RaiderZ Beginner’s FAQ

RaiderZ Beginner’s FAQ by yurihyuga1

I’m not a very organized person but I’m going to try and answer those “Frequently Asked Questions” in-game, whether quest related or otherwise.

And in no order.

Also when I give location(s), try using your map to help you find the place.

Will try to update as I go along.

Q) I can’t seem to find this (mob) or (place) or (item!)
A) Relax. Click on the quest helper at the right of your screen.

Most of the time an indicator on your map should start flashing; just run there and find whatever you’re looking for. If it’s an item it may require you to press ‘E’ on the object, whether it’s a flower on the ground or a pile of logs. There will be a golden light above the object.

Q) Skill reset?
A) Skill reset is available after the last storyline quest in Teress Plains. *Therefore* please do all your storyline quests diligently.

The NPC is the Recruiter at the <Teleport Stone Dig Site> at the middle of Teress Plains. After doing the raid with <Senior Knight Senes> and the other soldiers on the Rengots in the raid instance, you will get a book that lets you reset your skills. Other than this, I don’t know of any other way so BE CAREFUL WITH ADDING SKILLS AFTER USING THIS!

Q) Where is Fleetfoot?
A) Southeast of Dassau’s House.

Q) Queen Teresi?
A) Tranquil Forest, bottom right of Teress Plains.
This photo has a recently killed Queen Teresi.

Q) Where do I get my ride/Moa?
A) At the beginning you will get to ride the Moa during a given quest in Motren’s Gear for a bit. You won’t get to buy it until your storyline quests move to Ingen, however. Look at your map for the word ‘Trainer’, that’s where you buy the Moa.

Q) What’s that wolf thing some people are riding?
A) A Lycian. Only Alpha testers get to ride it. If you are one, check your mailbox.

Q) How to craft items?

A) In the beginning, the Motren’s Gear blacksmith will ask you to hunt mobs and get materials (RaiderZ player call it ‘mats’) for your new weapon. Click on “Receive Recipe” to keep track of what you need to get for your weapon/armours.

Highlight the magnifying glass under each mat to see what mob drops it.

Q) How to harvest items?

A) Go to the Explorer NPC in Ingen and get quest from him. Then, buy a Pickaxe, Shovel and Lockpicks from the nearby NPC. Go to Teress Plains and find flowers or mining rocks. If you do it correctly you should see something like this:…2_15-02-07.jpg

Q) How do I sell/repair my items?!

A) Any NPC that has a golden bag above their heads:…15-05-47-1.jpg…2_15-06-02.jpg

Q) I keep dying, help!

A) I cannot help you with that. You need to have some patience dodging/blocking, have a really good internet connection, or buy some of that Grilled Fish (for risky in-combat healing) or Cheese (out of combat healing) from the inn in Ingen.

Do NOT move when using the Cheese!

Q) Fastest way to level up?
A) Keep doing quests. Grinding has little place (at the moment, anyway). Also an efficient way to earn money.

Q) I can’t kill this Epic Monster for my quest, help!
A) You are not required to kill or even first-hit the mob to register a kill for your quest. Just get some hits in. If you want items however, only the first-hit will get you them.

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