Legend of Edda Wizard RvR and Leveling Guide

Legend of Edda Wizard RvR and Leveling Guide by Smexilicious

So you play a wizard and feel you can’t get that many kills in war and you feel useless + that mana consumption is giving you a giant =( face. This will likely solve it all, or I hope so!

Content Guide
Elements summary [ELES1]
Skill Summary [ESK1]
Essence Skill levels [ELVL1]
Using the right Essence at the right time [USEE1]
Leveling Wizards Efficiently [WLVLU]
Personal Opinion [POPOW]

Elements Summary-

High burst damage, Damage over Times, Long cast time, Medium cooldowns, Medium MP consumption, Specialists in very high damage and large AoEs.

Medium damage, Status effects (slow, freeze, stun, invincibility, aoe slow), High cooldowns, Lower MP consumption, Specializes in disabling the enemy.

Low damage, Self buffs, Half the cast times of fire, Low cooldowns, Higher MP consumption, specializes in hitting and running away without a scratch.

Skill summary:


Wind Essence Buff- Increase movespeed by 30%

Lightning Sphere- Light damage to 1 target, 1.3 second cast time

Lightning bolt- Deals damage over about 2 seconds with quick hits, damage is done faster by increasing Attack Speed.

Teleportation- Teleport yourself instantly to a chosen spot, you cannot teleport yourself through a barrier.

Lightning Burst- Hit 5 targets within the area selected and “bounce” the targets to where you selected.

Cyclone- Immobilize your target 3 seconds ( further increased by leveling the skill) and make them invincible for the duration.


Ice Essence buff- Every 5 hits( with ice ) you will stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Ice sphere- Damage enemy with medium damage, reduce their speed by 50% for 3.5seconds every time they are hit. ( 2.2 seconds )

Ice Bolt- Deal damage instantly without a cast time to the target.

Ice burst- Hit 5 very close enemies and freeze them for 1.5 seconds.

Freeze- You will become frozen and invincible for 4.1 seconds( increased by leveling the skill ), this skill will cast whatever level of Ice burst you currently have after this effect ends.

Ice Barrier- Absorb about 1-2 hits of damage. Enemies that damage you while this barrier is in effect will have their move speed reduced by 30% for 2.5 seconds.


Fire Essence buff- Every 3 hits(Fire) on a target will cause a DoT.

Fire Sphere- Hit the target for very high damage, long cast time (2.5 seconds)

Flame Bolt- Damage the target and cause a DoT for 5 seconds.

Flame Burst- Hit 5 enemies within the targeted area for instant damage.

Burn- Hits your target and a random amount of nearby enemies, will cause the Flame Essence status effect.

Flame Barrier- Absorb about 1-2 hits of damage, 5 enemies near you will receive constant damage while this barrier is maintained.

Effect of leveling up Essences-

(The will list the order of received skills upon leveling your Essences, you will lost the skill before the > and the skill after the > will become the new skill during the activation of this Essence.)

Mana Sphere> Flame Sphere(F1), Ice Sphere(I1), Lightning Sphere(L1)

Mana Bolt> Flame Bolt(F2), Ice Bolt(l2), Lightning Bolt(L2)

Mana Burst> Flame Burst(F3), Ice Burst(I3), Lightning Burst(L5)

Mana Charge> Burn(F4), Freeze(I5), Flash(L4)

Mana Barrier> Flame Barrier(F5), Ice Barrier(I4), Cyclone(L3)

Using elements in the right situations during RvR. All those skills constantly swapping and why not may be confusing and cause many wizards to go “well screw that picking one element and sticking with it”, well this can work well you can heavily benefit from all the elements during RvR and here’s how!

Fire- Use this on the defense at the shrines! While a long cast time you want to inflict great amounts on damage in bursts to prevent them from recovering with all the player pressure on them, don’t forget to use the fire AoE to reveal hiding Assassins near your shrine if a crystal is enshrined! This element also works great on players that are deep within your factions mob of players as there will be little escape.

Wind- Highly recommended to be used on the offense, this skill does about 65% the damage of fire, but you can cast TWO Wind Spheres for every fire sphere almost, not only that but you are granted a 30% movespeed buff to chase runners! That movespeed but is fantastic for getting away from your enemies as well not to mention Flash will teleport you INSTANTLY away from whatever harm you are facing allowing you to quickly get back to the fight replenished with potions. This element is also great for all you Wizard slayers looking to do heeps of damage and get a ton of kills!

Ice- Another good element for offense and defense however this is more to be supportive than to kill a person. Ice Sphere will slow a target by a giant 50% allowing other players to poke at them while they QQ at what you just did to them, if that’s not enough you can stun them every 5 uses of your spells to future put the pressure on those that dare get much to close to your faction’s mob of players, I would also recommend targeting only players very close to your faction to get the most out of this skill. If you have cleric support you can even run right into the other faction and freeze some of them, you can also freeze people trying to steal your crystal at your shrine so keep an eye on that! Lastly if you feel ah crap..imma die… Just use Freeze not only will you be unkillable for a certain amount of time for your faction to help save you but you can also possibly Freeze the people targeting you followed by switching the the Lightning Essence after you can easily get to safety, you can also use this skill to defend your arks if you wish. Ah lastly the reverse is true for stealing the other faction’s Crystal, use your freezing skills on the Shrine when your side is trying to steal it as the less damage your stealers are taking the more likely to succeed they will be!

Remember you are not a tank in RvR or anywhere near one try not to get to greedy as you have the lowest defense ingame, however it is most likely due to the high damage of Wizards in a 1v1 situation of pot spam you will easily win.

Leveling a wizard

A lot of people tend to complain horrible damage, low defense, mp runs out to quick.

I’ll tell you now Wizard will not be the happiest class to level at the start but here’s some tips to speed you up a bit.
Get Mana Recharge, be sure to keep this skill with your chosen element for leveling at all times, use the guide above for what level your Essences will overwrite Mana Recharge to help you, additionally you may use netural to permanently regain Mana Recharge. I would recommend the Fire Essence for 1-26 due to it’s low MP consumption, you will get hit more using this but the grind will be faster, for levels above that Lightning all the way as in most cases I find that I will take 1-2 less hits using this element and with a high level Mana Recharge you will use much less potions thus saving you a lot of money in the long run. Use that Mana Barrier! While Mana Barrier does suck since it only takes 1-2 hits to break it but still that’s 1-2 potions you are saving every 30 seconds.

Personal Opinion, builds and elements of Wizards.

I feel many people just don’t understand how Wizards work and the heart of making their skills devastating so here’s what I do to keep making those high damage numbers and kills of mine in every single war.

Enchant Attack Speed, not Intelligence? No, Attack Speed, it does make a difference from the average time you need to kill someone and with enough Lightning Sphere is a BEAST in RvR. I also recommend using the Lightning element most of RvR as they has the highest DPS of all the elements and is bound to have you doing some of the highest damage on your side. Chase but don’t chase to far! You are a Wizard becareful how far you chase use your knowledge if you feel your enemies aren’t targeting you go for it but anything longer than 2-3 seconds is a giant risk.
Go for Rogues in RvR as they are very easy to take out and for the most part cannot out damage you in anyway and they have less HP and Defense than the fighter class so they will go down much easier. Use Mana Recharge constantly, you need to keep up with your elements high demand of MP consumption try to keep one Essence’s Mana Recharge so you can swap back to it and if not you can actually press the same hotkey for the Essence you are currently using and you will go back to neutral allowing you to use Mana Recharge, and since it gives 1 CP you can instantly go back to the Essence you were using beforehand. Lastly don’t even try for crystals you are very squishy and your DPS is very much needed to pressure the enemy from their shrine.

That’s about all I hope you all get a much better understanding of wizards and feel they are a lot stronger than you precariously thought after doing any of these things.

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