RaiderZ Berserker In-Depth Skills Analysis Guide

RaiderZ Berserker In-Depth Skills Analysis Guide by crabbypattyjr


This guide is meant to help people find their OWN build.This guide will not show any specific build but will explain every skill in detail.It will contain both NA and EU versions of names.

Who is the “Berzerker”?

The berserker is a melee DPS class that specializes in doing tons of damage in a short amount of time.The berserker can also have the role of an “off-tank” because of his great healing skill.A berserker reaches its full potential when built as a “pure” berserker.This means focusing on berserker’s skill tree and it alone.
Berserker’s main stat is STR, AGI being the second as priority.A berserker has quite a high build-in critical rate, buffs and passives alone granting him 25% critical rate, reaching 35% with his BASE critical rate.


NOTE:This is NOT my actual build.I used this screenshot in order not to influence your decision on a build.




This is your starter skill.And as well a point-user skill in order to access the next tier.But that’s not all.At level 3, it gains an additional effect:”Shield Block Impossible”. Basically, this skill will not be blockable anymore.This applies for weapon block as well since it retains its effect gained at level 2.It scales 20% per level, reaching 240% at level 5.Also, this skill knocks your opponent down, allowing you to continue comboing.
My recommendation :Invest 3 points in it when you can.It becomes unblockable at level 3.

Dodge Attack/Dodge Slash

An amazing skill when paired with Neutralize/Neutralisation.Once again, this skill is necesary so that you reach the next tier.It has a special effect too:Dodge.If timed correctly, this skill acts as a dodge that deals scales 10% per level, reaching 160% at level 5.
recommendation :Get it at level 3 and leave it at 1.It scales horribly and is not worth leveling.The only good thing about this skill is the built-in dodge.If timed correctly this can save your back.

Buffalo Charge/Buffalo Advance

Your first nuke.The damage is absolutely incredible for a starter skill.70% a hit(210% total) and it scales 10% per hit per level (30% total per level, 330% at level 5).
My recommendation :As soon as you hit level 2, GET THIS SKILL.It will make your gameplay much easier untill you get better skills.It is not worth maxing though.
War Weapon Mastery/Two-Handed Weapon Mastery

Now much to say about this skill.It is a passive.That is all.You need this to get to the next tier.
My recommendation :Get it last.Invest a point in it to get to the next tier and leave it at that.



A swift skill that triggers instantaneously.A great catcher if you are near the enemy.It also links with “Dodge Attack”/”Dodge Slash”, thus creating a combo.It scales 20% per level, reaching 230% at level 5.
GET IT IF you need more skills to combo, an additional catcher or you intend to get “Upward Strike”/”Massive Spin Strike”.
DON’T GET IT IF you don’t intend to get “Massive Spin Strike”, don’t need an additional combo or you need skill points for other skills.Pay attention that this is a prerequisite for “Upward Strike”/”Massive Spin Strike” !
My recommendation :Get it.Even if you get interrupted while executing the skill, it WILL hit.This is a great way to catch your enemies.Just go near them and bam!combo time.Invest 1 point in it and leave it at that.


Your first buff.Using this skill activates the “Outrage” effect.This outrage effect is IDENTICAL to the outrage effect you get from your passive.Nothing more.Nothing less.
GET IT IF you ARE going for “Tranquility” and “Controlled Madness/”Madness Control”.
DON’T GET IT IF you are 100% sure you don’t need a heal spell and another buff that affects critical rate.
My recommendation :GET IT!.The skill itself is WORTHLESS.But it is a prerequisite for “Tranquility” and YOU NEED THAT SKILL !That skill is a heal.An OP heal.Put a point in it and leave it at that.



Your second hard-hitting skill.Its prerequisite is “Crush/”Smash”.”Nocturne” does not end the “Outrage” effect anymore.This skill also knocks your opponent down.It scales 60% per level, reaching 480% at level 5.
GET IT IF you want a nuke skill and a knockdown-er.
DON’T GET IT IF you know you can skip a nuke and make up for the lost damage.Pay attention that this is a prerequisite for “Vanquish”/”Crush” !
My recommendation Get it and put as many points as you can in it.It scales incredible.60% per level is far more than any of your skills.This IS worth maxing.
Furious Dash/Enraged Dash

This is your second buff.This increases your movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds.Leveling it up increases its by 1 second up to 6 seconds at level 3.
GET IF IF you need a gap closer or an escape tool.
DON’T GET IT IF you actually used your brain to figure out this skill is a waste.
My recommendation :WORTHLESS.Absolutely worthless.The duration is awful and the buff itself sucks !Berzerker doesn’t need movement speed since you’ll be getting “Escape”.That itself is another movement speed buff+an escape and this would be a waste of points.

No Mercy

A somewhat useful passive.Its true potential is revealed when paired with “Outrage”,”Madnaess Control”/”Controlled Madness” and “Grievous Wounds”/”Rip out Wounds”.It increases your physical critical hit damge by 5% per level, up to 15% at level 3.
GET IF IF you are building a damage-only berserker.
DON’T GET IT IF you need points for something else or are building a tanky berserker.
My recommendation :It’s kind of tough for me to talk about this passive.It is useful … and it’s not … You see, it needs 3 skill points in order to become effective, and that’s up to everyone to decide ether or not they want to give up 3 points somewhere else and use them on this skill.Like I said, it works very well with high critical rates since it affects skills too.I cannot give a definitive verdict on this one.


Upward Strike/Massive Spin Strike

It has the same effect as “Dodge Attak”/”Dodge Slash”.It scaled 10% per level, reaching 160% at level 5.This skill has a somewhat fast casting time and it’s a great catcher/avoiding tool.
GET IT IF you need another catcher/evasion tool.
DON’T GET IT IF you don’t feel the need of another “Dodge Slash”
My recommendation This skill is simply amaizing.It is much more reliable than “Dodge Attack/Slash”.The best thing to this is that when executed the character is moved forward, to the left.I find this very useful anytime, from catching in pvp to escaping bosses in pve.A great skill.Invest 1 point in it.


Your first and only class heal.I cannot describe how useful this skill is.It has a 30 seconds cooldown at level 3 and it heals for 20% HP.
GET IT IF you need a healing skill and don’t intend to spend in cleric tree.
DON’T GET IT IF you are confident on your survivability.
My recommendation :Get this ASAP!And max it !This skill made me org-…I mean, it’s an awesome skill that every berserker MUST have.It’s the only heal a pure berzerker has and when you hit 5.000 hp 20% means 1000.Truly amazing.

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