RaiderZ Zombie Tyrant Solo Guide

RaiderZ Zombie Tyrant Solo Guide by stormakov

Hello and welcome to my guide on how to solo Zombie Tyrant – an epic monster located in Rietz Sewers. This guide will be a little more in-depth so be prepared for walls of text.

Zombie Tyrant is an open world epic monster located in the bottom left hand corner of the Rietz sewers map.He is fairly easy to solo because of his “safe spot” which is located on on his left side where the drum is and slightly behind him, anyone standing here at all times will never take any damage except from the red drum pulse (which I will cover further on in the guide).

The Fight:

On to his moveset; Zombie Tyrant has 4 primary moves:
1. A frontal slam.
2. A side swipe.
3. An uppercut.
4. A grab.

All three of these moves deal some painful damage but can be avoided by sticking in close to the boss and keeping yourself in the boss’s safe spot. Also of note is the spew ability, like a typical special ability it will be telegraphed with a red flash and the Zombie Tyrant will do damage in a frontal cone, again avoided by being in that safe spot.

The next aspect of Zombie Tyrant is the drummer attached to his hip will constantly be playing various aura effects, they are as follows:

Red pulse – This pulse will deal periodic damage to anyone within melee range of the boss. When ZT is playing this aura it is wise to just stay out of reach and use this time to heal up.

Blue pulse – This pulse will constantly drain any players EP that are within melee range, make sure if you have EP to spend it before it all drains.

Yellow pulse – I’m not entirely sure what this pulse does, but as far as I could decern it drastically slows your regenerative rates, probably this least troubling of his auras – get in as much damage as you can while it lasts.

Purple pulse – This pulse has two variations, one is just a medium snare and the second is a wicked strong snare + you can’t dodge. The only way to tell them apart is the stronger sound makes a larger more noticeable pulse around the drum graphically (and I think the sound is slightly different too).

Speed pulse – This pulse is also purple however the boss will glow reddish flames around him, he will gain drastically increased move speed and attack animation.

Fighting Zombie Tyrant is a simple matter of sticking in close and staying within that sweet spot, constantly using basic attacks and animation canceling. If you don’t know what animation canceling is, well today is your lucky day and you’ll be getting two lessons in one ;) – Animation canceling is when you are in the middle of a basic attack rotation (left clicks) and tap block (right click) to immediately stop your attack animation allowing you to move straight away again (or use an ability straight away). Using this technique will allow you to constantly reposition yourself favorably in the middle of a fight.

When Zombie tyrant is playing anything but red pulse you want to be right there dealing as much damage, when he switches to red pulse move out and heal. After the boss goes into speed pulse you’ll want to shorten your basic attack rotation so that you can keep up with his increased speed – after the speed pulse finishes the boss will go into a downed state; this is a prime opportunity to either heal up or deal some significant damage with abilities. Keep moving towards the boss’s left side (your right side) and stay within the range of the drum and you’ll have this boss downed in a matter of 20-30 minutes!

Included is a link to a video I recorded of me fighting Zombie Tyrant (short clip in the middle of fight) to help give you an idea of what the fight should look like. The video is kind of crappy quality and, but it should be good enough for you to see how the fight plays out.…

Thanks for reading, good luck hunting!

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