RaiderZ Cleric Detailed Guide

RaiderZ Cleric Detailed Guide by kassariane

This guide mentions only pure cleric builds, using cloth and staves. Does not include clerics using chain armor, shield, 1h weapon or 2h Hammer.

Table of Content

I. Introduction
II. Pros and Cons of this build
III. Difference between ‘Full Support Cleric’ and ‘Battle Cleric’
IV. Skills
V. Divine Punishment
VI. Equipment (+ explanation of INT stat)

I. Introduction

So, what is a cleric? In most MMO’s it is that guy standing behind party spamming heals, who is absolutely useless when it comes to damage and has very hard time playing on his own. Well, this is not true in RaiderZ. Contrary to common believe, clerics can deal both damage and heal at the same time without any problems.

II. Pros and Cons of this build

– High healing
– High damage
– Perfect solo class
– Beast in 1v1 combat
– Beast in group combat (By healing others, getting into group of enemies is a bad idea)

– Very hard to catch running enemy
– Very skill-dependant (Especially in PvP)
– Low survivability in PvP
– MUST dodge, MUST run in circles
– Relatively low HP pool (but that goes for all cloth users)

III. Difference between ‘Full Support Cleric’ and ‘Battle Cleric’

People tend to say: “If you want to deal damage, you will suck as healer” and vise versa. This is absolutely not true. And that is because gear for the healer and for dmg cleric is the same. How is that possible? That is because in RaiderZ, there is no ‘Healing’ stat, all your healing goes right from magical attack, and that is the main reason why cleric can heal loads while dealing loads of damage, it goes hand in hand.
So what is the difference between the selfish battle cleric and FS? Buffs. The only difference between these two might be buffs. However, I still keep on denying the existence of FS in this game.

IV. Skills

This is my build. (click)

Divine Punishment – This is my most beloved skill, the one that hurts melee players so much. It is instant cast, with only 5 seconds cooldown dealing either 294%, 378%, 424% or even 508% damage (more on that later)! That is really high for such low cooldown and no cast time. This skill also interrupt others so it is great ‘combo-starter’. Must have at lvl 5 for anyone who wishes to deal reasonable damage.

Circle of Punishment – Increases Divine Punishment damage output considerably (more on that later). Also causes Whirpool of Light hit twice (not written in description). Also causes Storm of Judgement to deal double damage (not written in description).

Revitalize – Very useful, EP-saving self-heal with short cast time.

Divine Mastery – +10% dmg / healing. Pretty much must-have.

Focused Strike / Healing Strike – Used for dps and mostly interrups, combo with divine punishment. Also Healing Strike can be used to heal minor injuries when soloing and cannot cast heal. (It is your only instant heal except for Miraculous Recovery which has high cooldown). Also, do not think of Focused Strike as energy recover, you should not have the need to recover EP on level 35 with epic gear,

Heal – Every level in heal increases the number of people you can heal at once by 1, decreases its cooldown by 1 and increases its mana cost by 25. Also, healed amount scales very little, so the main reason why I put 4 points into it is to have low cooldown and to be able to heal large groups of people. (Yes, party has only 5 members max, but you can also use this in PvP on non-party members)

Mind Training – Well, it is not as good as I thought, but I believe that it was not a waste of points. At level 35, it can heal enough EP to cast another level 4 heal, however when cap raises, EP goes up, this skill might be less and less usefull.

Circle of Healing – First of all, I do not use this skill to heal others, I use it for the effect that is not in description – it increases healing received for anyone in party standing inside the circle by 20-30%. So best to drop this under boss where everyone stays and just use heal on that spot.

Blessing:Concentration – The most useful EP regen, especially when you do not use combat drinks. Each level decreases its cooldown, down to 3min on lvl 3. I recommend maxing it.

Miraculous Recovery – Life saver. It is not meant to be cast when you are safe standing far away, but when something / someone chases you and you just cannot stop to heal yourself. Worth getting, saved my ass many times.

Crystal of Life – Nice skill especially at lowers levels, as you cannot afford to use heal all the time, this is cheaper option. However, on higher levels you will find yourself not using this skill anymore. I mostly use it to heal myself – I put Circle of Healing under me, then use revitalize and crystal of life – full HP for 150 EP. Or I also use it when soloing Hellhound bosses and need the extra stamina.

Whirpool of Light – Must have. If you ever want to do any PvP, must have. Your only escape skill, also dealing damage. It is also extremely usefull when people start to run with 5% HP – this can finish them if you are near them, but not near enough to use punishment.

Salvation – Great heal which does not need you to target anything. Heals everyone in the vicinity.

Uplift – Nice healing / damage bonus.

Ressurection – At some bosses, you cannot just “run back” until all of party members die, this is when this skill comes in handy.

Ranged skills – I have not gotten any as I didnt find them useful for my playstyle. The only one I might get would be Link of Light for its DoT – giving me some more power when soloing bosses, but no, not at lvl 35 cap.

Endurance and Quickness buffs – Endurance in my opinion is not worth points. First rank gives 6% HP, then the others give 2% each for total of 10% HP for 3 points, I find those points better off elsewhere. Quickness – This is nice for some burst dps for your party, but for its long cooldown I decided not to get it. Also, I am healer, not buffer. Buffs are not necessary to success, heal pretty much is.

Orb of Punishment / Judgement – Orb.. well, never liked it, maybe for the speed but that is it. Judgement has too high cooldown. So maybe for PvP to kill one enemy, but that’s it.

V. Divine Punishment

Alright, this skill’s damage is affected by two skill – Circle of Punishment (adding 130% mdmg) and Possession ( adding 84% dmg to the skill itself, but it also increases matk so it is more). With those skills combined (An enemy standing in circle and you being possesed) you can deal 508% mdmg on hit. Instantly. Isn’t that nice? :) That’s not all – it also interrupt people – meaning it can create an opening for your melee friend when someone runs away or when he is knocked on ground.

VI. Equipment

Main stat for us is INT –

  1. Increases Magical attack by certain % (at level 10 I was getting 0.5 MATK per INT, now I am getting 1.5 MATK per INT. Meaning the higher MATK you get, the more you profit from INT)
  2. Increases EP by 5 per point
  3. Slightly increases Magical Crit (this slightly is really just slightly).

When you are leveling, basically create every blue set with int you can and socket them with int gems (do not use EP gems, they are not worth it).

When you are done with leveling, you are thrown into world of epic sets. There is a lot to choose from or more to say – to get lost in and overlook something better than you actually spent a lot of gold to make. As we are using cloth, we should go with clean bishop set from epic monastery and int robe from garden. You could say “I’d go with whole int set from garden” but no, only robe gives more int than monastery set and furthermore, garden set pieces do not give any EP, only the int. Therefore, hybrid set like this is best int-wise, ep-wise. Do not think about getting EP sets, at level 35, there are no more problems with EP and you will have 2k EP if you follow this guide. So, to put it simply:

Armor – Bishop set + Garden int robe
Weapon – Mournful Staff frm epic catacombs (Highest base dmg, nice int)
Rings – 2 Sapphire Rings (some people use Bloody Ogis Rings, but I prefer sapphires)
Necklace – Mt. Eda Conqueror (250 EP / HP)
Earrings – Int.

Here’s a screenshot of all mentioned equip (at the time I got this screenshot I had one Ogis and one sapphire, now I have two sapphires)…

VII. Lvl 40 cap skills

When cap goes to 40, you will get 5 more skill points. I will max out my heal, salavation and then I might get Nimble Healer 2 or 1 + max ressurection or max Ressurection and use that one point elsewhere. I still haven’t made my mind on this one. However, I am surely maxing heal. It will be a great skill when spammable and with the EP pool at level 40, it would be even better.

VIII. Gameplay Footage

Vs. Hellhound Fleetfoot
Vs. Epic Manelloth

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