Restaurant Story Most Efficient Design Guide

Restaurant Story Most Efficient Design Guide by fecsuper

The Most Efficient RS Design, I could MATH.
I propose to call this design the “T DESIGN”

Hello again, This time I decided to make the smallest Seat design, but with the maximum clients at all time.

So this design is the most efficient in Space, but is the faster one you can design, and earn the maximum that you can earn (45,000 plates), and have a 100% satisfaction.

The maximum servings per day in RS is 29 seats, at 45,000 plates served per day, x4 = $180,000 coins per day.

I did a lot more MATHS again, but this time, I will not put the equations because are a little more difficult to understand, but if you need them,please let me know, and I share them with you.

The results are INCREDIBLE !!!! Even me, I couldn’t believe them, so I decided to design it and prove it on my RS, before showing to you, that is why I took so long !!

The results has:

100% satisfaction
$180,000 coins earn per day (at +4/plate for 45,000 plates dairy)
9 x 7 = 63 squares of space (SMALLEST EVER)
Only 19 seats !!!!!! (I couldn’t believe, but YES, it works, you do not need the 29 SEATS)
100% satisfaction always

YES!!!, with only 19 seats, you EARN the MAXIMUM of 45,000 plates a day
Now with +4 plates in RS, you can earn a maximum of $180,000 dairy.

Well here is the design, it is working on STORM8 ID : LIZSUPER
If you want to see it.

This small design, will suffice to earn all the possible MONEY, consume the maximum PLATES, and RUN FASTER on your RS. 100% satisfaction Guarantee!

And the BEST, IT IS FOR FREE !!!!!

Extra for RS designers:
You can even CLOSE the 3 ways out (center, left and Right), and then you can DESIGN ALL your RS, with all the extra chairs and tables you want.

1 door or 2 doors : have the same results.
1 host table or 2 host tables : have the same results.
Tipping do not affect.

I hope you enjoy it.

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5 Responses

  1. Toss burning ham says:

    You’d have to purchase another door for this huh

  2. Connie Bauer says:

    Hi and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I don’t think previous commenter understood what you meant by blocking the exit walkways, and adding as many tables as desired in the rest of your shop. You then have PLENTY OF tables for you neighbors to tip!!

  3. Elijah Storm says:

    The only problem with 19 chairs is a small number of tables for neighbors to leave tips. This means one of two issues. Either you have to clear your tables ridiculously often, or you have frustrated neighbors who end up deleting you cuz you’re always full. I have a square setup with 8 x 8 tables and chairs all the way around the edges of the square, leaving a walkway all the way around. Three doors spaced evenly along the left wall and it works. You can do 7 x 8 too which gives 14 + 16 = 30 seats. I just added the extra row for symmetry. This way you have happy customers, always 100 % and enough tables to keep neighbors happy as well.

  4. Joe (Joe2357) says:

    I have found that to have more customer flow you need to get them in and out quicker I have five doors and I’ve rearranged the seating thst it has 6 open tables and chairs chairs each Door. I make sure the customers do not have to walk very far which cuts down on the total time they are there. (Joe2357) check it out yourself.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know the other designs and does it work with the 2014 updated version???

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