RaiderZ Cleric Warpriest 2H Hammer Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Warpriest 2H Hammer Build Guide by banmyhit

When I lvled my pure healer to lvl 26 in the EU server, I was thinking about changing my weapon to 2h Hammer, because at the end I dont really like the buffs, but It was already to late to change my path.

I might go for 2h Hammer after CBT, but I have no time to test it atm, so my question is: Has anyone got any experiences with a cleric using a 2h Hammer with some points into the Berzerker style, but mainly into the Cleric style?

Some explanation about the path I had in my mind:
(I have never played Berzerker though, so some things might be wrong)

Main weapon: 2H Hammer
Armour: Chain
Stats: Int + Str
Role: DPSer (+ Healer)…adsadadsad.jpg

+Better Soloing
+Good survivabilty
+Can dish out some DMG
+Mixed DMG, Melee and Magic DMG
+Some ranged ATKs
+Combination of Stamina and Energy, so you’ll be less often out of Stamina/Energy
+This means: You can spam your skills more without worrying
+more survivability due the fact that you have more stamina to dodge etc.

-As a Hybrid, a Pure path will always fulfil its role better
-Gives up Melee DMG and crit of a berzerker, but gets more survivability and Magic DMG instead
-No “WOW” Skills or 1K+ Crits

Outrage + Possession would be a sick combo.
Because of the healing, the Ranged atks,less use of Stamina and the fast skill animation I think you’ll have a better time in pvping unlike Berzerker

I’d like to hear your thoughts

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Right now I have a lvl 21 Clerzerker with 12 points in Berserk and 9 in Cleric, but with no outrage and only crush as a knockdown I can do [Neutralize–Dodge Attack–Focus–Strike–Divine Punishment] in any order starting with DP or Neutralize but I can only land crush afterwards on noobs. I have Noc but can only use it once in a fight max unless in PvE.

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