RaiderZ Cleric Hybrid Build Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Hybrid Build Guide by kazmokarma

This build is for chain set, hammer/shield or hammer equips, not staff.
Minimum EP usage, high stamina usage

I made this build for short range, action-oriented, no long-range skills added. Whilst being a cleric and bossing, pvping, hunting, I realized that when in a team, a lot of the action goes on close around the enemy, and everyone is stacked, and this build is based off that. =)
IDK about you, but I LOVE COMBOS, especially close range combos, and this build gives a lot of those

Quote From Loli:
Strike of ruin (SoR) (Active) (Skill chain 1A) (PvP) –
This skill is basically giving your next attack critical hit by a percentage which is really great if you want to activate your skill chain which is Lv 1 Stunning Smash 200% dmg(Unblockable).
I wouldn’t say this skill is useless as it has it’s benefit from critical hit on next attack which will double your stunning smash skill from 200% to 400% if you land a critical hit.

Stunning smash (S.Smash) (Active) (Skill chain 2A) (PvP) –
It’s not a stun skill but it does flinch, it’s the second skill of the skill chain which is used after SoR. This skill may or may not be an skill chain starter depending on if you got SoR or not. This skill has is a very high damaging skill which could work as an aggro generating skill. And it is unblockable!

One handed Mastery (1h mastery) (Passive) (PvP/PvE) –
This is one of the important passive skill to max out as it gives you 10% more physical damage with one handed weapon.

Stats: focus on Str and Int.

Skill combo:
Possession > Healing Strike > Focused strike > Divine Punishment
Strike of Ruin > Stunning Smash
Possession > Healing Strike > Focused strike > Divine Punishment > Strike of Ruin > Stunning Smash
Ultimate combo:
Possession > Divine Punishment > Healing Strike > Focused strike > Divine Punishment > Strike of Ruin > Stunning Smash

I personally hate wasting my skills points on just one skill and just move on, because most of the skills aren’t even worth putting 1 point onto it. i like to focus of specific set of good skills.

Explanation for the defender’s skill build

Strike of Ruin (2/5), Stunning Smash (2/5), One handed Mastery (5/5)

-These skills do not require counter attk
-Great for stunning enemies, getting that high crit dmg on enemies
-Mastery is obvious, because 10% extra damage
-Adding the 3 cleric combo to a 5 combo with these 2 skills
-All around great increase in attking and combo

Explanation for the cleric’s skill build

Revitalize (3/3), Divine Mastery(5/5), Heal(3/5), Circle of Healing (2/5), Focused Strike (3/3), Healing Strike (2/3 or 3/3), Miraculous Recovery (1/3), Healing Crystal (1/3), Whirlpool of Light (0/3 or 1/3)

– Revitalize(HP regeneration skill), u need this for the stamina and hp
– NO Circle of Punishment, YES to Possession, Circle of Punishment conflicts with Circle of Healing, Possession gives more dmg to Divine Punishment than Circle of Punishment
– Possession last longer
– Divine Punishment, VERY High dmg skill, 5 sec reuse time, with possession this skill does great dmg
– No Blessing of Endurance, this build is big on hp regeneration, endurance gives 10% extra hp if maxed, but don’t really need it if your hp keeps on regenerating from all the skills
– No Blessing of Endurance, this is not a full support build, no need for these skills
– Divine Mastery DUH obviously maxed, 10% extra dmg with the 10% of def
– No Hammer of Whatever, no long range skills,
– Heal, do not add above 3, it is pointless once u hit 3 u heal 5 ppl, which is max amount of ppl
– Healing Circle 2/3, I really want to max this, but not enough points
– Focused strike, high dmg attk, give EP
– Healing strike, high dmg attk, you can max this or you can add one point to whirlpool of Light, gives hp when you hit ppl
– Miraculous recovery, think about times when u know you’re about to die and stuck in the middle of action, use whirlpool of light then 40% hp recovery, in dire times, DO NOT add more points to this skill 2 more points only give 10% more hp, fck that shyt
– Healing Crystal, your teammates need hp all the time, and for emergency times they can use the crystal for escaping or just to re heal, fast respawn time it is like having a free potion for anyone on your time at any time, ppl over look this skill but I think it is so useful
– Whirlpool of light, push back all enemies around you,

IMO, I would add whirlpool of light and then leave 2/3 to healing strike, reason healing strike cannot go less than 10 seconds, you just add more damage, add Whirlpool of Light, and it is super useful

– not too many skills points spread out, simple for beginners to play with, also very interactive because many different types of FAST combos to use.
– HP REGENERATION, It is very hard to die with this build in any situation
– High Dmg, with additional of the HP regen, you get high dmg and combos, JUST PWN anything
– Stuns from Defender skills
– Great basis for HP/Attking Class

– As any hybrid you don’t focus on a particular skill tree so you miss out the additional right hand bonus skills

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