RaiderZ Sorcerer Strongest PvP and PvE Build Guide

RaiderZ Sorcerer Strongest PvP and PvE Build Guide by ayachian

I had already shared this in a privies post made by someone else but disided to make my own (hope its not flagged as spam :( )
This in essence is the strongest build for PvP Or PvE do to its ez rotation of skill and how they can be switched in any order without losing much or no dps at all on the long/short run. Meaning, even though they aren’t the strongest of skill, they are without question the fasts.

See this build is made for half range/close range combat sorcer. so whether you make your set a leather or cloths set is up to you; squishy with high damage/not so squishy with slightly improved critic rate (%).

Also: this build is made for do-fast and stay on your toes action. Meaning that every single one of the skills has literally no casting time: Press the hotkey and boom you instant cast, with a slight running out of skill at some point if the mob’s a boss or the toon’s a tanker but without ever haven’t to stand still waiting for a cast to start/finish.

I was debating whether to go with awakenings faster casting buff so i could be able to pull out some of the most strongest sorcer skills, be decided against it because of the fact that the buff, even though yes it does give all your casting skills literally a 1s~0.5s cast time making it an awesome burst starter, it has a way to long 2m cd that you will have to be waiting and have to rely on for the rest of the 35Lv Cap game

Action Skills
Rapid Blast 5/5 120%x2 damage, *Self Cast Multy target/AoE, instant cast and a Skill Starter for Flame Impact
Flame Impact 5/5 378%x2 damage, instant cast, *Self Cast Multy target/AoE
Flame Tornado 1/3 195% damage, instant cast, *Self Cast Multy target/AoE
Ice Thorns 5/5 240% Damage, Instant cast, Multy target/AoE, slow’s opponents by 50%
Ice Arrow 3/3 115% damage, Instant cast, 200% damage bonus if under Slow Effect of Ice Thorns/Ice Barrier, 315% total
Ice Barrier 5/5 252% damage, instant cast, *Self Cast Multy target/AoE, slow’s opponents by 50%
Crystallization 1/1 234% damage, instant cast Immune to damage for short time, *Multy target/AoE

Flame Armor 3/3 Magic atk+ 12% for 1m

Magic Mastery 5/5 10% damage+ from Sorcer skills
Imbalance 2/2 Chance to curse? opponent when landing a Sorcer? skill, 3% more damage taken for 8s.

Note: (?) Meanis im not sure if that action is correct, not yet confirmed.
(*) The skill starts from where your toon’s standing and is either frontal or Area skill.

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