Marvel Avengers Alliance She Hulk Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance She Hulk Information by Yankee_In_TX

Free attach: she punches pretty hard, lands multiple blows. Decent damage, some times lands crits.
Level 2 attack: gives her turn turns, awesome, right? 2 turn cool down
Level 6 attack: she chucks a giant piece of marble that has a chance to stun, does not seem to actually stun very much but deals great damage. 1 turn cool down, and Burst of Speed can count as that one turn.
Level 9: Stomps for decent damage normally. Dispells a stun on the affected target to increase damage significantly. Do not use on a stunned target unless you are relatively certain you’ll kill it.

Pros: She’s a brick house fellas, that second turn is, IMHO, priceless, lots of HP.
Cons: She has started missing a lot. I advise equipping her with ISO to increase her accuracy.

ISO Advice: Accuracy, she is not very good against opponents who dodge a lot.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually my she hulk stuns most of the time with motion graite(marbles) and punching does more damage than the marbles, marbles just stun :D

  2. Anonymous says:

    The same thing for war machine … buy uniform instead of training… Mine is the 10th hero unlocked….

  3. why my she hulk cant be upgraded into lvl 2?, there's buy uniform button instead of training button, and once I clicked it ,nothing's happened

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