Legend of Edda Sacred War and RvR Guide

Legend of Edda Sacred War and RvR Guide by Ashla

You will have noticed that every now and then, there’s a message on the screen that says ‘Skyway (Lv. 3-29) is Opening for Sacred War’ or something to that effect, followed by a popup window at the top right corner of your screen. This is the gateway Edda’s mass PvP or RvR system, also known as the Sacred Wars.

Here’s a (hopefully!) comprehensive guide on Sacred Wars. This guide is extremely long and screams TL;DR, so I will highlight all of the advanced concepts. The advanced concepts aren’t essential knowledge if you’re a beginner, but they delve into the deeper mechanics of Sacred Wars for those of you that care.

So, without further ado, let’s get cracking!


What is a Sacred War?
Sacred Wars are mass PvP events that the entire game pretty much revolves around. At specific times during the day, special RvR zones will open up for players to enter. The times of day these maps open are shown in server time (PST) next to the name of the zone. These zones will open for 27 minutes- in those 27 minutes, Olympians and Titans will be pitted against each other in an all-out battle of brains and brawn.

What’s the point of a Sacred War?
Of course, with any war, there must be a winner! The point of wars is to control as many of the Sacred Relics as possible. These are giant floating crystals that will spawn at specific points in each map. You can gain control of a Relic by placing it in a special holder called a Shrine. The side with the most Relics at the end of the war wins!

What do I get for winning?
Lots of things! I’ll talk about that more in the Rewards section.

War has a lot of terminology! Here’s a little dictionary of terms for you to help you understand people in war:

Relic: A giant floating crystal that grants your faction rewards if controlled at the end of the war. Also known as crystals or xtals.
Shrine: A special holder for you to put a Relic. Usually ocated near your base.
Base: An area of the map designated as your faction’s territory. Defend it with your lives!
Commander: An experienced player who will help co-ordinate your faction during a war.
God Points: The EXP and currency system of Sacred Wars.
God Ranks: The Sacred War equivalent of levels in PvE.
Enshrining: The act of placing a Relic into a Shrine.
Carrier/Holder: The person who is transporting a Relic from its spawn point to a Shrine in your base.
Guards: Each base is guarded by… well, Guards. They’ll attack any player of the opposite faction that gets too close to your base.
Guardians: These are giant mechanical behemoths that will be summoned during wars to aid your faction if you’re losing (based on points). Also known as Elites or Gundams.
Results Board: Shows the statistics and points earned by each player in War.
Scoreboard: Shows the time remaining in war and the number of Relics each faction has enshrined.

Now that we’ve got the basics down pat, let’s move on to the specifics!

Entering a Sacred War

How do I enter a Sacred War?
There’s a little circle in the top left corner of your minimap. When this button shows a picture of 2 swords crossed on a flashing red background, that means a Sacred War is in progress! Click this button to show a list of Sacred War zones. These War zones are organised by level ranges; you can only enter Wars for your level range. If any of them are open, you can join the War! You have to be fast though- there’s a limit as to how many players can enter each Sacred War map.

**ADVANCED: The Waiting List
Okay, so you were a little slow in entering or tried to enter halfway in. There’s a good chance the War is full and you can’t enter. In this situation, you will be put on a waiting list to enter War. There are two reasons why you might be placed on the waiting list:

1. The War map has reached maximum capacity.
2. There are too many players of your faction in war. In order to make Wars more balanced, you will not be able to enter War if your faction outnumbers the other by a considerable amount.

A small popup window will show if you end up on the waiting list.

This window will show the number of players on your side in war, as well as your current place in the waiting list. While on the waiting list, you can continue with your usual activities, such as grinding, questing, changing maps, etc. However, you will not be able to enter dungeons while on the waiting list (you can only enter dungeons if you leave the waiting list). When a place for you becomes available, you be able to enter the Sacred War and kick some butt (just don’t kick mine xD).

The Battlefield

Map of the Warzone
War maps are quite different to normal PvE maps. Upon entering the War, you will be transported to your faction’s base. Here is an outline of the major zones in war, using the map of Temple as an example:

1. Olympus Base: This is where all Olympus players will spawn upon entering Sacred War or after they die. A merchant that sells goods will be in each of the bases. The base is also protected by Guards.
2. Olympus Shrines: This is where the Shrines (Relic holders) for Olympus are located. You can tell because the shrines are coloured blue. Shrines are normally located near your faction’s base.
3. Neutral Shrines: This is where Relics will spawn when the player that possesses a Relic dies OR the Relic is not placed onto a Shrine within 3 minutes. They are coloured green.
4. Titan Shrines: Where Titan’s Shrines are located. They’re coloured red.
5. Titan Base: Identical to the Olympus base, but for Titan players.
6. Relics: The location of each relic is shown on screen. They are colour-coded based on which faction possesses them- Blue for Olympus, Red for Titan and Green for Neutral.
7. Battlefield Commander: The location of your Battlefield Commander is also shown as a blue or red flag (depending on your faction, I’m an Olympian, so it’s blue for me).

Note that the location of the bases and corresponding shrines is not fixed. Each map has 2 bases/shrine areas and which one your faction gets is determined randomly at the start of each War.

The Scoreboard
The Scoreboard keeps track of all the essential information in war. It is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. There are four main components of the scoreboard- the Timer, the Scoreboard itself and the results.

– The timer sits on top of the scoreboard and… well, keeps you aware of what happens in war. There are three modes for the timer, Relic Spawn, which tells you how long until the Relics spawn (Relics spawn 2 minutes after war starts), Time, which tells you how much time is remaining in War and Countdown, which activates when there are 5 minutes left in War.
– The scoreboard itself shows the number of Relics enshrined on each side. Simple stuff.
– The Results board can be accessed by clicking the exclamation mark (!) See below for more details.
– The player count simply tells you how many players from each side are in war.

In the event that you are battlefield commander, an extra bar will also show above the scoreboard that reads ‘Battlefield Commander’. See below for more details on being Commander.

**ADVANCED: Sacred War Maps
Currently, there are only 2 Sacred War maps available. Previous Versions of Edda had up to 4, but we’ll worry about those when they’re released ^-^ Anyway, here are the maps:

Skyway Altar (Skyway)

Max. no. of players per side: 50
Number of Relics: 2
Victory condition: Control the most Relics

Forgotten Temple (Temple)

Max. no. of players per side: 100
Number of Relics: 2-3
Victory condition: Control the most Relics

**ADVANCED: Relic Names and Positions

[Lv. 3-29] Energy (top), Life (bottom)

I’ll find out the names of the rest of the Relics soon! ^-^”

What do you do in Sacred Wars?
There are two (or three) goals in war, depending on your playstyle.

1. Capture the Relics and protect them
2. Support your faction as best you can with heals and buffs (for clerics)
3. Kill as many people as you can (mass PvP)

The point of the war is obviously the first option (and second for clerics), but the third option is there… preferable if you didn’t take it! After all, Wars are meant to be about teamwork, not just owning people!

Capturing and Controlling Relics
As stated before, Relics will spawn at the Neutral Shrines located around the map. In order to get a Relic back to your Shrine, a player has to transport it. Capturing Relics is pretty simple though. Here’s how to do it:

Simply walk up to a Neutral Shrine that has a Relic in it and double click it. You’ll then begin to capture the Relic. Capturing the Relic takes time and see a little progress bar pop up to show you how close you are to capturing the Relic. Normally, it takes 6 seconds to capture a Relic. When you have captured a relic, a system message will pop up announcing your success.

Once you capture the Relic, you will have three minutes to get it enshrined in your base. If you do not enshrine it within the 3 minutes or you die while holding a Relic, you will lose the Relic and it will respawn at the Neutral Shrine. The amount of time remaining on your Relic is shown by a little crystal situated near your skillbar. It’s not always the best idea to enshrine the Relic straight away- listen to the advice of your fellow players and commander as to when the best time to enshrine is. Sometimes, not enshrining at all can the best option!

If you are instructed to enshrine your Relic, it’s the exact same as capturing a Relic. Double click a Shrine in your base to place the Relic there. Like capturing, it will take ~6 seconds to enshrine a Relic. When the relic is enshrined, it appear in the Shrine. Here are some pictures of what shrines look like with Relics in them. L-R: Olympus, Titan, Neutral, Empty.

**ADVANCED: Stealing and Returning Relics
Once a Relic is enshrined, there’s nothing to say it has to stay there. You can capture Relics enshrined at the enemy base as well as those at the Neutral Shrines! Be warned though, this is generally quite difficult since the enemy base will be well guarded. Stealing Relics from the enemy base is identical to capturing them. If you are successful at stealing a Relic from the enemy base, you will be able to transport it back to your base- provided you don’t die first, that is.

**ADVANCED: Enshrining all Relics
As stated before, the side with the most Relics when the War ends (27 minutes after starting) wins. However, the War can end prematurely if your side enshrines all of the Relics before the time limit ends. If your side does this, you will have 5 minutes to defend your Relics. If your side still possess all of the Relics at the end of this 5 minute countdown, you will win the war. If one of your Relics gets stolen, then the timer will reset to what it would be were the 5 minute countdown not activated and War will end at the usual time.

**ADVANCED: Battlefield Commander
Each side’s assault will need to be co-ordinated and for that, they will have a Commander. This is chosen randomly at the start of each war, but is usually a player with a high God Rank (more on that later). If you end up with Battlefield Commander, your gain a number of bonuses. Firstly, speech will be projected to your entire faction as a massive system message as well as in the chat. Secondly, you will also gain a 20% speed buff for the duration of your leadership to aid you. However, you will be expected to help lead and co-ordinate your faction’s assault. If you feel that someone else would be better suited to the role of commander, you can press the Entrust button (located above the Scoreboard) and another high-ranking player will take over.

The Results Board & War Points System
You will notice at the end of each war, a Results Board pops up. This lists the essential statistics of each player. The Results Board can be accessed at any time by pressing the exclamation mark (!) located next to the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen. A typical results board is shown below:

The things the board shows are pretty self explanatory. The only things that aren’t are Ext/Sec/Ret, which stand for Relics extracted, secured and returned respectively.

**ADVANCED: How do I gain war points?
War points on the Ranking board are gained in 3 ways:
1. ‘Kill support’- basically, being near a fellow player kill a member of the opposition will net you some points.
2. Capturing, enshrining or returning a Relic by killing its carrier. Any of these will net you 60 points.
3. Having Relics enshrined. Every member of your faction will gain points periodically when you have Relics enshrined.

Obviously, the more points you earn, the better! The amount of God Points you earn at the end of each war is loosely based on the amount of war points you have obtained on the Ranking Board.

**ADVANCED: War points and Guardians
At some point in war, you might notice messages saying that Olympus or Titan Guardians have been summoned. These are giant robot warriors that will spawn on a regular basis near your base and aid you in battle somewhat. Guardians will only spawn for the faction with less War Points. They’re generally quite powerful and have a large AoE, so stay away from them if they’ve spawned on the opposite side.

Rewards and the GP System
There are a number of wars for completing a Sacred War. These include God Points and EXP buffs.

What are God Points and where can I see them?
God Points (GP) are one of the rewards you earn for completing a Sacred War. Think of it as War EXP. Every time you complete a Sacred War, God Points are awarded based on your ranking and points scored in each War. Currently, God Points are ONLY distributed at the conclusion of each War. God points, as well as being a form of EXP, are also a form of currency. You can see your GP amount by pressing C to open up the Character window, then clicking the ‘God Info’ tab at the top of the window. Here’s what it looks like:

How do God Points work as an EXP system?
Just like with normal EXP, you can level up your God Rank when you gain enough GP. Your current God Rank is shown next to your name in brackets (eg. [Vagabond]). When your rank is high enough, you will receive a special buff that will aid you in PvE. These buffs get better and better as you rank up! The future God of War system also gives the players with the most GP of their class special rewards! I’ll elaborate more on this when it’s implemented, but there’s some pretty awesome stuff up for grabs if you’re one of the top players, including an exclusive costume!

**ADVANCED: What can I use God Points for?
There are certian items ingame that can only be bought with GP. There’s a Leo merchant in your faction’s town in Fringe Valley who sells various goods for God Points.

**ADVANCED: God Ranks & EXP
I don’t have a table of God Ranks and the GP required for each at the moment since they’ve all changed with the new version of the game, but there’ll be one up soon!

What other rewards are there?
Everyone that participates in Sacred War gets an EXP buff. If your faction wins, you gain a 30% EXP buff. If you lose, it’s a 10% EXP buff. These buffs last for the 30 minutes after the War, so use them well!

Are War Points a determining factor for who wins War?
No, they are not. Relics alone determine who wins war. The only thing your faction’s total War Points determine is whether you get Guardians summoned or not.

Do I have to be in war for the whole 27 minutes to gain GP?
No, you don’t. If you are in the War when it finishes and you have scored at least one point during war, you will gain GP. Theoretically, if you are in War for the final 5 seconds and you manage to somehow score points, you will gain GP.

If I spend my GP on items, will I go down in ranks?
No you won’t. If you look at the picture of the Character window I posted above, GP is split into 2 categories, Rank GP and Available GP. Rank GP is basically the exp side of things and Available GP is the currency side of things. When you earn GP in War, the amount of GP you earn will be added to both Rank and Available GP.

Help! I was in war, but ended back up in town and can’t get back in!
There’s a little catch with war. In order to prevent people from abusing wars, any player who doesn’t move for 1 minute gets kicked out of war. If you leave war for any reason (eg. getting kicked out, leaving during war, disconnecting), you receive a Runaway penalty. This is applied as a debuff at the top of the screen next to your minimap and prevents you from entering War for the 30 seconds after you leave. Here’s a pic of what it looks like:

Do you have any tips for Sacred War?
Sure. Here’s a few pointers:
-Teamwork is everything. Large scale wars are won based on which side has the better teamwork. Sure, numbers and levels do count, but you’d expect them to be fairly balanced with a big war. The only differentiating factor then is intelligence and teamwork.
-Every class needs to play their role. You know something’s wrong when you have a cleric on the front lines taking damage with a swordsman hiding behind them (I’ve seen this in EU many times). If you’re healer, don’t stand there like an moron and attack. If you’re a tank or swordsman, then get out there and push forward!
-Only enshrine when you know your side can protect your crystal. A poorly defended crystal only beckons the other team to go and steal it. D’oh! Get your carrier to hold onto it until it’s either safe or their 3 minute timer runs out and the crystal returns to the neutral Relic. If this is the case, make sure you have someone ready at the Relic to ensure that your team can regain possession of the crystal once it returns.
-Don’t run if you have support. If there’s a cleric nearby, they will generally be able to save your skin if they’re doing their job correctly. Also, if there are DPS classes with you, they will also help you kill your attackers. EU is full of people going “OMG I GOT HIT RUN RUN RUN” which is kinda silly if they have support. You have potions. Use them.
-If you die, it’s not the end of the world. You just respawn at your base- it’s not like you actually die (this isn’t SAO xD).

And that’s the end of the guide! Did you manage to get through all of it? Kudos to you if you did! Hopefully you should be an expert on war now! If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to post here, PM me or mail/whisper me ingame :3

Happy warring!

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