Legend of Edda Archer Level 1 to 30 Guide

Legend of Edda Archer Level 1 to 30 Guide by Darkdragon31

Archers are probably one of the most unique classes in the game and as of now the first 1-20 levels are a complete grind, But do not let that turn you away from this great class, Archers are a great supportive class in RvR some examples of this are their Piercing Arrow Skill which can be shot into mobs of players and their ShockCannon which can slow enemy’s attempting to escape almost insuring their death.

List of topics covered in this guide
* Starting Out
*Where to level and when.
*What skills to alocate SP into or avoid
*RvR Tactics

Starting your Journey

As soon as you finish or skip the tutorial you should talk to the knight beside you and accept his quest. after accepting his quest you should move on to Knight Carson near the bottom of the map in order to complete this quest.

After this you should accept the next quest from Carson and proceed to the next area passed the portal. you should see a gypsy after entering the new areas so accept her quest to collect 6 flutes ( you really need too collect 10 due to a bug) after completing those two quests you should then accept a 4th and final quest from Carson to kill 7 spotted poms. complete this quest and you are now ready to get grinding.

After completing Carson’s Quest you should now be around level 3.

Assuming you have not already done so, you should click the “+” button above your health to allocate your SP.
After opening the skill page you must scroll down the list until you see Bow Skills and upgrade Poison Arrow.
Poison Arrow and the already obtained Heavy Arrow will be your main source of dmg until level 23 when you are able to learn Quick fire, so for the time being until level 20 you should be upgrading every skill under “Bow”

Generally there is no reason to keep either ” attack ” or “Ghost hand on your hot key bar so after learning Poison Arrow your hot key bar should look somewhat like this…
Also if you have not already done so you should open your inventory and switch your primary weapon to your bow so you can use your Bow skills.

Levels 3 – 24

Generally Archers early on do best in groups of unaggressive monsters considering they have no AOE attack as well as low defense. so farming around aggressive mobs is a risk best avoided when possible. remember to note this when considering moving on to stronger mobs. Sometimes it is just outright not worth the extra exp when considering the cost of health potions needed to survive.

When and Where to Level ( Levels 3-12 )


For levels 3-5 you should stick to spotted poms due to them doing low dmg and giving out decent exp

level 5 – you should head back to town and sell all your junk and buy a full set of level 5 equips.
just in case you don’t have enough gold to purchase a whole set you should buy your equipment in the order
“Bow, Armor, boots, gloves, helmet, muffler”.

Remember these do not replace level 5 equips you might have found in a level 5 rogue equipment box. Box equips are somewhat better then shop equipment.

After getting your equipment, you should then move to red pigs. One thing to take note of is that there is no death penalty until level 9 so feel free to die as much as you want and re-spawn in place over and over.

Level 7 – you should move on to RedWIng Lockes. these monsters drop quest items which can be used to gain enormous amount of exp so make sure you pick up every drop and if you go back to sell junk be careful not to lose these.

Level 9 – death penalty takes effect after reviving so this is when you should start spamming potions.

Level 12 – you should head back to town, and turn in all of the quest materials you have stocked up on until now, you should gain at least 1 level from quest drops.

To turn in the quests you must talk to the old man with the purple robe in the middle of town.


Collection Quests

requirement : 15 seeds
Reward: 648 EXP, 73 Gold

Requirement : 3 fruit
Reward : 660 EXP, 75 Gold

after turning in the quests you should go back to the weapon merchant and purchase a complete set of level 10 armor. After this if you have the ability to upgrade skills I suggest doing that, also if after upgrading skills you have any extra gold the best thing to do would be to upgrade your equipment. ( Info on upgrading will be listed on a separate page)

When and where to level ( Level 12-16)

This area probably wastes more time then anyone could imagine I learned the hard way that doing the quests here take a lot more time then simply grinding out the mobs and using collector quests. generally just follow the map above and you will make your way to level 16 in due time.

Level 12 : kill hypit instructors as they are numerous in numbers as well as being unaggresive

Level 14: kill faunus’s

level 16: Return to the main town and turn in all of your repeat quest if you have not already done so. as well as upgrade your gear to +3 assuming you did not have enough money last time.

Collection Quests

Requirement : 25 stones
Reward: 1860 EXP, 372 Gold

Requirement : 8 jewels
Reward: 1900 EXP, 390 Gold

When and Where to level ( level 16-24 )

level 16 : and moving on to the next area you will basicly be farming the same group of mobs for many hours. Sick Capricorn drop collection quest drops at a very high rate which is the reason I suggest farming these until level 21 which is the drop off where they stop giving their full amount of exp.

Level 20 : You should head back to the Gaiyan Town and start your advancement quest to become an archer. Completing the advancement task is easy as pie, just stock up on a few hundred HP pots and follow the quest line until completing it.

After Advancing to an Archer your Sp will reset and you will have to re-assign your SP again, as well as a few more archer skills if you scroll down a little more you will notice you can invest SP in passive skills which raise your base stats. Upgrading Passive’s are pretty simple the first thing you want to do is upgrade every Passive BESIDES Intelligence as Archers use physical attack dmg, after first initally upgrading those skills you will be able to upgrade them one more level every 5 levels ( 25,30,35 etc…) but the only passives you should be upgrading passed level 1 are Luck, Strength, and Will.

As well as being able to upgrade new skills you can also go and buy more equipment \o/. so make sure to do this before heading back to farm.

level 21 : simply move on to the next area shown on the map above and farm there until level 24 ( remember to Buy A LOT of potions as mobs now begin to do way more dmg then you will be able to handle with a few 100 potions.

Level 24: return back to Gaiyan town and turn in any Collectors items you may have. and then move on to the nest section of the guide

Collector Quests

Requirement : 45 Armor Pieces
Reward : 6048 EXP, 1102 Gold

Requirement : 15 Weapon Pieces
Reward : 6100 EXP, 1200 Gold

Levels 24 – 30

When and Where to level ( Level 24-30 )

For levels 24-30 you will be needing a ton of gold which you should have assuming you have not wasted it on useless junk.

1. You will need many many potions ( probably end up using over 15 thousand HP pots )
2. after reaching level 27 you will also spend a lot of money on green Marbles to increase your dmg output ( probably around 10 thousand gold)

As shown in the map above you will be farming all the monsters in the box shown. unlike at earlier levels you are forced to hunt aggressive mobs now, thus the reason behind needing so many potions. be very careful as getting ganged up by 3 or more “Thrower Luinels” will mean certain death.

moving onto the temple area you will be fighting Luinel rangers which IMO are OP they do around 150- 250 dmg depending on your armor and level which pretty much forces you to spam pots as fast as you can if as few as two of them attack you at once.

Remember to go back to Gaiyan every now and then to turn in your repeat quests as they are a vital part of your leveling process from level 24 to 30.

Collector Quests

Requirement: 50 Drinking Water
Reward: 11880 EXP, 2897 EXP

Requirement: 20 1st rate drinking water
Reward: 12000 EXP, 3000 Gold

well that basicly sums up leveling from 1-30 hope I helped anyone who looked through this guide

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading in Legend of Edda is quite simple. upgrading from +0 to +3 has no risk of your equipment breaking which is why I suggested earlier in the guide that you only upgrade your Bow and armor to +3. after reaching +3 every attempt of upgrading has a risk of failure which results in your equipment being destroyed and having to buy a new one. as well as being possible to be destroyed the success rate drops dramatically after +3.

To upgrade gear you simply need to put your armor into the upgrade window which can be open by clicking on the Anvil next to the blacksmith in Gaiyan or any other town. every upgrade attempt consumes both gold and an Upgrade Stone. The cost to attempt and upgrade raises with the level of the equipment.

So just to make sure I will say this one last time, when simply leveling up early in the game DO NOT waste gold attempting to upgrade passed +3.


Realm Vs Realm Tactics

many people would expect Archers to be a DPS Class but in RvR they are most helpful playing as support and defense. Reason being many of their skills are based towards inflicting status effects on the enemy. unfortunately during this CBT we were unable to level far enough to reach an archers true potential.

For now.. ill list the Skills that we did have and how they can be used to support your team.

Shock Cannon: I found Shock Cannon to be a great skill despite the fact that it does no dmg. Shock cannon slows an enemy by a % which gives you or your team the opportunity to destroy a single player. Using a Shock Cannon on an enemy attempting to run away with a crystal will slow them down just enough for your whole team to jump on them.

Sleep Trap : This skill can be used when your team is retreating from an enemy onslaught to slow at least 1 enemy down. this might seem a little underwhelming but when you consider the fact that you might be slowing down that 1 enemy that might have got the final hit on your teammate carrying the crystal, you will understand how useful it is.

Thats all I can really say as we have not been able to use all of our skills. but I promise you archers will be one of the most influential classes during OBT RvR.

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