RaiderZ Skill Combo and Chains Guide

RaiderZ Skill Combo and Chains Guide by anip

So… now I finally figured out what people were talking about “Chains” … LOL

Anyways, I want to see if we can gather a complete list of all Skill Combo/ Chains
Skill Combo/ Chains are the ones where you only need to click on Primary Skill to cast the Secondary skills. (a skill icon pops out in mid screen notifying you can cast that skill)

The ones I know of right now:

Crush -> Vanquish
Upward Strike -> Vanquish

Neutralize -> Dodge Attack
Dodge Attack -> Armageddon Crush

Rapid Blast -> Flame Impact
Flame Impact -> Pillar of Fire

Healing Strike -> Focus Strike
Focus Strike -> Divine Punishment

Strike of Ruin -> Stunning Smash
Stunning Smash -> Shield Slam

Chaotic Strike -> Piercing Strike
Piercing Strike -> Cyclone Strike

I forgot what else is there… ;P

So… those that know, post it up and I’ll update this main post.

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