Chrono Tales Assassin Guide

Chrono Tales Assassin Guide by Aequitas Equita

Sup guys, I’m Aequitas, one of the highest ranking Assassin players from CBT1. All of my information is accurate as of CBT1.
Note: This might not be the ultimate build for Assassins, but it is the build that made me one of the most powerful Assassins.

Assassin is essentially the most overplayed class in Chrono Tales. This class has balanced PvP/PvE capabilities. Assassins rely on their Crit and are often times, really squishy.

For me, I went with 2/3 of my skill points going to Agility and 1/3 of my skill points going to Luck.
This build proved optimal because it provided a large amount of Hit, a good amount of Crit, good damage, and some dodge.

What this build focuses on is the fact that Assassins are a Crit based class. Assassins typically have lower base damage compared to other classes, but it is the Assassin’s Crit that makes the class shine.

The large amount of Hit that the build provides inherently increases the amounts of Crits that will occur. If an Assassin, hit 1/10 attacks but crit every time an attack would land, that Assassin would be virtually worthless due to the lack of a consistent output of damage.

Enough with the jibber jabber and onto the gears.

For Gears, a the early level, I tried to get as much gear with Agility in order to maximize my damage output and increase my leveling speeds.

For the level cap, I went with gear that provided at least +1000 HP in order to make my character a bit stronger. I would also look towards having gears that gave extravagant bonuses to Hit, Crit, and Dodge. My weapon provided me with all the damage I needed. (+100% damage weapon)

For Gems, I used a lot of +3% Atk stones, a few Agi stones, and a couple +10 Stamina stones. These stones helped maximize my damage and survivability.

In terms of Soul Stars, it is optimal to use the soul stars required for the star fortune that you want to use.

Essentially, my build can be considered High Damage and Moderate Defenses.

Other builds that exist: Dodge Build, Glass Cannon Critical Build, Moderate Damage/Moderate Defense, etc.

If you’re interested in PvP, I’ll probably release a general guide on PvPing, the rock paper scissors of Chrono Tales, and how heavily gear impacts PvP.

Here’s a screenshot of my stats, unmerged, before CBT1 ended.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    over 3 stats points 2 will be given to agi and the remaining 1 is for the luck. Gets?

  2. jay says:

    what do you mean by 2 /3?

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