DK Online Guilds Advanced Guide

DK Online Guilds Advanced Guide by Extra0rdinary

(Disclaimer: There are a lot of things I cannot cover in this guide due to the fact that guilds are unable to level up in Closed Beta, so expect a more updated guild guide when guilds are able to level up.)

The main guild menu:

Explaining the guild information.

Guild leader: The person who leads the guild.
Guild Level: The level of the guild. (Currently the max guild level is level 1)
Guild Fame: How much fame your guild has. Get enough fame and your guild will level up.)
Date of Founding: The day when your guild was founded.
Camp: States what realm your guild belongs to.
Emblem: What your guild logo is.
Whole Title: Not sure at the moment. Will update when I find out.

Below that you have the guild message. There is a character limit to how many letters / numbers / symbols you can have in it.

Guild Setup menu

(Disclaimer: I only have access to the “Function” tab. So once again I will update when I have access to more.)

The purpose of this tab: Allow you to assign what each rank (Position) in your guild can do.

What ranks are there?:

The ranks are: Junior, General, Excellent, Elite, Vice-Leader, and Leader.

To pass the leader rank to someone else, the player needs to be right in front of you. You right click their character and click guild leader.

Now what can you assign the ranks to be able to do?

Write Message: Allows the rank to edit the guild message on the first guild menu.
Find safe: Allows you to take items out of your guild warehouse. (They can still put items in unfortunately.)
Guild Title: Edit the titles of the guild (Currently unavailable in CB.)
Register Emblem: Use this to add an emblem (icon) to your guild. (Unavailable in CB)
Rank Change: Allows the rank to change the rank of other players in your guild.
Member Title: Allows you to add a title to the member.
Guild: Allows you to invite people to the guild.
Expel Guild Member:Kicks the person from the guild.
Castle Options: Changes the options of the castle:
Entrance to the Castle: Lets you enter the castle.

Guild member list and member details:

This menu is pretty self explanatory. Displays the class, name, level and rank in your guild.
If you click a user’s name, it shows what peer the player is, what rank in the guild (lets you increase or decrease said rank depending on your rank in the guild and if you have the permissions to.), allows you to assign a member title, and allows you to edit your memo. (Note: The memo is only accessible if it your own character info in the guild.)

Guild log:

Again it’s pretty straight forward. It just displays who joined the guild, who left, and when the guild was founded. It will also most likely display when your guild levels up too.

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