Marvel Avengers Alliance Kitty Pryde Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Kitty Pryde Guide by crimsonflame

An Infiltrator that costs 40 CP, Kitty Pryde brings good utility into any fight.


Lockheed: Protected by a dragon friend. Upon taking a hit, there is a random chance that Kitty will call for Lockheed, which will attack a single enemy for damage.


Lvl 1: Phased Attack
A single target attack that hits twice, dealing moderate damage. After using this skill, Kitty gains the passive skill “Phased” which lets her dodge all attacks for the next turn. This skill does not trigger counter attacks, which is also nice. Overall, a very good Level 1 skill.

Lvl 2: Sneak Attack
It’s DPS is a bit lower than Phased Attack, but this skill does more damage if Kitty is Phased, which makes her Level 1 and 2 skill a good combo (With 1 turn cooldown to refresh Phase). It also has a high crit rate, nearing 50%, and this skill deals more crit damage, thanks to it’s passive ability Deadly Crits.

Lvl 6: Shadow Kick
A decent ability in terms of damage, what makes this an alright skill is it’s passive, Exposed (Lowers defense by 25%). I find myself rarely using this skill at all.

Lvl 9: Call Lockheed
Kitty’s final skill summons her pet dragon, Lockheed. The damage is pretty good, and it can also burn targets. It does not trigger counter attacks, nor does it remove or benefit from Phased. This has a 2 turn cooldown, and overall I think it’s a really nice level 9 skill.

Basic Overview

Pros: Phase is an amazing passive, as it gives Kitty more survivability. Like a lot of Infiltrators, her Accuracy and Evasion stats are high.
Cons: Her HP is a bit under average. Her initial Attack stat is low, meaning less damage output.

Personal Strategy

For Isos, equip Attack and Evasion mainly. Use some Health if needed, I personally used a hybrid for health and attack/evasion, I find that she doesn’t need to focus on her HP with her Phase passive. I don’t recommend using Stamina, Defense, or Accuracy Isos because she doesn’t need any of those stats.

For combos, open up with Phased Attack for the Phase passive, then use Sneak Attack to deal tons of damage. I rarely use Shadow Kick, but because of it’s low Stamina cost, you can use it for the Exposed debuff which will help in a boss fight, or just use this low cost skill as a finisher. And don’t forget to use Call Lockheed whenever you can, as the burning debuff helps in fights!

Feel free to discuss Kitty Pryde here, offer tips or anything Kitty Pryde related!

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    Active phased and have someone like Phoenix redirect all attacks to her, good for a couple of turns

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