Marvel Avengers Alliance CP Farming Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance CP Farming Guide by bruno j

Hello guys, as we all now CP farming is dead and the drop rate of enemies and bosses is lower( I don’t know is some bosses are still dropping CP, anyway this thread is not to discuss that)

So the only way to get CP is now with gold or the roulettes… Let’s forget about the gold and just think about the roulettes.

I started this thread to inform which chapters are the best to get CP using the roulette, considering how much energy you use, XP,etc. I know that some players are going to say to just 5 star every mission, but thinking about the future spec op, I think most of us are trying to save our energy gifts, so I think this is a good option but after the end of the spec. op. We have(everything with 5 stars)

The XP information is from the Mission Guide

Remember that in each boss roulette we have a chance to earn 1,3 or 5 CP and in an epic boss roulette we have a chance for 3,5 or 10 CP and also the epic drop

CH1 M1:

Boss:Viper(Generalist XP:65) Team up:Hawkeye(Tactician)
Epic Boss: None
Other battles: 2 low threats(20 XP each)

Pro: This mission is very short and easy, you only need 30 energy to finish it, so for every 60 enegy you have 2 chances at the roulette, plus XP. You can do this mission 4-5 times in the day( Not considering energy gifts).

Con: The problem with this mission is the other rewards of the roulette, the weapons that you can get here are kind of useless even for PVP slot, so if you are unlucky you can end with a bunch of consumables and a poor weapon.

CH7 M3:

Boss:Jack O’lantern(Blaster XP(fighting with miniboss):145 ) Team up: Black Cat(Infiltrator)
Minibosses:Vector(Blaster XP:115 )
Epic Boss: Green Goblin(Scrapper XP:200) Epic Drop: Goblin Glider
Deploys: any hero(1 battle), any hero(1 battle), 1 tactician(3 battles), Spiderman(2 battles), 1 scrapper(1 battle)
Other battles: 4 low threats(55 XP each), 4 high threats(105 XP each)

Pro: You can also get to the boss roulette of this mission with only 30 energy. First fight Vector and then do some of the deploys, do a high threat and collect your deploy rewards, finally fight with the boss for the roulette. The XP here is good and also the weapons are a lot more better than in CH1 M1.

Con: The problem here is if you want the goblin glider(one of the best epic drops), you’ll need spiderman(90 CP) and also a lot more of energy in order to acces to epic boss. If you want to get this drop, it’s better if you fight the boss and the miniboss together to save 10 energy.

CH4 M4:

Boss:Vapor(Infiltrator XP(fighting with miniboss): 140) Team up: Invisible Woman(Infiltrator)
Minibosses:Fixer(Blaster XP:100)
Epic Boss: Magneto(Tactician XP:200) Epic Drop: Magnetic Field Generator(MFG)
Deploys: 1 scrapper(2 battles), any hero(1 battle), any hero(2 battles), storm(2 battles)
Other battles: 3 medium threats, 2 high threats

Pro: You can finish all this mission(including the epic boss and a 2 bird) with 70 energy, that means a boss roulette and an epic boss roulette. The MFG is of the most useful gadgets in the game, so if you don’t have it, is a good idea to try this mission. It’s true you will need 70 energy, but that’ just 10 more energy of doing twice CH7 M3 or CH1 M1, also the epic boss roulette has better CP rewards(not considering the epic drop)

Con: You need to deploy Storm in order to acces the epic boss, this mission requires a little bit more of energy, if you are unlucky that could be a waste. Magneto is not a difficult epic boss….. but he can be really, really annoying because he’s always using shields and particular debuffs.

CH3 M5:

Boss: Green Goblin(Scrapper XP(fighting with minibosses): 165) Team up:Hawkeye(Tactician)
Minibosses: Vulture(Tactician XP:85), Sandman(Bruiser XP:80)
Epic Boss: Dr.Doom(Blaster XP:190) Epic Drop: Doombringer
Deploys:Black Widow(1 battle), Spiderman(2 battles), Blaster(1 battle), Tactician(2 battles)
Other battles: 2 low threats, 2 medium threats, 1 high threat

Pro:You can finish all this missions with 70(including the epic boss and doing a three bird) with 70 energy, that means a boss roulette and an epic boss roulette. The Doombringer is a very useful gadget and it’s worth of getting. Similar to CH4 M4, if you don’t have the doombringer, is a good idea to try this mission.

Con: You have to do the deploys as soon as they are available, otherwise you will use more than 70 energy. Also, if you want to figth the epic boss you will need spiderman. The epic boss is not difficult, just bring 2 tacticians and you should be fine

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