant Story Maintaining 4 Stars Guide by fecsuper

Hello again.
Here is how TIPPING works.

The STAR ranks, depends on the number of tips that you place in the neighbors RS .

1 STAR is obtained, when you make your 1st tip, and the range of tipping is : 1 – 25 = 25 tips
2 STARs are obtained when you do your 26th tip. the range ios from 26 – 125 = 100 tips
3 STARs are obtained when you do your 126th tip. the range is from 126 – 625 = 500 tips
4 STARs are obtained when you do your 626th tip. there is no range for level 4 STARS.

Now, each day, you lose about a 10% of your tips, this is the way you lose STARS.

Let me explain this:
let say you are at 0 STARS,
if you do 626 tips. you reach STAR 4
next day, you lose 10%, this is around 63 tips.
So your tips, drop from 626 to 563,
placing you at 3 STARs.
if you make 63 more tips, you will be placed again in 4 STARS.

4 STARS does not have level, but I have found that the system still continue counting your tips, but you cannot see any increment.

With this information, let me tell you what I am doing. ( 4 STARS, FOREVER )

I start from 0 STARS.
I tip, 626 tips, and reach 4 STARS.
the same day I place 74 more Tips, for a total of 700 tips.
This keep me at 4 STARS, because there is No higher level.
But here is the Trick……………..
Next day, the system calculate my TIP LOSES, 700 – 70 = 630 tips
and Guess What : 630 is in the 4 STARS ranking, so I still am at 4 STAR ranking.
The only thing I have to do dairy to conserve FOREVER 4 STARS, is tip 70 tips per day.
even that I am at 4 STARS ranking.
Lets, say I TIP on advance my LOSES.

BTW: If you are going to be out for 2 or 3 days, you can TIP in advance your LOSES.
lets say you will be 3 days away, you make your TIPS. 70 * 3 = 210 tips, and when you return, you will still be at 4 STARS ranking.

Hope, this can help you !!!!

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