DK Online Metamorphing Guide

DK Online Metamorphing Guide by gmebilfish

What is Metamorph?

The transformation system does not just changes the appearance but also affect the movement, attack speed and magic by what you changed into.

What is difference between Metamorph Books, Cards and Scrolls?

Metamorph Book = Transform user into a creature for a fixed amount of time. The Metamorph Book comes with different duration, usually 1, 7 or 30 days.

Metamorph Incantation = One time Consumable item that transform user into a creature for 10 minutes.

Metamorph Card = Register the transformation of the creature into the Metamoprh’s List permanently.

Metamorph Scroll = Consumable item that transform user into a creature for 20 minutes from the registered Metamorph List.

Thus, Metamorph Card and Scroll goes hand to hand.

Where the Metamorph Window?

You can find the Metamorph window by clicking on the Polymorph Icon OR hit the P button to open the window.

Metamorph Bookmark

This is your shortcut/hotkey to the registered Metamorph you own. You can register whichever Metamorph to appear on the Metamorph Bookmark from your List.

Metamorph List

1 ) Name of the Metamorph Card.
2 ) Registered Metamorph Card – Monster which can be transformed are displayed in color.
3 ) Card registered in the Metamorph Bookmark (Hotkey) will have a orange box around it.
4 ) Highlight the stats of the Metamporh will provide when mousing over.
5 ) Metamorph pages.
6 ) Metamorph card that has not been registered.
7 ) Polymorph Point – each Metamorph Card you registered the more points you gain. Which in turn provide you an extra buff, known as the Metamorph Collector.
8 ) Returning to the Metamorph Bookmark

How to obtain the Metamorph Book

Metamorph Book can be obtain through the DK Point Shop.

How to obtain the Metamorph Card and Scroll

Metamorph Card and Metamorph Scroll are obtained through the Dragon Box.

Metamorph Card Registration

In order to add more Metamorph to your Metamorph List, you will need to acquire a Metamorph Card.
By registering the Metamorph Card, the monster which can be transformed is displayed in color.

Metamorph Collector

Once you start collecting more Metamorph, you’ll start building Polymorph Point. Which in turns, provide you the Metamorph Collector buff. The more Polymorph Points you collect the buff increases.


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