RaiderZ Defender Damage Focused Build Guide

RaiderZ Defender Damage Focused Build (Solo) Guide by pskz

This build is mainly focused on dealing constant damage while maintaining stamina with chaotic strike. It does not benefit the party however.

Skills that I skipped:
Resilience – pretty useless. not very significant amount of stamina regen for the sp. the bonus regen from counter attack is override from level 2+ defense mastery anyway.

Fortifying Shout – stamina regen rate is considerably small, unless you decide to max it. the natural stamina regen will suffice

Encouraging Shout – hardly ever useful. unless you are completely drained of ep. but then again, the only crucial skill you need ep for is comeback. (note: i never got this skill, this is just my personal thought)

Threaten – 30% attack speed/movement speed debuff sounds nice, however to get this skill would require you to waste a point on encouraging shout. 3 seconds isn’t really that long. (note: i never got this skill, this is just my personal thought)

Retribution – you’re basically putting points for 20%-40% extra damage for your next attack and a small movement increase. i would rather put the sp on another damage skill which gives more..

Cyclone Strike – damage sucks. long cast animation. attack speed is hardly noticeable. the only thing it is good for is the flinch

Bastion – decent in pve. the short duration sucks, unless you max it. 20% damage reduction isn’t much. i can’t immagine anyone in pvp would try to attack you while you have this activated anyway. i plan on putting 1 point in this once the level cap is raised

Impact Recovery/Steel Wall – getting these skills later once the level cap increases

Slam – lower damage than massive strike with almost identical cast delay. i see no reason to put sp on this skill when massive strike does more damage anyway, unless you want an extra skill to use while massive strike is on cooldown

Attack order:
Rush > Piercing Strike > Rapid Assault > Massive Strike > Strike of Ruin > Stunning Smash > Shield Slam > Chaotic Strike (whenever stamina is needed)

Rush – for the quick stun
Piercing Strike – lowers the target’s defence
Rapid Assault – stuns the target (very good for skills with long animation such as massive strike)
Massive Strike – damage and knocks the target down (another opportunity for skills with long animation)
Strike of Ruin – damage and 100% crit for next attack
Stunning Smash – fast animation with decent amount of damage and 100% crit from SoR
Shield Slam – knocks the enemy back so you can reposition yourself for chaotic strike
Chaotic Strike – most crucial skill for regening stamina and continuing the dps

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