RaiderZ Solo Chimera Guide

RaiderZ Solo Chimera Guide by awanderingblade

I always have trouble finding parties to farm this guy because no one seems to understand how to dodge all the moves and have a few bad memories of having their team wiped by multifireball. As a result iv spent a long time trying (and eventually succeeding at) soloing chimera. IMO this is the best boss in the game so far. No unavoidable damage like death aura or spores and no health regen like mane or master of garden have. Anyway on to the guide.

Chimera has 3 modes. Starting mode, ice mode, and final mode. He is in starting mode till about 1/3 health is gone, and in ice mode till about 2/3 health is gone. He stays in final mode till death. He will roar without a pushback when he changes states. If he is no longer in combat his health will reset but his mode will not. If you want it to be harder get him to final mode and die. Then you get to fight chimera in final mode the whole time (which takes much longer as well cause he spends more time flying and doing ground run.) Whenever you do enough damage to his face his horn breaks. You should pick it up and use the 2nd skill to stun chimera and then whack him with horn for 1000ish damage a hit.

Note: Attacks color coded based on danger.

Starting Mode: He spends most of his time on the ground in starting mode.

1. Claw Swipe. He will usually do a left or right claw swipe. This hits once when he slams his claw down in front of him and once when he swipes it. The swipe goes pretty far sideways but thats not a concern when soloing. When he uses the claw on the opposite side (his right claw for me) its a good opportunity to hit him hard. Move up close his neck and unleash about 1 second worth of attacks. Tornado or nocturne can work here as well crush vanquish. If he uses the claw on the same side as you (his left claw for me) you can use the edge of your range to hit face (interrupt to dodge attack works well as does nocturne if you get the right distance and even crush to vanquish can work if you perfectly position). Whenever the move is over run directly away from him (dont circle much just go straight out at full speed)

2. Ground Charge. His other common move on the ground in starting mode is a charge forward which can easily be avoided by just walking sideways. This is prime damage opportunity so take advantage. As a zerk i usually use tornado or nocturne here or even a full interrupt combo.

3. Ground Run. He also has ground run. He will light up red and run a long way in a straight line. Easily dodged by walking and you can hit him as he passes. I use nocturne here when i can and interrupt if i cant. Tornado can also get 3 hits in and a normal hit will do if you dont have the stam for something better. He will have a chance to start flying after this move (about 50%)

He will occasionally start flying just off the ground. You can still hit him here. He will mainly use 3 aerial attacks in starting mode but he has a 4th. After doing enough damage to him in the air he will fall to the ground and you can beat him up. After about 3000 damage he will flash red and then roar you away. This does no damage so just keep attacking till it pushes you back.

1. Claw Crush. Most common move. He will try to crush you with his claws. It can hit twice and if it does it will knock down you will get hit again if you dont use an escape skill. You can and should avoid this by strafing. As soon as you are out of range use a 2 hit cancel and continue strafing.

2. Tail Whip. Everyone has trouble with this for some reason. Before doing it he will straighten his tail and flap his wings a little differently. Roll through it to avoid or use a dodge attack through it although that is a bad habit to have in final mode. It also has a fairly large blind spot to his right but i normally strafe to his left and roll through the tail. You can get one hit with a GS after this if you are quick and use range effectively.

3. Crash Landing. He will glow red and then fly back a bit and quickly forward to the ground. This has a broken hitbox under him so you should always roll even if you think you dont need to. He will will occasionally follow this up with ground run in starting mode.

4. Aerial Claw Swipe. I hate this move. He will slice diagonally one way and then back the other way ending about 30 feet forward from where he started and about 10 feet to the side he slashed to second. Each swipe can hit twice and the first combos into the second. He rarely does this in starting mode but throws it out all the time in ice and final. It is actually a great opportunity to hit him with something strong like nocturne if you position right.
Ice mode. About 50/50 air to ground time.

He starts using Aerial Claw Swipe more often. He will often follow crash landing with a ground run. He also gains low fireball (although its an ice ball in ice mode)

Low Fireball. He will very quickly move slightly back in the air and spit a fireball at you. You get the point status when this move starts that just tells you its coming. For me the dodge timing on this is a little broken and you should dodge later then it looks like. I dodge when its just about hit. Rolling forward through it is ideal.

Final mode. About 75% air time.

Really not much different from ice mode with one very important difference. He gets the dreaded team wiping multifireball.

Mutilfireball. He will fly back a bit then quickly fly way up into the air. He will then shoot 5-7 fireballs at you. The fireballs hurt a lot and can combo. I take around 4k from it. This presents a few challenges one unique to soloing. The biggest one being stamina. You either need full stamina or some dodge moves that use less. As a zerk you should upward strike though the first one and then dodge attack through the second. Roll forward through 3-5 and upward strike the last one. If there is a seventh use dodge attack or just roll through. This eats up a lot of stamina and you want to have at least 80 when it starts. If you ever get downed use escape to get back up. You can actually use that to dodge a fireball. Just wait till the last possible second to use escape and you will hop up and dodge the fireball. I prefer to stand still fairly close to him and dodge forward at the last second. Dodging into the fireball theoretically gives you a bigger dodge window.

Multifireball has been known to be pretty lag effected. Sometimes iv taken the damage well before the fireball got to me. You want to try to dodge at about 15 feet away but it will likely just take practice. Avoid using too much stamina when chimera is flying during final mode unless you have a stamina restoring move like tranquility available.

Here is a vid of me soloing final mode chimera. Sorry for the low quality but i can only play the game on minimum settings as it is and the vid was in an annoying to edit format and had to be converted.

Part 1:…

Part 2:…

Hopefully this has been helpful in some way. The vids are probly more help than the written part.

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