Chrono Tales Blacksmith Guide

Chrono Tales Blacksmith Guide by armorlink

Hi guys this is TGH armorlink here to help you guys out on blacksmith since in CBT their were alot of question about it.

In this picture it shows you how to find materials fairly easy.

Everyone ask where to get certain materials to craft with. All you do is put your cursor over the item you want to find and BAM it tell you. ^_^

This is what they look like when you get to werewolf den, so you guys can have a good understand of “how to get them”. Make sure you take at least 75 pickaxes because later in my guide it will be worth it. One pickaxe= One Crystal Jade. So dont think that one pickaxe can gather you like 10 or more crystal jades like I did lol.

Now once you collect 75 crystal jades, you need to figure out your next item, I prefer to make warrior items instead of rogue items due to the fact they are easier to gather and the drop rate is higher then the items for the rogues.  So you should collect Snapping turtle shell and Snapping turtle, which can be gained from kill “Snapping turtles”.

Here is a better idea where to find them, this area is also good to farm them because they are out of the way of the other monsters so you can afk grind them while you sleeping or at work.

This shows you what the items looks like so try to collect a total of 150 of them. So like 75 Snapping turtle shells and 75 Snapping turtle teeth. So dont collect 150 snapping turtle teeth and 150 snapping turtle shells it will be a waste of time. So do any combination of the 2 to make it equal to 150. Ill be editing this post as I go further into blacksmithing to help you guys out more.

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  1. angela says:

    where do you get the ore pickaxe? I can’t find them in the mall or market.

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