Marvel Avengers Alliance No Gold Success Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance No Gold Success Guide by ravp

Hi everyone I decided to make a guide how to play Marvel:AvHow to be awesome in Marvel:Avengers Alliance without buying goldengers Alliance without buying any piece of gold and to win 95% PVP battles. As always – sry for my weak english.

I. Lvl 1-20

For first I wanted to say that beginning of the game is very important. If you don’t want to buy any gold follow these few steps:

1.Don’t spend gold on energy and command points

2.Don’t buy any weapon and uniform with less than 8 sockets.

3.Invite minimum 50 friends to collect SHIELD points for Researches and training.
After few days you should have about 200 points and the amount should still grows.

4.Accept only energy from gifts. On the beginning you may only take few Restoration Packs to help in missions but if you see you don’t use them don’t accept them. Remember ONLY ENERGY. Thanks to that you can get +100 energy daily – it’s pretty much.

5.Don’t sell weapons – put them in PvP bonus to be stronger in PvP battles.

After finishing Chapter 1 you have to choose one of those heroes :

Invisible Woman
Iron Fist

It’s very hard to decide which one of them would be best for you. If you are 100% man don’t look how pretty is Ms.Marvel or Invisible Woman, but if you can’t hold off, choose Invisible Woman. Lots of people choose Cyclops I think because they know him from X-men and they think he can does a lot of dmg. Well he is not bad, but in early game his third skill (Evassive Maneuvers) which increses 25% of all your allies evasion, gives a very little boost because you don’t have a lot of evasion and any other statistic. Besides you already have a Tactician – hawk-eye who should be train to lvl 6 to help you in some missions (premium mission in Chapter 2). She-hulk is much better because of her 2nd (Burst of speed – two additional turns) and 3rd skill (Motion Granit – great dmg and chance to stun, but low accuracy). If you choose her try to combine her with Black Widow to use the Martial Art skill which has Combo Setup (increased next unarmed attack) and Widow’s Bite on blasters (Ms.Marvel and Iron Man). You can take also Hawk-Eye to stun those blaster and kill them very fast (if there is any infiltrator don’t use arrow volley which is imho weak and a waste of stamina). For me the best free hero is Iron Fist and I also chose him (no idea why). Now I will explain you why he is great at the beginning of your journey in Marvel.

Iron Fist + Black Widow + Tactician Agent – it’s your setup.

90% of your PvP battles will be against Iron-man
50% of your PvP battles will be against Hawk-Eye
And there is 50-50 chance that there will be Infiltrator or Generalist Agent.

Strategy is quite simple but often depends on sequence of your heroes. The best sequence is when Black Widow starts the battle and next turn is for Iron Fist, but of course you must be prepared that it won’t be so pretty. Anyway if your Black Widow is before Iron Fist – attack enemy with Martial Art skill to set up Combo Setup. When Iron Fist gets his turn – use on that same enemy Iron Fist skill (his 2nd skil). In 90% he will be dead now – sounds funny right? His Exploits Combo, Dead Crits and High Crits are very very dangerous. It works almost on everyone…. Almost because sometimes there will be She-Hulk – doom of Iron Fist? Well its bad if she starts first. But if no there are several options:

1 First is Black Widow, then Iron Fist, then She-Hulk
2.First is Iron Fist, then Black Widow, then She-Hulk
3.First is Black Widow, then She-hulk, then Iron Fist
4.First is Iron Fist, then She-hulk, then Black Widow

1 – Of course option number 1 is best – you use Martial Arts skill on She-hulk then Iron fist use Iron Fist. Easy. Iron Fist even won’t enrage her. Fast, painless death.

2 – Second option is much worse. I propose to don’t attack She-hulk with Iron Fist (you can try to use some consumables like Deflection Patch on him). As always use Martial Arts on She-hulk. Now she surely attack Iron Fist – in 75% she will use burst of speed, but sometimes she won’t. If u are lucky you will survive her punching (rather you should). Then use you Iron Fist skill and attack her with Black Widow and your Agent.

3 – Third option sounds better, but imho it’s not. Again Martial Arts skill on She-Hulk, but now she will punch your Iron Fist badly (once or twice). If once you have to be sure you will kill her in THIS TURN. If you are not sure – attack other opponent or use some consumable on your ally, because in next turn she will use Burst of Speed for sure with one enraged status. It means death to your Iron Fist. If she will use Burst of Speed in her first turn – she will have 2 enraged status. If you are still alive use Iron Fist on her – you don’t have any other option – try to dmg her a little (she will have still 2x enraged status).

4 – The last option now. Don’t do anything with Iron Fist or boost with consumable – if there is any infiltrator attack him. Black Widow do the same thing as always – Martial Arts on big, green, ugly woman. Then use your Iron Fist skill.

I know it sounds not so good, but in early game every hero has someone who will kill him easily, so don’t think you are doing something wrong. Besides she is only one threat to you. You will defeat anybody easily if there won’t be She-hulk. Sometimes you will meet Spider Man, War Machine, Dr.Strange, Luke Cage. They are good heroes, but you should win with the AI. It will be worse when you will have to fight with Hulk, Thor, Spider Man Bruiser or even Colossus. To be honest you will loose. When you realize there is more and more Hulks it means you have to change your hero(-es).

Iso-8 problem.

It’s the main problem. Which Iso-8 for your heroes? Is it cost-effective?

For first, before I achieved lvl 40, prices of Isos was triple times more expensive. So I decided to don’t buy any Iso. But now it’s quite different. If you don’t want to play Marvel: Pilot Alliance (sending your heroes on 3minutes missions) I advise you to try to find Isos on missions. On the beginning you can put even Healthy Isos. Imho I think the best Isos are Attack, Accuracy, Evasion. Especially Iron Fist will need those, but those Isos gives only +4 to those stats. It depends only from you, how much coins you can spare. But you must remember you need to research them first. I didn’t buy any and didn’t regret this. So I propose to wait to lvl 30 (you can lvl up very fast on premium mission in chapter 2). When you reach lvl 30 YOU HAVE TO RESEARCH ISOS. You just must do it. But I will explain it later.

Uniform and gear.

Which Uniform for your Agent? What weapon would be best?

I think the best Uniform is a Tactician uniform. Why? Because you will fight very often with Iron man as I said before. Your very first weapon should be WMI T’Cha, then buy Screaming Eagle .50 – it can does a lot of dmg and Iron Man should feel it too. Probably you won’t buy any other weapon in entire game. Your next weapon should be EMP Blaster, bah YOU MUST FIND EMP BLASTER. When you complete all missions in chapter 2 with 5 stars you will get Golden Tonfa. Imho it’s weak so don’t use it. I put it into PvP bonus, but If you don’t want to do the same you can keep it in your stash. When you reach lvl 20 BUY CHRONO OVERDRIVE!!! It’s a must have. Combine it with Laser Spotter and your Agent will do a tons of dmg (about 1k and always hit). Change your uniform to Tactician Unifrom lvl 2 and put some Iso-8 (I prefer those with +6 attack or +38 health).
Leveling up.

Ok. You have Iron Man, Hawk Eye, Black Widow and Iron Fist. You should train all to lvl 6 minimum. Especially Black Widow – to unlock her great Kick which removes good buffs from enemy and its an unarmed attack! Later Iron Man should be train to lvl 9 to unlock his Unibeam – quite good dmg. You will need him on his premium mission in chapter 2 so leveling him up is a good idea. Train Iron Fist only to lvl 6 (eventually lvl 7 to unlock Iso, but only if you have too much silver coins). His healing ability is quite useful. On missions even often. But his lvl 9 skill is a totally disaster – one use of this skill will gives you about +5 to all stats, sounds ok, but it consumes a turn so you won’t need it ever. You don’t have to train Black Widow to lvl 9 ASAP but you should train her until lvl 25-30.

II. 21-40

You should have about 90 CP now. So you can buy one of the most expensive hero in the game. Before update I bought War Machine because of his minigun which was one of the best (or event the best skill) in the game. Now it does similar dmg to Storm’s Tornado – rather medium dmg than high. Even combined with Overcharge it’s still not so good. His repulsor ray is ok, on blasters its even great. But later he will be useless so why should you waste 48 CP? In PvP you will meet some Hulks and Spider Mans or even Spider Man+Hulk – quite dangerous. I can propose you some options:

1. Storm + Spider Man
2. Storm + Daredevil
3. Spiderman + Daredevil
4. Captain America Bruiser + Black Widow
5. Captain America Bruiser + Invisible Woman
6. Captain America Bruiser + Thor Blaster (in progress)
7. [Bonus] Dr. Strange + Invisible Woman/Spider-Woman + Bruiser Agent with Phosphorous Pang

1 One of most annoying setup. The only one way to win is to kill or stun storm ASAP. If no, Spidey will beat you alone. Protective shroud + Spider sense = You won’t hit him ever. In addition you obtain Magnetic Field Generator from chapter 4 – imho great for anyone, especially for this setup.

2 Similar to previous setup, but imho its more dangerous because of those Hulks there. Daredevil will be almost untouchable + counter striking every attack on him.

3 Annoying as hell too. When I fight them I cant decide which one should I kill first. If you choose this setup I propose to take Bruiser uniform and buy offensive accelerator.

4 I tested it by myself, same with option number 5. I am very glad of this setup and it works almost on everybody. For now I lost only once with Bruiser Spider-Man, Hulk and Blaster Agent with Doombringer (weird huh?). But I lost because he had 7,5k PvP bonus, premium Isos, Construct Matrix and Golden Eagle. His Shield Throw skill and Leading Strike are great. The first one increases all ranged attacks for 3 turns and it hits all enemy team. Leading Strike increases next single-target attack. Combined with Black Widow’s Mark of Revenge allows your agent to do last hit to almost all heroes. With EMP Blaster and Chrono Overdrive + all of those skill I do about 2k dmg on lvl 35. Besides Black Widow kick is awesome to use it on Hulk to remove his Hulk Ups. When there is any Scrapper I use Captains America Guard skill and kill him in 2 turns (sometimes in 3), so my Black Widow can feel safe. Of course while guarding by Captain she cant use her Mark of Revenge, but anyway it’s a good setup and not so expensive.

5 I always start with guard skill, then Invisible Woman use her Force Field to protect Captain from getting dmg. In next turn Inv. Woman uses Invisibility to evade all attacks (I don’t know why, but enemy want to kill her at all cost). In 3rd turn Captain uses Guard skill again and Inv Woman uses Force Volley with deadly crits and increased accuracy from Invisibility. It works really great. Now I’m trying to get Magnetic Field Generator, but unfortunately I can’t find one.

6 This is my new experiment which can be not so good as I think. Although blaster Thor can be devastating for Hulk and any other Bruiser. Just imagine this situation :

My team: Captain America (Bruiser), Thor(Blaster) and Tactician Agent
Enemy team: War Machine, Hulk, Generalist Agent – most popular setup

To protect Thor from getting hit twice from War Machine I use Guard skill of Captain. Thor uses Inspiring Bravery, Agent cast Magnetic Shield. War Machine destroys the Thor’s shield – Thor gain additional turn. He cast Empowering Strike on Hulk and Summon Thunder or Hammer Throw (not sure if empowered Summon Thunder is better than empowered Hammer Throw to kill Hulk in one turn). I think it will work with other setups. Summon thunder works good on Storm’s Protective Shroud. If there is Daredevil or Spidey I always have Laser Spotter. Any suggestions?

7.I never tested it, but I thought it could be funny. It’s a DOT (Damage over time) strategy and almost invincible setup. For first get Bruiser Agent with Magnetic Shield – but better would be Construct Matrix – to protect and heal your allies. Put Health, Defense, Evasion Iso-8’s in your uniform. Buy Phosphorous Pang. I think Dr.Strange should have Health ,Attack, Accuracy Iso-8’s. If you play Inv. Woman give her Attack, Accuracy,Evasion Iso-8’s. So in theory Dark Void + Burning from Phosphorous pang does a lot of dmg (depends what lvl u are). Let’s assume it does 200 dmg per turn. Inv. Woman Force Volley can do high dmg to all enemys. If there is any bigger threat u can always cast Dr.Strange’s Shield of the Seraphim. That’s one option. The other option is with Spider-Woman which sounds even funnier. Give her same Iso-8’s as Dr.Strange. As you know she can counter with Venom Blast – to cast poison. Her Fear Pheromones reduces enemy attack, accuracy and evasion. So their attack is reduced badly, defense is reduced because of burning. Hmmm now I think that your Agent need a very powerful weapon like golden deagle + laser spotter + construct matrix or magnetic shield. If you are gonna to try this setup, please let me know : ).

Uniform and gear

As I said before YOU MUST RESEARCH NEW ISO-8’S!!! Unfortunately Captain will need chaotic Iso’s so you need to research all Iso’s. I know it’s a lot of coins but I think they are best for him. Pity that Health+Defense+Attack Iso’s are only premium because I think could be even better for guarding bruiser Captain. Black Widow will need Attack+Accuracy+Evasion Iso’s. If you prefer Inv.Woman give her same as Black Widow or Chaotic to boost her low hp. It’s your decision. Now let’s talk about your Agent.Buy uniform level 3 and Laser Spotter. Why? Because now you will meet many Spideys and Daredevils. With Laser Spotter you will always hit them. With Chrono Overdrive + EMP Blaster you should kill Spidey or Daredevil in one turn. If not, put Attack Iso’s (+17 to Attack each). Your next hero should be Spider-Man to obtain Golden Eagle from chapter 3 – tons of damage with low accuracy…. Wait a second, we have a Laser Spotter! The only one disadvantage of Laser Spotter is that it can be blocked by Storm’s Protective Shroud.. That’s why we have Captain America. If Storm is right after our Captain, don’t use any skill, just stun her with Stunner (consumable). If you are already bored of Black Widow or Inv.Woman you can try with Spidey : ).

Btw. With Golden Eagle and Focused status from Leading Strike you will be able to do 2,5k dmg. For me it sounds great. And it’s completely for free!

Leveling up

You can fast level up your new heroes in premium mission in chapter 2. With EMP blaster it shouldn’t be too hard – remember that you always have Serums and other healing consumables. Before lvl 40 you should have your heroes on lvl 10 (it would be perfect)

III 41-60 lvl

If you don’t have Storm already – it’s time to buy her to unlock epic boss in chapter 4 to obtain Magnetic Field Generator. Prepare for better players with better heroes. The basic heroes will be rarely and you will fight much powerful ones. Hulk will be almost in every battle – same as Spidey. You need to learn how they work (watch out for Hulk Ups – they can be removed by Black Widow’s Kick) (remember that combined Web Slingshot with Web Shot – has a guaranteed chance to hit and deal critical dmg – quite dangerous).

S.A. Pincer – trouble solved

Sometimes you will meet players with double S.A. Pincer – very annoying strategy that can defeat you in one turn. S.A. Pincer is a pistol wich doesn’t consume a turn (Quick Action) and has only one turn cooldown. If you have 2x S.A. Pincer you can shot with them until run of stamina unless… You have Captain America! Yay! You just need to use Guard skill and watch how your Captain gives a lesson to enemy agent.

Sudden Support – trouble solved

Similar to S.A Pincer – if you have two of them you can cast them until run of stamina to stop this don’t use any Captain’s skill and instead use Stunner on enemy Agent or as Ecruos_Nepo said in his topic : use Nanoplague – it prevents multiple buffs.

Quantum Jumper

Just stun enemy Agent with Stunner in your first turn. For now it’s the only way to prevent spamming with Quantum Jumper.

Uniform and gear

Don’t buy new uniform – it costs 68k silver coins and in addition on lvl 65 you will buy gold armor with 8 sockets. If you didn’t spend gold on CP or energy as I said you will have sufficient gold to buy Quantum Jumper too. Research new Iso’s at level 60 and replace the old ones with new ones.

IV In future

My statistics for now (lvl 56) are 1423 Wins and 112 Losses. Most of them are because I was Newbie and lost lots of battles in the beginning. It’s the reason why I wrote this guide. To have the lowest amount of lost battles

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