Chrono Tales Classes Basic Guide

Chrono Tales Classes Basic Guide by Aequitas Equita


Attribution Point Builds
4 Stam
1 Str, 3 Stam (I personally recommend this one)
2 Str, 2 Stam
3 Str, 1 Stam

Hard Hitter
Strong/Strongest PvP capabilities
Necessary for doing World Bosses
Provides a scary front line in large-scale PvP

Misses a lot of attacks
Doesn’t dodge attacks very well


Attribution Point Build
4 Int (This is the only way to play priest in my opinion.)

Extremely powerful magic attacks
AoE heal
Strong Party Attack Buff
Fast Leveling
Strong/Strongest PvP (if opponent doesn’t get near or priest does not die in one shot)

Only has one heal
Only has one buff
Soul Weaken is essentially useless in PvP
Extremely squishy
Shorter? Range compared to other ranged classes, more susceptible to counter attacks in PvP


Attribution Point Build
4 Int (This is the only way to play mage in my opinion.)

Ice Shield absorbs tons of damage.
Extremely high magic burst damage
Strong Crowd Control
Fast Leveler
Moderate/Strong PvP

Extremely squishy
Loses out to most other classes in PvP unless Mage one shots opponent
There’s no real point to them when Priests can do what they do, but better.


Attribution Point Builds
1 Str, 1 Stam, 2 Agi (I recommend this build.)
2 Stam, 2 Agi
2 Str, 2 Agi
1 Str, 3 Agi
1 Stam, 3 Agi

Fastest Levelers
Strongest class for killing bosses
Best class for countering Assassins and dealing pain to Priests.

Highly skill oriented class
PvP capabilities can range from Poor to Strong.
Extremely Squishy


Attribution Point Builds
1 Agi, 3 Luck (This build is highly gear dependent, I feel like it really needs cash shop to truly express its true power.)
4 Luck
3 Agi, 1 Luck (I find this the optimal build as stated in my Assassin guide.)
4 Agi
2 Agi, 2 Luck

Strong class for killing bosses
Strong PvP
Very Strong against Mage/Priest
Stealth Tactics

Has massive amounts of troubles against Warriors and skilled Scholars
Phantom doesn’t work properly
Relies on Critical Hits

The Golden Rule For Playing Any Class

No matter what class you’re playing, if you can’t survive long enough to utilize your damage, there’s no point in having a lot of damage.

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