Carte Online TCG Choosing Your Deck Based On Play Style Guide

Carte Online TCG Choosing Your Deck Based On Play Style Guide by p40tomahawk

for the rookies who ask which deck should I (as the user) should start with the five current factions are

Aspire (red)
Kaideron (Black/dark purple(which ever color you think it is))
Sierrion (green)
Saike (white/yellow(once again what ever color you like it is))
Archan (blue)

soo lets start from top to botttom

Aspire is a deck that for you if

-you like to attack and buff your hero (the have the best SP cards and the best AP cards for heros that I have seen)
-if you prefer offense over defense (lot of cards have AP positive buffs if you put creatures in the attack zone)
-like double kill tactics (Valor has the creature attack again if you destroy a creature (note you can only activate this card once))
-damaging a opposing players creature before it enters battle (Challenge ability)
-like a AP buffing (often the Aspire traps will have AP buffing (like formation))
-you have trouble with Saike decks (attacks can cause chaos to users who like to use Honor)
-like to defend a card twice (really gets handy)
-give creatures SP

Kaideron deck type is for you if

-you like remove cards from the opponents deck and will not be played again in the match (don’t worry you will get them back after the game =) ) (Kaideron has a alot of cards that will remove cards from the opposing players decks)
-you like to take AP and HP off opposing player’s creatures (creatures and magic cards have a this attribute)
-you like to injure cards and then finish them (final blow attribute on some cards)
-you are against alot of attack spammers and AP buffers

Sierrion is for you if you like

-to swarm the enemy with small cards (forest sprits)
-deactivate the opposing player’s cards
-gain extra mana (some cards have the ability when defeated or in combat they hero will gain 1 MP the next turn)
-less cost to enter a creature into battle
-taking mana cards away from your opponent

Saike deck is for you if

-you like to buff HP of creatures (creatures like white knights and magic cards will buff HP of your creatures)
-you like to buff the HP of your Hero (creatures like Pegys (short term) and healers will buff the HP of your hero)
-you like to avoid the defense of other players (Honor avoids the Dfence of the opposing team but you can’t defend the card with Honor )
-you prefer Dfence over offense (often Saike creatures will have the Defender ability if they don’t have the honor ability)
-you prefer to seal the skills of other creatures (Oblivion etc..)
-you prefer discarding other players cards
-you prefer destroying players items

Archan is for you if you

-prefer magic over creature for combat (fireball, fireblast etc.)
-prefer to damage a opposing creature when your creature is destroyed (Blast ability)
-prefer to draw cards to give you more options (several cards will have you gain a card to your hand when laid down or defeated)
-prefer to ignore SP of the opposing team (Pierce ability)

note for all decks if you play a card that is not from you faction your hero losses one HP and if the card has X (as in a number) loyalty you loss X HP stacked with the opposing faction of a hero for a total of X+1 HP loss

another note grey cards are “neutral” and your hero will only loss 1 HP when played

if something needs adding that i forgot plz put it in but don’t put in something like (Archan deck is OP etc…)

cya in game IGN: p40tomahawk

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice summary. It would also be helpful to define the basic playstyles that go along with the decks. E.g. Saike (White) can of course be played in different ways, but it usually entails being patient and keeping an eye on your card advantage (patient play-style). It has many late wins, at least it did for me.

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