Legend of Edda FAQ

Legend of Edda FAQ by GGReaper

What are the system requirements for Legend of Edda?
Currently the system requirements are as follows:

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: P4 1ghz
Graphics Card: GeForce 2 64 MB
OS: Windows 2000, XP
Free HDD Space: 2 GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Recommended Requirements:
CPU: P4 1.8ghz
Graphics Card: ATI 9200 / GeForce 4 128 MB
OS: Windows XP
Free HDD Space: 3 GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Will I be IP blocked from LoE?
No. GamesCampus, the hosts of Legend of Edda have a license for both America and Europe, so no one will be blocked unless they feel the need. Other games by them did NOT have EU licenses so they had to block non-American players.

When was LoE Closed Beta?
“Sept 30th to October 11th at 9:59 AM PDT”

When is LoE Open Beta?
“October 14th 10:00 AM PDT!” to Forever.

What was the maximum level in Closed Beta?

What is the maximum level in Open Beta?

Will I still have my character after LoE Open Beta?
Yes. Open Beta may never end, but even if they decide they are done upgrading and adding to the game, characters will never wipe after the initial CBT wipe.

How do I select my allies?
Hold Ctrl and press Tab.

How do I use Grade2 items and equipment?
Job advance.

When and how do I change classes or job advance?
At level 20 you can talk to your skill trainer to start the advancement quest. Advancing will allow you to join in Grade2 events, but no longer join Grade1 events. You can then use both Grade1 and Grade2 equipment and items.

What happens if I die?
When dead you are given two choices. Revive on the spot which costs 5% of your exp, or revive at the nearest guardian statue which costs 3% exp. If you die with less than 3% or 5% exp, you will go down a level. All quests and skills you unlocked from leveling up remain unlocked and can still be used. If you die during your job advancement, you may still advance as level 19, as long as you were level 20 once.

Are there rankings?
There are only RvR battle rankings that show up at the end of each RvR match, no permanent server rankings (yet) in Legend of Edda.

Will there be any PvE channels or servers for Legend of Edda?
Yes. Channel 1 and 2 are PvP Channels while Channel 3 is PvE.
Carebears report to channel 3. In channel 3 there are no drops from enemies, only gold. Also no bronze, steel, or other plants will give you rewards in channel 3. Anti-Carebear strategy?

Is windowed mode available for Legend of Edda?
Yes, windowed mode is available and it ranges depending on your video card and monitor. The range for Legend of Edda starts from 800×600 to 1680×1050.

How do stats work in this game?
Each time you level, stats are automatically added to your character.

How does the defense system work? It seems like upgrading defense doesn’t help!
Defense in LoE works (supposedly) with diminishing returns. The higher you upgrade your defense the less each upgrade will help. (..supposedly) +300 def = 50 less damage. +900 def = 90 less damage. (roughly)

How do I do Dungeons?
In the bottom of Gaiyan Town, if you are the party leader (or soloing), click on the Dimensional Goddess(Dungeon Gate), it has the option to choose one of the 4 current dungeons and Easy/Normal/Hard difficulties.
Hypit Cave: Level 10 requirement.
Marionette Hall: Level 15 requirement.
Towa Haunt: Level 20 requirement.
Towa Palace: Level 25 requirement.
Each dungeon costs 1 bronze coin. You receive 5 coins per day at midnight GMT.
Look at the post below to see videos of the dungeons in action.

How do I RvR?
Nearly every half hour there is an RvR event. Skyway or Temple.
To join these events you simply click the [Enter] button that pops up when the RvR starts. RvR Usually fills up in the first 3 seconds, so click quickly. You also must match the RvR Limit.
[Grade1] – First job: Level 10+, not including 2nd job.
[Grade2] – Second job: Level 20+, After finishing advancement quest.
[All] – Both grades. Fills instantly, click quickly.
The goal of RvR is for your realm (Olympian or Titan) to capture the 2-3 crystals that spawn 90 seconds into the game, enshrine them and hold them for 5 minutes. After your team has all of the crystals enshrined, the enemy team’s guards spawn and can do massive damage to players, making it much harder.

Does storage work between all of your characters?
Yes, although quest rewards and other Vested items cannot be stored.

How can I change my God?
To change from Olympian to Titan, or Titan to Olympian, you must delete all of the characters on your account. Then log out and back in. Upon log in, it should ask you which God you choose to side with before letting you make a new character.

What is a Pet and how do I use it?
A pet is an item that you can use to help you in battle. There are 4 kinds of pets. You must go into your inventory and equip the pet. Then press V and “call” your pet into battle. It is recalled automatically if it dies in battle or if you ride on a mount.
White Cat Spirit – [Spirit’s Rapidity] Rapidity rate increased up to 5 points due to pet’s accompany.
White Cat Spirit – [Spirit’s Strength] Rapidity rate increased up to 5 points due to pet’s accompany. (Bug/Typo? Increases STR not rapidity.)
Brown Cat Spirit – [Spirit’s Spell] Rapidity rate increased up to 5 points due to pet’s accompany. (Bug/Typo? Increases Magic, not rapidity.)
(20 req)Gold Mewmew – [Mewmew’s Spell] Increases spell value up to 9 points due to pet’s accompany.(Clerics/Wizards)
(20 req)Silver Mewmew – [Mewmew’s Rapidity] Increases rapidity value up to 7 points due to pet’s accompany.(Assassins/Archers)
(20 req)Brindled/Stain Mewmew – [Mewmew’s Strength] Increases strength value up to 9 points due to pet’s accompany.(Swordsmen/Defenders)
(30 req)??? Weasel – [Weasel’s Rapidity] Increases rapidity value up to 9 points due to pets accompany.
(30 req)Lightning Weasel – [Weasel’s Spell] Increases magic value up to 9 points due to pets accompany.
(30 req)Fire Weasel – “[Weasel’s Strength] Increases strength value up to 9 points due to pet’s accoMPany.” (GM, what’s with the capitalized MP? Made me lol)
Pets do have a hunger, or satiety, which can be increased by feeding it (1k gold from beast trainer), Fighting, Leveling your pet, or changing maps.(glitch?)
Pets also can level. There are two ways to level your pet. Every time you level, your pet will automatically level to stay 5 levels below you. If you are level 8, it will be level 3. Level 25 it will be 20. You can also have your pet out at all times to gain experience while fighting and questing to level it. It will gain the same experience as you without taking any of your experience away.
All pets expire over time, and can be found as rewards from completing dungeons.
Pets can be told to attack, cease attack, character assist, or standby.
Pets can be healed and buffed by clerics.

What is a Mount and how do I use it?
A mount is a ridable creature that you have to equip to ride. Once aquiring the mount you must buy the mount skill from your skill master, level 20 limit (100,000 Gold). Drag the unlocked mount from your inventory into your hotkey menu and either use the key or right click to summon your mount.
Types of mounts include:
Olympians: Brown Horse, (Help me out Olypians.)
Titans: Silver Wolf, Grey Wolf, Tamed Wolf, White Tiger, Red Tiger(?)
When attacked you have a 10% chance to be knocked off of your mount. This also stops your character’s auto walk, so don’t click on the map and tab out!
All mounts expire over time and can be purchased from the Beast Trainer or God Merchant.

How do I enchant gear?
Using an enchantment stone (From cash shop), double click the stone, place the equipment you want to enchant in the top slot (click and drag), place the enchantment stone (from cash shop) in the bottom slot. Select your enhancement. Strength, Dex, Vitality, Magic, (run)Speed, Attack Speed, Critical. Good luck! Each choice has a max of 11. You may only have ONE enchant per item using the Item Shop enchant stone. Using another Item Shop enchant will erase the original enchant on that item. You can have both an in-game enchant, and an Item Shop enchant per piece of equipment. Supposedly the number in-game enchants allowed rises with each grade.[Have yet to see evidence.] (1 for grade1, 2 for grade2, 3 for grade3) Although Item Shop enchants only allow ONE per equip.

How do I upgrade gear?
“During Open Beta, the system will be changed to either Fail(Broken) or Success(Upgrade) only. The percentages of Fail(Downgrade) or Fail(No Change) will be added to the percentage of successfully upgrading an item, which means players will have a higher chance of achieving successful upgrades!”
For this you need an upgrade stone. 1Level armor upgrade stone, 1Level weapon upgrade stone, or 2 level stones depending on what level the equipment you want to upgrade is.
Take the stone and equip you wish to upgrade to a “Blacksmith Anvil” Located in each of the towns.
Talk to the anvil, place the equip and upgrade stone into the forge and pay the fee to try your luck! You can also include an Upgrade Protection Glove to remove the chance of your item from breaking. Be warned, gloves also disappear when the item is upgraded successfully.
Maximum upgrade is +10.

What is CC and how do I use it?
CC is GamesCampus’ online cash money. On the website, log in and click the item shop in the top right. It will allow you to purchase items, upgrades, and costumes for a limited time for your character.
There are three ways to acquire CC.
Buy it from a store or online with real money.
Fill out free surveys online.
Log in every day for 30 free CC during Closed Beta Testing.

How do I make pictures and links on the forum?
There are multiple ways.
For linking, [url]LINK[/url] which displays the link as it is written, or [url=LINK]Text you wish the link to say.[/url] Shows the link as whatever text you put into it.
If your picture is already uploaded or online, you can use one of two codes.
[img]LINK[/img] Which resizes your image if it is too large.
[url=LINK][img]LINK[/img][/url] Which makes your picture a link, so when clicked it can show the full size of the image.
For attachments, attach and upload it from the form at the bottom of the screen. Users can Right click and choose View Image to see the full size of the image.

How do I increase my rank?
Obtain more God Points through PvP and RvR.

What are God Points and how do I use them?
Due to repeated badquestions about God Points I’ll make this detailed.
Friendship Points are God Points. When your Friendship Points reach 100%, your ranking will go up.
God Class is your ranking. Supreme Commander is the highest rank.
Cumulative Points are how many God Points you have gained total, not what you have.
Remaining Points are the God Points your character has to use or spend.
God Points can be spent on learning Demi-God and God skills from your skill trainer, buying God weapons, God armor, and God potions from the God Merchant in Frosty Wind Valley.
If you spend God Points, your ranking will not go down. Your rank is based off cumulative points, not remaining points.
For those curious, this is a +8 weapon glow.

What is the Olympian vs Titan meter about?
The % of each faction is the number of Crystals or Hallows enshrined by that faction in RvR. There are 11 hallows total. 2 per normal grade RvR, and 3 in Temple ALL.
If your faction clears a normal grade RvR match with both crystals, your faction’s % should rise by 18%.
If an RvR match finishes with one or more crystals or hallows not enshrined, even if being held, there will be a % missing from the score chart, as seen above.
In the above picture, Olympians have 5 hallows enshrined, Titans have 5 hallows enshrined, but one hallow was not enshrined when the match completed.

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