DK Online Shadowmage General Guide

DK Online Shadowmage General Guide by Shoshko


Im going to share my little knowledge about SM. I played this game in CB for few days got charcs 35 but not really deep in game cuz it lacks endgame content. I decided to stop playing for the time being, checking from time to time if something gets interesting so I will sadly look for something else. The community here is nice,grown up, respectful. I never made a guide be4 but I decided to do one before I leave here to help others Ok enough with this lets get started xD

Pros, cons. Im not really good at that but umm…
AoE & DoT
good overall kit
ranged skills

not a 1vs1 class
offensive skills are lame but aoe/dot

What does this build offer?
Hybrid and alot of viable roles.


Good dodge rate
You can be the lurer, u can be the aoer, u can be the healer
Good aoe solo


Best Buffer for your Party ever.
When group pvp starts, warriors and paladin will go to casters/healers mostly. their casters take their range and focus your warriors or near casters/healers. u will be focused but u wont be an easy target
anks focus Healers, caster but u can survive well with good physical dodge rate.
With ur physical dodge + heals your are not an easy target.
position well focus ur targets, go in aoe/dot, go out use ur range, heal. This u will get from experience nothing I can help u with. ^_^


Con : hp, hp regen
Dex : evasion, physical accuracy
Int : magical attack, mag crit
Wis : mp & mp regen

well as for starting, Swordmage are all easy, I didnt have to add any stat points till atleast lv 20.
My choice is Con.

I see this is the most reasonable or useful stat of all the rest.
Dex > ok it might be broken and people pve really easy but this is an unreliable stat. few crit in pvp and u r dead, and dodge will get adusted sooner or later
Int > not worth it really, u r not a real magical dmg class and never will be.
Wis > absouletely the most worthless stat. I just use mp pots and never had mp problems. Buy pots they are cheap dont waste your points

The build Im going is more Sustain + Buffs + Aoe but low dmg and less heals, I personally see this as the best build.


we are going 27 left, 15 Right.Here is the SM skill tree in CB

not that effective adjustments done on the skills.

Lv1 > Unholy spear
lv2 > poison arrow
lv3 > poison arrow
lv4 > heal
lv5 > poison arrow (maxed)
lv6 > Death mantle
lv7 > Death mantle
lv8 > Death mantle (maxed)
lv9 > heal
lv10 > Poison cloud
lv11 > Poison cloud
lv12 > Poison cloud (maxed)
lv13 > heal (maxed)
lv14 > Mark of Shade
lv15 > mark of Shade
lv16 > mark of shade (maxed) *Right side done*
lv17 > Wolf illusion
lv18 > unholy spear
lv19 > unhloy spear (maxed)
lv20 > Dark circle
lv21 > Dark circle
lv22 > Dark circle (maxed)
lv23 > wolf Illusion
lv24 > Dark scourage
lv25 > Dark scourage
lv26 > Dark scourage (maxed)
lv27 > wolf illusion (maxed)
lv28 > Golem illusion
lv29 > Golem illusion
lv30 > Golem illusion (maxed)
lv31 > Wilding illusion
lv32 > Wilding illusion
lv33 > Wilding illusion (maxed)
lv34 > Darkness
lv35 > Spectral Knight Illusion
lv36 > Spectral Knight Illusion
lv37 > Spectral Knight Illusion (maxed)
lv38 > Darkness
lv39 > Darkness (maxed)
lv40 > Death`s Cauldron
lv41 > Aspect of the Wild
lv42 > Death`s Cauldron

Ok this Build may be weird to others:
1. Why no Group Heal?
With 3 seconds cooldown, Group Heal isnt that effective + long cd.You are not a straight healer anyway.
2. Why no Sacrifice ?
no need just noobish skill ever, u use mana to heal and u sacrifice some hp for some mp, then heal umm… a pot will give u the same mp by the time this cycle is over
3. Why not max Cauldron, Aspect of Wild?
well I believe buffs and passives more important, Aspect of wild higher levels not so effective.

Overall :
3 useless attacks (no effects)
2 Aoe
1 DoT
1 Passive
4 Buffs
Aspect of Wild effect


well tbh Im not really keen on it nor am I good one in this but Im a suggest option or two:
Con, magical attack, Int. w/e u like to want to be

physical dodge runes. Why pve wise u will get more dodges than a full dex. build + ur buffs gives u more evasion. In pvp, melee classes have the ability to do good dmg, so how about good evasion, good hp.

ur choice.

1-30 > pretty easy nothing to say
30+ > ok if SOLO : go from lv 30-35 on Orges (lv25 mobs) why ? no annoying archers, so ur aoe focused on all, u can tank and kill 20 easily, lure with mount good leveling u wont feel like its hard. Its down is u get low lvl blues and recipes but u r leveling not gear farming so deal with it.(u can try at higher mobs but depends on armour/dmg, those are the easiest for sm most benefit for ur aoe)
if Group: well nothing to say here u know what u can and cant do play smart and dont die!

Guess thats all. This is for OB phase nothing furthur If i edit I tell.

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