RaiderZ Zygniv Solo Guide

RaiderZ Zygniv Solo Guide by stormakov


Hello and welcome to my guide on how to solo Zygniv – an epic monster located in Riode.

You can pick up this quest from Deputy Commander Victor who is located at the north western corner of the moat in the middle of the map by the guard tower Zygniv is located in his own instance and is completely by himself, kind of similar to Fleetfoot in Teress Plain (except he has no open world version) and can be killed repeatedly every 2 hours (there is an item that has a 2 hour cooldown you must use, Emergency Supplies, to start the encounter).

Now on to Zygniv himself – this epic monster is actually an easy solo because of how slow and very telegraphed his moveset is. When you first start fighting Zygniv the only thing he will do are his three stomp moves; a quick stomp with his left foot, a quick stomp with his right foot and then his stomp right + stomp left move.

The Fight:

The stomps themselves create a small AoE but are easily avoided as i’ve said because they are slow (even the “quick stomps”) and are very telegraphed. For the beginning of this fight you are simply going to use basic attacks combined with animation canceling to chip away at his feet while always maintaining superior positioning to avoid those stomps.

If you don’t know what animation canceling is, well today is your lucky day and you’ll be getting two lessons in one ;) – Animation canceling is when you are in the middle of a basic attack rotation (left clicks) and tap block (right click) to immediately stop your attack animation allowing you to move straight away again (or use an ability straight away). Using this technique will allow you to constantly reposition yourself favorably in the middle of a fight.

Once Zygniv reaches approximately 75-80% life he will start throwing in some new and more powerful moves, the first being his Mega Pound; this move is telegraphed by him raising his fist into the air and the ground beneath him will start to ripple with reddish waves. This is his hardest hitting ability and fairly annoying to avoid if you are right underneath him. To dodge this move simply cancel your attack (quick block tap) run towards the outer ring of the rippling waves and roll at the last second, sometimes if you’re quick enough you won’t even have to roll, but it’s always a good idea to do so anyways and get into the habit of doing it. Once his attack is finished run back in and start attacking again.

The next move he has is his Rampage; the move is telegraphed by him planting his feet in a wide stance and pulling his arms back. When the charge is finished he will do 3 quick stomps forward and one last 4th strong stomp. This is probably the easiest move of his to avoid as you get plenty of time to move out of the way. My typical suggestion for when his uses this ability is to quickly get to the side and use whatever healing item/spell you have at this point in time. There are two possible scenarios that can follow this move, if you didn’t need to heal you can simply run behind him while he stomps around and get right back into the fight or if you did take this time to heal he will almost always follow up with his next ability…

Echoslam – 90% of the time he will use this ability after either Mega Pound or Rampage (unless you are in melee range before either has ended). This move has two flavors, one is slow and he will slam the ground in front of him twice and then Echoslam – and the second he will simply just Echoslam. The move itself is fairly quick and if it wern’t for being disgustingly predictable it might have been his hardest move to avoid. Zygniv will simply slam the ground, causing a wave of explosions to extend out infront of himself. You can avoid this move by strafing to the side after he finishes his rampage or mega pound and dodge at the appropriate moment.

And that is his complete moveset, the fight will usually last about 20 -30mins depending on how well you do. It is entirely possible to finish this fight without being hit once but I suggest you bring plenty of potions and food (or cross spec into cleric for heals ;) ) until you get the hang of it. And voila! You’ve solo’d Zygniv.

Included is a link to a video I recorded of me fighting Zygniv (last few minutes) to help give you an idea of what the fight should look like. The video is kind of crappy quality and it was my second time killing Zyg so I was still getting the hang of it, but it should be good enough for you to see how the fight plays out.…

Thanks for reading, good luck hunting!

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