Legend of Edda Beginner’s Guide

Legend of Edda Beginner’s Guide by Aurarice

With the re-release of Legend of Edda by a new provider, there are plenty of new targe-…erm, players. This expansion of the player base may cause what is seen as an unfair advantage for veteran players(From both the original Edda and the EU Server alike!)

As such, I’m here to help all those new players out!

Welcome to Aurarice’s Legend of Edda for Dummies. Let’s get started.

Legend of Edda is a MMORPG currently being sponsored by GamesCampus. It is a 3D, fantasy MMORPG with “chibi”, anime-inspired graphics. Legend of Edda has sharp visuals and an in-depth class system that offers players tons of options. The game has instanced dungeons, realm vs realm PvP features, and fast-paced combat.

Getting Started

Welcome to Legend of Edda! Let’s start straight off with the most basic of basics: Logging in and Character Creation.

Server Selection Screen

This image shows the Server Select Screen, which, at the time, only has the Closed Beta server available. Characters are NOT shared between servers, and the same for items. Select whichever world you’d like to join, and take your first step into Legend of Edda.

Login Screen

This is the Login screen. Just log in with your GamesCampus Username/Password and go.

Character Selection Screen

Welcome to the Character Selection Screen. My Paint skills are painfully bad, so I apologize in advance if the quality is not quite up to par. (However, there is a direct link to the image, which should be higher quality/size located here.)

On this screen, you can see the characters that you already have, their character information, their Realm Affiliation, and their Sprites as they should appear in-game.

If this is your first time on Legend of Edda, you won’t have any sprites waiting for you. Hit the Create button near the upper right below the Character List.

Realm Selection

The first screen you’ll come across is the Realm Selection Screen, allowing you to choose either Olympian or Titan. Sometimes, there are buffs associated with the Realms depending on how said Realms are doing in the everlasting competition known as the Sacred Wars. (More on that later on, however.)

Character Customization Screen

After deciding on being a Titan…erm, selecting your realm of choice(Titan), you arrive at the Character Customization screen! A delightful plethora of little changes to make your character that much more individual awaits. On this screen, you can also select your character’s Class. (More Information on Classes below!)

Character Classes

Legend of Edda features three basic classes that can further branch out into two specialized classes. I’ll just do a quick rundown of all these classes!



The Fighter is the front line of battle, armed with an array of melee skills and gap closers.
Fighters can become one of two specialized classes:

Warrior: The Primary tanking class. Equipped with a sword and shield, Warriors are always found in the front lines, tanking and drawing aggro away from their squishier counterparts.

Swordsman: Fighters who wield bulky two handed swords. Swordsmen are known for their consistently high DPS along with having a high critical hit rate.




Rogues are often found in the back of fights, kiting or launching surprise attacks onto their foes. Rogues can become one of two specialized classes:

Assassin: Stealthy melee classes famed for their ability to hide and ambush singled out targets. Their deathblows are the bane of characters with low defensive stats.

Archer: A ranged class known for their accuracy with a bow, they boast high agility and a variety of skills that can slow or snare opponents.



Magicians, like Rogues, are often found behind the front lines, either casting supportive buffs on their allies or releasing a shower of sparkling death on spreads of enemies.
Mages can become one of two specialized classes:

Cleric: The main supportive class of the game, Clerics are the only prominent support class in the game. Wielding a variety of buffs and heals for their allies, Clerics can also be found dealing damage with their pool of dark element offensive spells.

Wizard: Wizards are powerful casters who cast spells that deal heavy damage, both with their single target nukes or a selection of AoE(Area of Effect) spells.

Note: There are other classes in the game that were to be released later on. (Ex: Templar, Champion, Scout, Bishop, etc.) However, these are not featured in this guide due to the fact that they have not yet been released on the official server.

The Minimum Level to achieve your first Specialized Class Selection is Level 20.

Now select you character and channel of choice and be on your way!

*Larger Images:
Realm Selection here
Character Customization Screen here

In Game

When you create your new character and select it for the first time, you will be shown a short video about your faction god and finding your destiny (blah blah blah). Skip this if you like, there’s not much to get out of it. The important bit is what comes next: the tutorial.

Once you’re done watching (or skipping) the video, you’ll get taken to a tutorial map. You will be asked if you wish to do the tutorial. Select Yes! The tutorial takes less than 5 minutes but rewards you with a nifty cap and a cute costume!

The tutorial is pretty self-explanatory and will guide you through most of the basic controls you’ll need to play the game. Other things the tutorial introduces you to include fighting monsters, using skills and opening your inventory. At the end of the tutorial, you will be greeted by your faction’s God (Nomia for Olympus, Pathos for Titan). Choose your costume box and then you’ll be on your way!

When you finish (or skip) the tutorial, you will be transported to the first main map of the game: Gaiyan Town! I guess this is where I really say welcome to Legend of Edda. Enjoy your stay!. As the title above suggests, you are now officially in the game. Welcome!

Basic HUD


This is the basic HUD(Heads Up Display) that is seen when you first enter the game. It includes most basic character, map, and skillbars like most MMO’s. Get to know it; the HUD is your friend. Master the HUD, master control of your character.


Movement and selection in Legend of Edda is mostly dictated by the mouse; left click to move, select options, and selecting targets. Right clicking can be a “hotkey” of sorts that can instantly equip some armor, automatically target AND attack a monster or Olympian(<3), etc.
Some HUD/Hotkeys as well as Key Mapping will not be shown in this guide.
A guide specialized for such is provided by Ashla HERE

(Larger version located here.)

The Hotkey menu box can be brought up by clicking the ‘H’ Key on your keyboard. It features most, if not all, the hotkeys in the game that give access to a variety of menus.

Menu Interface

As stated above, hotkeys are often associated with a menu that is opened upon being clicked. The below images are possible menus. The associated hotkey can be found in the Hotkey Menu Box above.

Achievements [Y]

Character Basic/God/Duel Information Boxes [C]

Guild [G]

Inventory [I]

Mailbox [B]

Game Options [O]

Chat Options [O]

Party [P]

Pet [V]

Quests [L]

Skills [K]

Know Thy Environment

Of course, even with all this information, whatever will you do without a map?

The World Map


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world of Legend of Edda. (There will be future updates that expand the world! Don’t worry!)

Gaiyan Town


Welcome to the very first town of Legend of Edda: Gaiyan Town. A larger version of the map is located HERE. Learn this map; you’ll be back here quite often! The Legend on the map is also for you to interpret. Good luck, and have fun! (Note: Maps of the Area that you are currently in are opened by the ‘M’ Key. There are maps for all areas in the game, so try not to get lost.)

Combat System

Now we’re at everyone’s favorite part of every game ever: Whailing on innocent little field creatures that drop shiny things. Don’t judge me, it’s fun!

Player VS Environment (PvE)

Ah, of course, the well known PvE. PvE features your character, possibly along with other characters in a party, running out and about in the field violently assaulting a large variety of creatures that often fight back. Combat in Legend of Edda is relatively simple – Point and Click targetting paired with multiple hotkeys and skills. Most of it should be self explanatory, so I’ll just hitch that guide onto someone else’s responsibility!

[Spot Reserved for Guide Link for PvE from someone else]

Player VS Player (PvP)

Now this is what separates Edda from other MMO’s. The PvP combat system boasts of multiple battling systems between players. From small scale city duels to large scale full blown realm wars, PvP in Edda will leave you wanting more.



Dueling in Edda is a simple maneuver that requires little to no effort. Simply right click a player(Of the same realm, of course. Otherwise, you’d just attack them. I guess that could count as a duel, to an extent.) and select the “Challenge to a Duel” option. A small menu should pop up that waits until your challengee accepts, and then a small blue box surrounds and restricts an area around the two of you, preventing escape. After a short countdown, you’re free to fight to your heart’s content until one of the two of you finally loses all their health. Duels are mostly to compare player skill in coordinating their character’s skills and to compare equipment.




The Arena is a pre-organized combat system for both solo players and teams to do battle in a controlled map and environment with no interference. Simply select the mode of battle, the number of players, and click Challenge to Duel. You will be entered into a queue until another group/player of the same size also enters the queue. You will then be transported into a separate map and released to maim each other until there is a victor for however many rounds. God Points can be earned in duels!

Sacred War / RvR

In Depth Guide on Sacred Wars and RvR located HERE

Field Battle

You’re probably frustrated. “Ugh, why can’t I kill Olympians OUTSIDE of the Sacred War? There’s so much time to waste between then!”

Well, you no longer have to worry. At Frosty Wind Valley / Fringe Valley, you obtain the ability to select a PvP channel. In Fringe, the map is shared by both Olympian and Titan units, each having their own town located at separate corners. (Northwest and Southeast, respectively) Upon seeing an enemy, you gain the ability to target them and fight them. (And hopefully defeat them!)


Just a curious side note, I think every map after Frosty’s gonna be PvP now… don’t quote me on that but I think Tokki said it somewhere that they wanted to make every map PvP (I told them to make it every map after Frosty if they wanted to do that and I think that’s what they’ve done… lawl).

**WARNING** There are Allied and Neutral Mobs located on the map. Guards are located at the entrance to both Faction’s towns, and Leo Guards[Neutral] are located at various locations on the map, automatically targeting players who inflict damage on an enemy Faction unit within their detectable range. Both the Leo Guards and the City Guards deal massive damage, so try not to get caught!

Getting Ahead of the Competition

At this point, you should be in game, learning all the hotkeys and manipulating your character to do whatever you please. However, there is still much to learn, and much to be done!



The famed “Level” system. A single numerical icon that defines the power of your character and the main barrier between you and ultimate power. Luckily for you, Edda features many extremely simple ways to crawl and fight your way to the top.


Edda features a variety of quests specifically tailored to help you get ahead and level accordingly. Available quests are displayed by a Yellow Exclamation Point above NPC’s heads or on the minimap. Quests available to be turned in are displayed by a Green Question Mark above NPC’s heads, and incomplete but accepted quests are displayed by Gray Question Mark above NPC’s heads.

Quests are specially designed to give you just enough experience to help you along your way, both Level and Equipment-wise. However, although quests are fantastic sources of EXP and should be done at all possible opportunities, there are alternate ways to level.

The Cutter

Grinding in Legend of Edda is a slow painful process, as in all MMO’s. However, you’re in luck. The minds behind Edda counterbalanced the limited experience gained from farming monsters with something similar to an Exchange Quest in which dropped items from mobs can be picked up and turned in to a special NPC located at Gaiyan Town.

An In-Depth Guide on The Cutter and her provided Exchange Quests can be seen HERE

Your Equipment and You

[Image Slot]

Of course, who can forget the little random shards of haphazardly crafted metal that somehow defend your little character from being absolutely melted by sparkling meteorites? Equipment is an important part of Edda, essentially being the determinant factor of your character’s stats and possible damage output.

The Rarity Factor

There are several categories of equipment, with rarer ones dropping from special monsters, chests, boss monsters, or purchased with God Points obtained from your escapades in the Sacred War. As expected, there rarer the equipment, the better it is.

The possible rarity categories of equipment is as follows:


Now you’re probably wondering, “How can I make my gear better?” There are two main ways to improve your gear : Upgrading and Enchanting.



Upgrading is an expensive and risky process, but if successful, can make you character exponentially stronger. Upgrades can be used on all items that say “Can Be Upgraded” when moused over. The maximum Upgrade Level for any piece of equipment is +10.
The probability of upgrading to the next stage becomes lower and lower depending on the current upgrade state, the hardest obviously being +9 to +10. It is not uncommon for items to break or decrease in level due to a failed upgrade. However, items are immune to breaking up to +3.

In order to upgrade a piece of equipment, you must have an Upgrade Stone of a certain tier that meets the item’s Level Requirement. (Ex. A level 5 Sword can only be Upgraded with Weapon Upgrade Stone I’s, which have a level restriction of 0-10.)


Low Level Upgrade Stones can be purchased from NPC’s located near Town Anvils(Shown above)
To start the upgrade process, “Talk” to the Town Anvils and a menu will appear. Place the equipment you’d like to upgrade along with a complimentary Upgrade Stone and click the Upgrade button located at the bottom. There will be a slight delay while the upgrade loads, and a message stating whether or not the upgrade was successful will appear. Best of luck!



Enchanting equipment has the capability to be much more expensive than upgrading, if a certain stat is desired. Enchanting has no chance to fail, but getting a target stat may take multiple tries. (Successive Enchants do NOT stack. Rather, they cover the previous enchantment.)

(The Enchantment NPC)

In order to Enchant, one must have Enchant Scrolls, Dusts, and Catalysts (Like Upgrade Crystals, these can be found on mobs or purchased from a merchant).


Placing a piece of equipment that is a target of enchantment will bring up a list of possible stats (Often 8 stats) that can be enchanted onto the piece of equipment. Select a stat, make sure you have the required items, hit Enchant and good luck!

*Note: Different level Equipment have different max level stats. (Higher level, higher stat cap.)

Fancy Clothes make all the difference


Besides normal equipment, Cash Shop Equipment also offer some stat bonuses to your character, as well as giving you a nice little look that differs how you look in comparison to the common masses.


If you’re feeling cheated that you can’t obtain Cash Shop gears, don’t fret! There are also several “cages” around Gaiyan Town that house poor little animals such as rabbits or elephants. If you break these open, chances are, you can get a nice little 7-day piece of Cash Shop Equipment. Although the stats aren’t as good as gears directly purchased from the Cash Shop, it’s better than nothing! :)

Other Stat Boosters

In addition to your equipment(Along with Upgrading and Enchanting), there are also a number of other ways to give your little character an edge over the competition.

Adorable Little Damage Dealers


Little creatures that follow you around, Pets are an often overlooked aspect in the game. They have a few Attack settings that determine whether they will actively hunt mobs in a certain radius, only attack whatever attacks you, attack your targets, or just sit back and look cute. There are many pets in the game, and each one is just a little different. They have the ability to level, gain bags to hold items, and use their own small set of skills.
They also need to be fed with Pet Food that can be purchased from General merchants. Have fun with your little buddy!



There are a large variety of achievements in Legend of Edda, some even granting rewards! Do you best to collect ’em all and roll in the multitude of rewards that you’ll obtain.



If you were paying attention earlier, you would’ve noticed a little textbox on your Character Info screen that says “Titles”. Clicking it will open another menu that has multiple titles that you can Equip, giving you a nice little stat boost as well as appearing above your character’s name.

Gettin’ Around

Last section of my guide! Hope it’s been a great read so far, and I hope it’s helped everyone. If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to shoot me a PM over the forums or ingame (Once OBT comes out; Aurarice)

Now than, as you probably noticed going through the game, you don’t walk that fast. Even when you’re running, you’re not too fast. Fear not! You don’t have to run back and forth between entire maps with that slow run animation. Edda, thankfully, has included multiple methods of Fast Traveling.

Rocks and Paper


This is what is known as a “Waypoint”. Waypoints are located at pretty much every major map. Using “Talk” around a Waypoint will open a menu asking if you want to set this specific Waypoint as your current Active Waypoint.


Hearth Stones are the complimentary items to whatever Waypoint you had selected as your “Active” Waypoint. Right-clicking a Hearth Stone will take a few seconds and instantly teleport you to whatever Waypoint you have active at the time. (In the example above, the Hearthstone was linked to the Waypoint in Fringe Valley)


Warp Scrolls are also awesome little Fast Travel trinkets. They have a pre-set unchangeable designated area that allow you to teleport to whatever location shown in the description. (In the example, the Warp Scroll is the Warp Scroll linked with Gaiyan Town.)

Ride Like the Wind!


Papers and rocks associated with giant floating “things” are fine and dandy, but what if you need to get around a single large map? There’s no way to teleport, sadly, but there are mounts that increase your Movement speed by a large amount (As much as 100% Bonus Movement Speed!) Just obtain the mount and Right Click or Hotkey it to summon it, then ride off dramatically into battle. (Or into the sunset, if you’re into that kinda thing.)

Edit: Updated to 100% Bonus Movement Speed due to Ashla sending me info about the Scorpions.

Welp, this is the end to my guide. Granted, I still have room to improve and edit things here and there, but I hope that this is more than enough for you to get into Legend of Edda. I hope to see you all in game! Enjoy! <3

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